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Found 696 results

  1. Hi Pals, I have finally decided to build another vehicle from the time of Vietnam, the well-known M48A3. This is the version of Tamiya, an old kit, but as they say an oldie. It will certainly not be very accurate, but I'm sure I can get a good result. In principle it will be OOB, but maybe add some extra equipment. Let the show begin .. (lol). Thx for watch and comment, cheers mates
  2. As a Swiss, I decided to build some aircraft models in Swiss markings this year and the first model will be the Mosquito PR Mk.IV in the colours of HB-IMO used by Swissair for a short time. This aircraft has an interesting history, being delivered to No.1 PRU at RAF Benson with serial DK310 where it received code LY-G. More about how it ended up in Switzerland in my next post. I will use the Tamiya 1/72 kit of the Mosquito PR Mk.IV for this build. I like to dedicate this build to Rolf Blattner who is known here as popeye. He past away very suddenly last October which came as a big shock for all who knew him. Rolf was a founding member of the IPMS Swiss branch in the Seventies and the reason I got into building plastic models after meeting him and seeing his already then huge collection of built 1/72 aircraft models. Sadly I missed the opportunity to get in touch with him after my return to scale modelling two years ago. Rolf’s passion were reconnaissance aircraft from the Luftwaffe, but he also built other PR aircraft including DK310 in No.1 PRU markings, which is why I dedicate this build to him. Cheers, Peter
  3. Build this severals years back, the only aftermarket parts used in the build are 3 PE clamps. Canvas tarp made from tissue paper. [/url]
  4. If you've followed this in WIP, then you'll be aware of the background to this build/upgrade, but if you haven't then briefly, I originally built this Tamiya Cromwell around 11-12 years ago as a first 1/35th build. A couple of years ago, I revisited the build and stripped it down as far as I could and then rebuilt it as a later model Mk.lVf. So this was the starting point.............. .................and this is what I ended up with. BTW. Sorry about the 1/1 scale cobwebs!! John.
  5. Well, here she is all done and looking a little roughed, but still dang pretty! The final job to do was a the EZ line to the mast and tail, but that went a hella lot easier than I thought it would! A little dab of CA, a touch of accelerator and it was done faster than I could worry about doing it! ++ + Overall, I'm very happy with how she turned out. There are a w niggling things, such as some silvering on the upper wing hinomaru, a few mold lines I forgot to scrape off from the gear legs - and somehow the mast ended up too far back... Don't know how that happened, but the canopy should be almost touching it in the open position. Oh well! I Iike how she looks. She won't win any medals, but she's a great shelf-sitter! And here she is with an unlikely friend from a shelf or two above... So that's it for the Dinah and the Corsair! Next up for aircraft is a Tamiya 1/48 Do335A, but I need to get a battlestar out of the way first!
  6. Like a fair few other modellers I really like aggressor schemes, they make a nice change from grey. The Tamiya F-16 aggressor kit has all you need to build one of these colourful machines so what better place to start. Here's the ubiquitous shot of the open box and it's contents. I also have an aftermarket decal set from Two Bobs. Though I'm unsure if it is relevant to the mark of F-16 in the kit (yes those accursed block numbers again!) so it might get used on a Hasegawa kit. Still not 100% sure which scheme to do. I really like the "Flogger" scheme but I also like the Arctic one too, decisions, decisions! Craig.
  7. I have been looking forward to this GB for a long time. I haven't started or finished a project now for over a year and this seemed like a great excuse to get started again. I'm planning on doing a couple for this GB, a Tamiya 1/48 F-16C as a USAF Arctic Aggressor and Italeri's 1/48 F-16A as a USN Adversary in grey. I'm nowhere near as skilled or proficient as most around here, but I'll give it a go anyway and hopefully learn something along the way.
  8. Latest one off the production line and the first for this year this is my take on Tamiya's 1/48 F-16 Aggressor painted in the colours of the 18th Aggressor Squadron based at Eielson AFB in Alaska in the attractive Arctic scheme. Built pretty much OOTB with only a couple of added extras such as the static wicks. The kit builds quite nicely but is not the easy and perfect build that some claim, at least it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong it is a nice kit and builds well but you need to take care on a couple of parts of the build, mostly the intake. Painted with Hataka paints which were like coloured grit and will not be used again. This kit was built as part of the ongoing F-16 STGB which is well worth a look as there are some cracking builds on there. Thanks for looking in guys, and if you are interested here is the WIP. Craig.
