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Found 755 results

  1. My dad´s next in-between little armour project, stay tuned
  2. This is the newish Tamiya 1-48 kit. It is a pretty amazing model to build and just to prove how good the fit is I have built painted and decaled it in sub assemblies. These will still have to be brought together and a few more decals to be added plus the final finish coats. Some parts such as the canopy and windscreen still need painting. I know it's not unusual to add gear, wheels and missles at the end but have you ever had a kit where the front and rear fuselage halves fit absolutely perfectly. Anyway here's where it is today. Be sure to check the last picture - it looks like a jumble!!!
  3. Well, like buses, you wait for ages, and then two come along. In this case, it's T-55's, but mine is what the Israeli's did to the ones that they captured, namely the Tiran 5. A brief history. During the 67 and 73 wars, the Israelis captured hundreds of T-54s and T-55s from the Egyptians and the Syrians. Not being able to get their hands on the number of Centurions and M-48s that they wanted, the Israelis set about putting their war booty back into service, initially mainly unchanged. These were as follows; Tiran 1; Unmodified T-54. Tiran 2; Unmodified T-55. Tiran 3; Israeli designation for unmodified T-62. Tiran 4; T-54 with major modifications. Tiran 5: T-55 with major modifications. Tiran 4SH; Tiran 4 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 5SH; Tiran 5 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 6; Ex Syrian T-62's with 105mm main guns replacing the Russian 115mm. There's also the Ti-67, but that's another story. So actually, I suppose that this is really a Tiran 5SH. As well as the Tamiya kit......... ......I'm going to use the Aber replacement 105mm gun, RB Models 7.62mm and 12mm mg's, along with the Voyager etched brass set and the Legend set for the fuel tanks. Progress on this will initially be slow as I'm still finishing my M1 and I have a trip back to the UK coming up, but I like to have something started even when I'm still into a previous build, otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms!! John.
  4. Well that was a cure for modellers block! This was a really fun build that took me back to my childhood when i used to build the tamiya bike kits and then my youth when i used to strip and rebuild my motorcycles. I have had so much fun i have bought some other bike kits. Kit was an easy build and considering its age still has so much detail in it and looks great. Right Ducati 916 next!
  5. I'm going to build a Beaufighter TF.X soon, and am frankly sick of fiddly details (so that's the entire 1/72 scale helicopter, Fiesler Storch and Hellcat engine on pause) and wanted to hack and chop away at plastic. The later TF.X Beaus were built with a new tailplane and elevators assembly which reduced the area of the tailplanes and increased the aerodynamic balance of the elevators ahead of the hinge line. This assembly was available from Bristol as a retrofit for older aircraft. The Beaufighters I have in mind had this later tail fitted in the time period I am aiming to build a little collection around, i.e. Black Friday - 9th February 1945, me being a local loon an' all. I'm using the Tamiya kit as a basis. There are several conversions for the original flat / non-dihedral tailplane but I couldn't find any for the late tailplane, so I have decided to make my own. It's been a while since I've done any decent plastic work. Aviaeology (http://stores.ebay.ca/Aviaeology) makes some very nice decals with very comprehensive literature to go with. I sourced mine from Ultracast who have the 1/48 scale sets in stock (still 6 left at last check ). The literature contains very thoroughly researched details of the tailplane mods and helpfully comes with 1/48 scaled plans of both the mid-production dihedral tail and the late production. It should be a simple case of copying the plans and trimming the tailplanes along the line of the leading edge of the elevator horn. I was going to separate these before the package arrived in fact. I'm glad I didn't... It seems that Tamiya has got confused when they tooled this. It's not as badly mishapen as their Spitfire kits, and I think I can guess where they went wrong, but even still, these are wrong - no two ways about it. It seems that they have used the broad chord of the late elevators then extended a balance horn ahead of the leading edge. The tips are also mishapen but I can address this with some sanding and new material. So, glad I didn't do this before the plans arrived - I marked on where the trailing edge of the tailplane should be and separated the elevators. I did contemplate scratchbuilding new tailplanes but frankly the Tamiya kit parts do fit together well, and I wanted to keep the dihedral and kit parts' interface with the fuselage so have settled on modified kit tailplanes and scratch built elevators. There are some more issues to address at the root, but plasticard will save the day. So, 30 minutes in I have some wrecked Tamiya parts that are almost the right shape for a late production Beaufighter tailplane, and no elevators.
  6. The next, soon to be started, Iranian subject besides the Phantom. So a Persian duo is coming, maybe even a triplet....not yet decided.