  9. Although there are no revealing pics of upcoming releases it shows a behind the scene visit to the Tamiya factory in the Philippines which you might find interesting. This is one of the pictures which sums up Tamiya's attitude to modelling. Robert
  10. This is my next bike project, really looking forward to building this, I used to build them out of the crate when I worked in the local bike shop almost 30 years ago!
  11. This will be the fourth wip that I've got on the go at the moment. The first I'm still waiting for the enthusiasm to show it's face, the second is well advanced and the third is on hold while I'm waiting for some AM parts to arrive. So therefore I thought I'd resurrect this one. This is actually the first 1/35th scale armour model that I built around 12 years ago. It was built as an experiment to see if I liked this scale, and it worked. But as can be seen, my skills were very basic then. So several years later, I decided to have another go at it. To start with, I was just going to spruce it up a bit, but after some research, I thought that I'd enjoy the project if I did some extra work on it and turned it into another mark. The kit is a bit of a mixture. The decals supplied in the kit are for what I think is a Mk.lV with a D hull, but the kits hull is for an earlier B or C. This is defined by the engine deck hatches. So the mark I chose to rebuild it into is the MklVf. Apart from the changes to the engine deck, the drivers escape hatch needed to be rebuilt and there were some alterations to be done with the turret. So, this was the starting point. To be completely accurate for a MklVf, the double tow rope should be wound around a couple of brackets on the glacis plate, but in the original build I glued the camnet in place and it was going to cause too much damage to remove it, so hey ho! nothings perfect John.
  12. I bought this kit on a whim when I was in the model store a couple of weeks ago. Having access to the intertubes via phone is dangerous, because I looked this kit up while in the shop and the reviews were all very positive. So that was that. Anyway, this is a build I have going so I can turn to it while the paint is drying on my spitfire. It's a lovely kit, really well designed, with very clean moulding details. I started off by undercoating with vallejo grey acrylic primer (after washing everything in soapy water of course), and then airbrushing interior green on the cockpit tub and inside the fuselage. I am using Ammo of Mig acrylics for the interior. I also washed the interior fuselage with Ammo of Mig interior wash. My original plan had been to basically paint everything for the cockpit on the sprues - but after reading a couple of other build threads, and thinking it through, I realised that would just result in having to redo and touch up a lot of stuff, so today I assembled the cockpit tub somewhat. The decal sheet comes with some instrument dials. They are a little bit off register, but I don't think it's going to be possible to make that out through the cockpit windshield, and they will likely add just a little more detail to the instrument panel, so I will use them. I'll also make some seatbelts, but first I have to finish painting and weathering the tub.
  13. Leftenant Aluminium here with my 1/12th scale titanium and chromoly Suzuki motocross bike of 1970. It is seven inches (17 cm) from nose to tail. The result captures the colourful, exciting, and optimistic outlook of the early 1970s, at least as it seems to me. It is basically the Revell kit of 1974, but with rider (two actually) and modern parts from Tamiya Honda and KTM motocross bike kits. See Building Joël Robert’s Suzuki motocross bike in 1/12th scale: Page on my web site
  14. It's time to start the most important build of my life. Appropriately, it's the most important warplane ever flown. During the height (depth?) of my Bendamustine/Rituxan chemotherapy in 2014, a very fine gentleman from Australia sent me the fantastic 1:32 scale kit from Tamiya of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc. The generosity of this man was at once unbelievable and at the same time a beautiful gesture to someone going through a difficult and trying time. I will forever be grateful to him, but I do feel guilty for not yet starting it. Time to fix that! Whilst looking over the sprues, it became apparent to me that this was an opportunity to create as fine of a replica of the Spitfire that I could produce. Accordingly, I've been collecting aftermarket accessories over the last couple of years. What I'll show now may not be everything that is used or needed. We'll see how it goes as the build progresses. First, the amazing Tamiya kit - even the letters are gold: I don't think I need to post pictures of each sprue, these can be easily found around the web. An excellent review can be found here. I didn't see a review here on Britmodeller (how could this be?) - perhaps I missed it? A separate stroke of good fortune occurred when I started shopping around for the aftermarket accessories. Somehow I was lucky enough to be the 10,000 customer (or something like that) at the Barracuda website and won a gift certificate. I promptly cashed it in on some of these goodies: Sharing the love, some beautiful exhausts from Quickboost came my way (which may or may not be appropriate - I missed the "Mk.VIII" designation when I ordered them): And some fine turned brass from Master and canopy masks from Montex: But what scheme to do? There were more than a few Mk.IX Spitfires I dare say. Well, after some lengthy discussions with @Procopius at some Irish pub in downtown Chicago, over some delightful Scotch if I recall, the initial plan is to model EN398 - but not when Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson was flying her. Everyone does that one. Rather, since I like nose art and watched too many Saturday morning cartoons when I was lad, I was intrigued by the Popeye markings on EN398 when the pilot was Ian Keltie in March 1943. Consequently I acquired this sticker sheet from EagleCals. Those of you who have followed any of my builds know that I often change my other mind on the scheme - sometimes right in the middle of stickering! So we'll see how this plays out. I purchased the book too - and Roy Sutherland was kind enough to autograph it for me. This will be a long project. To do justice to this magnificent aircraft in 1:32 scale, it cannot be rushed. I hope to treat each sub-assembly as a separate model in and of itself, and I will take several intermissions to keep the mojo strong. I don't normally work on more than one project at a time, but even this old geezer can learn some new tricks! I don't expect this will be finished in 2017 - after all, I still have my Canberra PR.9 to finish, and I've signed up for the Prototypes, F-111, and F-104 group builds. Plus, I'll be working on some contributions for an upcoming modelling book. A busy year in Navy Birdland! Cheers, Bill
  15. Hi all Here are a few shots of yet another Bf 109E, but Luftwaffe this time. Fuselage - kit seat replaced with Ultracast seat - KMC resin cockpit sidewalls installed - antenna wire made from stretched sprue - upper cowl intake opened - cowl gun barrels replaced with Master brass barrels - engine starter crank opening and lift points drilled out - kit propeller and spinner replaced with Ultracast resin parts - exhaust replaced with Ultracast resin exhaust Wings - wing gun barrels replaced with Master brass barrels - kit wheels replaced with Ultracast resin wheels - tail planes modified to eliminate the anhedral Paint and Decals - airframe painted with Xtracolor X202 Hellblau RLM 65, X201 RLM 02 Grau , X205 Dunklegrun RLM 71 and X213 Gelb RLM04 - all markings are from Aero Master 48-165 Emils Over Europe - model is weathered with chalk pastels References - Model Art No. 375 Messerschmitt Bf109B-E - Aero Detail No. 1 Messerschmitt Bf109E - photos found on the internet Cheers Randy
  16. Here we go then! My first build thread for quite some time. I'll try to make it entertaining and I hope that you will make it interesting too. Please join in. Comment! Criticise! Suggest! Take us off topic, as long as it's fun. Don
  17. There is a massive build up of Warsaw pact armour in this GB already so time to "stand to"with a big piece of good old British steel!Tamiya's old but still very nice Mk5 Chieftain.The Mk5 was as seventies as the Bay City Roller's and Space Hopper's and continued the line of British MBT's on from the Centurion.A bit of background history here. Box art and I'll post some sprue shot's later,I will start this one first as I want to let Ale get started on his Mig21 so I can blatantly copy it!
  18. I've not managed to do much in the way of modelling for quite a while now, so here's hoping one of my favourite aeroplanes and group build deadlines will get me going again. This weekend has seen some preparation work done, model room tidied and workbench cleared so I actually have some space to work, plus much perusing of my mosquito library and googling on the interweb for information on my chosen subject which is:- Dorothy, a DH Mosquito PR IX serial ML897 serving with 8 Group's 1409 (Met) flight based at RAF Wyton, late 1944. There are several published photographs of this aircraft, including this classic from the IWM collection AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE 1939-1945: DE HAVILLAND DH 98 MOSQUITO.. © IWM (CH 14467)IWM Non Commercial Licence Sorting through the stash the following were pulled out for the project Tamiya's excellent Bomber/PR kit, Eduard etch and masks for this kit, Paragon two stage nacelles to convert it to a PR IX, ADS DH Mosquito part 1 decal sheet which includes markings for Dorothy, and a couple of stencil decal sheets from Aviaology and Barracudacals. Also shown is the nose sprue from Tamiya's NFXIII/XVII kit, parts from which may be used as patterns to detail the cockpit. From the library the following books were selected Mosquito at war, S/S Mosquito in Action part 1 and SAM Combat Colours all contain photo's of Dorothy, and the rest have good coverage of PR Mosquitos. Some of the best information on Dorothy I only found yesterday whilst googling for digital copies of the images I had, I didn't have much hope of finding any others, but I was lucky and found a couple more very good photo's which revealed several small details and some rather poignant history on some of the airmen that flew her. Mosquito at War has 3 photo's of Dorothy, a crop of the above, one landing at Wyton, and one with LAC Bennett painting a lightning flash mission marking on the nose. On the opposite page are photo's of the famous 105 sqn Mosquito LR503 F for Freddie which had the highest mission tally in Bomber comand of 213 missions. One of the photo's shows F for Freddie after completing operational service whilst on a promotional tour in Canada, Her crew, Pilot F/L Maurice Briggs DSO DFC DFM and Observer F/O John Baker DFC & Bar are shown posing by the nose. They had arrived at Calgary by flying down the main street between the buildings, and after taking off to fly on to the next demonstration, they flew two low level beat ups of the airfield. Unfortunately on the second pass on pulling up to clear a hangar their wingtip clipped a mast, causing the aircraft to crash and killing them both instantly. Why is this relevant? Well what isn't mentioned in the photo captions is that Both F/L Briggs and F/O Baker had just completed their operational service with 1409 (Met) flight, and Dorothy was one of the regular aircraft they flew! F/O Baker's flight records make interesting reading and reveal some very interesting details, some quite useful for modelling Dorothy. It would appear AVM DTC Bennett, head of 8 Group Pathfinders flew Dorothy at least twice, and P/O Baker navigated for him on a mission to Chartres in ML934. Most of the missions are listed as PAMPA's (Photorecce And Meteorological Photography Aircraft) weather reconnaissance prior to raids by Bomber Command and USAAC, but some missions were with or ahead of the main force to update the master bomber on weather conditions, mark and bomb the target, and photograph the raid in progress. Bomb loads mentioned are 4 x 500lb and 3 x 500lb plus green target Indicator. One more detailed entry reads:- 18/8/44 Briggs / Baker ML897 2335 – 0240 A special trip to bomb and photograph Bremen after an attack by the heavies.The route was to 5410N0545E – Rutenbrock – Bremen – 5400N0800E – 5410N0545E – Base. Bombing was well concentrated, fires were found burning, with smoke up to 25000 ft, and the 4 x 500 lb G.P bombs were dropped at 0105, the photographs being taken at the same time, from 20000 ft. Other entries for air tests reveal :- ML897 was fitted with Monica tail warning device ML935 was fitted with S.B.A. Gee and temperature gauge NS747 (PRXVI) was fitted with radio altimeter The photo's I've found show a long aerial from mid fin height either to the positon of the radio mast (not fitted) or possibly to the rear of the canopy. There doesn't appear to be the trailing aerial mast below the fuselage. The combat colours profile of Dorothy shows two whip aerials on the upper fuselage, but I can't see any evidence of these in the photo's. The photo's do show the fairing for Monica below the tail. This left me puzzling over the appropriate radio fit for the rear of the cockpit. The T1154/R1155 as supplied by Tamiya even if originally fitted was most likely no longer appropriate for this time frame. However, the radio fit was usually replaced with combined TR1133 or TR1143 units in the fuselage and the space utilised for Gee nav equipment. This would be logical for the missions flown requiring lone long range navigation, but the info I had said Gee had a 41" whip aerial fitted on the port rear of the canopy, and that isn't visible. After much searching for Mosquito radio fits I found an installation diagram for ARI 5083 and ABK1, it took a while for me to twig that this isn't radio, ARI 5083 is in fact Gee, and ABK1 is IFF Mk III. Note the aerials for both are internal, in the rear fuselage and tailplanes. So Dorothy would most likely be fitted with :- Gee with internal aerials Given her role most likely an Air Position Indicator to assist with DR navigation Monica Tail warning indicator TR1133/TR1143 or possibly TR9F housed in the rear fuselage to make way for the above. One further mystery found yesterday was Dorothy was fitted with a rod aerial on the centre line just in front of the bomb bay, very similar to that used on the NF 30 in this position, was this also related to Monica? The camera fit is also a bit of a puzzle. The twin windows at the forward end of the bomb bay were there, but appear to have been plated or painted over. The SAM Datafile shows a similar pair mounted immediately aft of the bomb bay with a low oblique on the port side. I can't find any photo's of PR IX's to support this, and the only remaining PR IX LR480 has a camera fit as per PRXVI's, so I'm inclined to go with this. The photo's of LR480 also show a fuel cooler on the starboard fuselage below the wing, this is quoted as being non standard but I suspect this may not be the case -a head on period photo of BIX ML963 clearly shows the cooler. I intend commencing the build with parts I know are correct and leave the cockpit details for the time being, so if anyone has any bright ideas on the above conundrums please shout up before I close up the fuselage halves!
  19. Well, like buses, you wait for ages, and then two come along. In this case, it's T-55's, but mine is what the Israeli's did to the ones that they captured, namely the Tiran 5. A brief history. During the 67 and 73 wars, the Israelis captured hundreds of T-54s and T-55s from the Egyptians and the Syrians. Not being able to get their hands on the number of Centurions and M-48s that they wanted, the Israelis set about putting their war booty back into service, initially mainly unchanged. These were as follows; Tiran 1; Unmodified T-54. Tiran 2; Unmodified T-55. Tiran 3; Israeli designation for unmodified T-62. Tiran 4; T-54 with major modifications. Tiran 5: T-55 with major modifications. Tiran 4SH; Tiran 4 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 5SH; Tiran 5 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 6; Ex Syrian T-62's with 105mm main guns replacing the Russian 115mm. There's also the Ti-67, but that's another story. So actually, I suppose that this is really a Tiran 5SH. As well as the Tamiya kit......... ......I'm going to use the Aber replacement 105mm gun, RB Models 7.62mm and 12mm mg's, along with the Voyager etched brass set and the Legend set for the fuel tanks. Progress on this will initially be slow as I'm still finishing my M1 and I have a trip back to the UK coming up, but I like to have something started even when I'm still into a previous build, otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms!! John.
  20. My latest completion ! After 10 years i finally managed to finish it . Freehand for the camo and some montex masks for the markings . Hope you guys like it IMG_20170304_181214 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181257 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181237 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181247 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181335 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20170304_181324 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr
  21. This is reference for a future project. I'm planning on doing the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster as an Aeronavalé aircraft. I'm going to do the overall Blue finished aircraft. Would the cockpit have been Black (left over from wartime service?) or would the it have been painted Interior Grey-Green when they were refurbished? How about inside the nose. I know you won't see much of the rest of the interior, and the bomb bay will be closed so I'm not worried about that. I've got the really nice Berna decals, I'm thinking of ordering the Belcher Bits Engine Nacelles Set. Someday, if I can find the Eduard set(s) at a price I'm willing to pay, I want to pick them up. Is there anything else that anyone would suggest for such a build? This is (more or less) how I want to do mine, Did the French use the USN Dark Blue or something more akin to Oxford Blue? Some B&W photos seem to show something a bit lighter than the USN Blue.
  22. Hello, Long time lurker, and the thought of contributing some work came up. so without further ado, let me present the following WIP in 1/48 scale prop planes built in conjunction. 1) Meng 1/48 P-51D, kit decals "American Beauty" 2) Tamiya 1/48 F4u-1A, RNZAF decals by SkyModels (NZ5277), roundels by Ventura Publications added Super Fabric seatbelts by Eduard, not necessary the correct ones (US Navy seatbelts) but I am on a budget. Corsair Cockpit Mustang Cockpit Primed the Corsair in a medium grey mix (Gunze Mr Surfacer 1500 Grey + Black), more work ahead in cleaning up surface imperfections + rivet (reason for the grey, as I normally prime in black) + blend the canopies in This will be a competition piece for a local club meet. Mustang (sexy plane in black), more touch-ups to do. Brilliant fit, but some step issues due to the snap-fit nature. Disclaimer > the wings are supposed to be laminated and rivets filled, but am not keen on filling and sanding so much detail. Critique welcome, especially on RNZAF corsair colours, Google-d a few forums posts but nothing concrete yet. the astute amongst you might notice a TIE lurking in the back, which I may post as a Completed build one day. cheers!
  23. Having dabbled with PE, I'm not finding cutting using a knife satisfactory, either the parts ping off or bend. I've looked at the Tamiya PE Scissors and also the Xuron side cutters. Can anybody suggest which is better? It appears the Tamiya would fit into tiny spaces easier, but the Xuron look easier to line up along a fret. Any advice or opinions gratefully received please!
  24. Tamiya kits built some years ago oob, both were the single kits, not the combo