  7. The venerable Tamiya kit, I've built this beastie before, straight out of the box, Sgt York 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr This is typical early eighties Tamiya, I remember building this as a teenager a long time ago. I can't find anything on the box or the instructions to tell you how old, but the blurb on the front of the instructions talks about "the first batch of 50 vehicles will begin construction in May 1982". So it's dated. A bit of history then. The vehicle / system is named for Sgt. York who won the CMH in the first world war. It was also the first tracked system not to be named after a General officer and was also the star of a really bad Eddie Murphy movie years and years ago. In April 1977 the US Army announced a bidding process for a vehicle mounted AAA system to complement the M163 Vulcan and replace the very old M42. Five bids were submited and ultimately the design by Ford Aerospace was chosen in May 1981, with a fixed cost of $6.97 BILLION. Initially called DIVAD (Division Air Defence) Ford used two 40mm L/70 Bofors guns with a modified Westinghouse fire control system, using elements from the system installed in F16's. Initial tests were good and showed the system to be about 40% more effective than the West German Gepard. Something I've also built; Flakpanzer Gepard 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr The system is mounted on a modified M48A5 chassis and has a crew of 3, driver, commander and gunner. It was envisaged a total of 618 vehicles would be produced and each armoured division would have 36 M247 and 12 Chaparal (Low Altitude Surface to Air) (AIM 9 Sidewinder) systems with the M163 Vulcan. The system generally fell out of favour after it encountered development problems and the realisation that the Warsaw Pact forces were bringing on line new attack helicopters that could engage the M247 well beyond the range of the 40mm guns. The project was eventually shelved in August 1985 with 50 vehicle / systems having been produced. But I like it, it's an ugly brute and the kit comes with very little detail, i guess being developmental when the kit came out they wouldn't know too much about it. So a bit of room to explore then. What if, for instance, the Israeli's had taken a shine to it. This ties in nicely with my continuing interest in the IDF, what if they had taken it, made it work and continued to improve on the idea. Say a new fire control system, better engine, more stowage etc. Well let's see what happens.
  8. My next project, a out of the box of this little beauty. Some sprue shots The markings and metal weights for the hull (better I think than the cast lower hull on the Crusader I did recently). I am going to do "Phantom" I have had a go at mixing the paints for the Caunter scheme from the stock of Tamiya Acrylics that I have. So all good to go. Any comments or advice very welcome.
  9. Hi Pals, I finish working with this model. I have seen that it is a fairly simple kit, without major problems for assembly, with very good instructions. The tracks, are the originals, which although vinyl and not the best option, are "Tamiya", which is always a guarantee of quality, and have been very easy to assemble (they are wide and with 4 points of union instead of 2). I have chosen not to overload with extra equipment the vehicle, because it is in question to choose between there is a lot of equipment or lose the painting / detailed work underneath (detail cast, weathering ...). I have improved as much as possible, without complicating myself too much, some details of the kit, such as crystals for the periscopes, and the knobs of the boxes of spare parts, that I had spare in my box of pieces ... Still, I added something extra besides what the kit brings, crates boxes, ammo boxes, backpack, several, and wire roll. Although this is an old kit, modestly I think you could still get a good result, (I am reasonably happy with it), I have chosen to make the Marine version in Vietnam. I thank you all the fellows of the forum who have accompanied me in the assembly process and encouraged me with their comments to improve / continue. I include a link to the WIP section, in case someone is interested in seeing the post. Some shots details... And a bit of information... And I add some photos that I found in Google, very appropriate IHMO I think, of course only for information and with all rights for its legitimate authors. This is in the assault of Hue ... Thx to all for watch and comment, cheers mates
  10. This has been in the stash for some time. I bought it as the Freightdog Models 'Brits at Sea' transfers sheet had an FAA Mosquito. The sheet has TE711 of 811 Squadron, based at NAS Ford in 1946. My Sea Hornet is getting close to completion and I thought another DH aircraft would be in order. Rather than fight a limited run like the Hornet or the resin Sea Devon I did for the airline GB, hopefully a Tamiya kit will go together fairly easy. Z Here's the transfers. I do like the Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey finish. Ii previously painted up the interior green but it's well under the 25% previous build.
  11. I decided to build Tamiya’s 1/48 Schwimmwagen, taking a break from Takom’s 57-2 (xx). It was a very pleasant evening last Thursday so set up on the patio with a nice cold pint of rekordling Cider and set to work. A couple of hours later and its virtually complete, needed half an hour to finish the build; All ready for some paint. The ‘highlighter’ marks, are so I can see which paints on the shelf are airbrush ready ;-)
  12. Hi everyone out there, It is a pleasure to join this forum. I have been watching for a while and decided to chuck my hat into the ring. I picked up the hobby again about three years ago after a 25 year hiatus and am relearning some of the long forgotten skills, as well as developing new ones. I generally model 72 scale aircraft (RAAF where I can), but my last project was a 35 scale Tamiya Panzer II Africa Korps, and I have just stated a Tamiya 16 scale tank crewman to broaden my horizons. The German thing is a pure coincidence. I will post my progress with my figure in the appropriate forum to seek feedback. Cheers all - I am looking forward to 'meeting' you all. CfB
  13. my contribution to this GB...
  14. Has anybody seen Hobby Designs detail set yet ? I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the instructions so I can see if it's worth buying ? Specifically, does it replace the horrible cross head screws that Tamiya insist on using.
  15. Hey guys, may I present my rendition of the earlier 2009 Matilda as seen in North Africa. Having recently finished my first year of A levels this things pretty much kept me sane throughout the exams! The construction was the average 'shake and bake' of the new-age Tamiya stuff. The attention to detail on the casting was particularly nice I found. Painting was... interesting... may I temporarily retract the sanity statement? The caunter scheme was painted using the tamiya colour call-outs and a lot of masking with the extra-thin contouring tape that Tamiya also offer. Weathering was completed by a few filters of ochre oil paint thinned down followed by dry brushing, limited chipping and then a bit more drybrushing. The track was left till the end where it was first sprayed Tamiya Dark Yellow, then dry brushed with Humbrol 33 black and then thoroughly scrubbed with a graphite stick. Thanks for looking! Sam
  16. Besides the IIAF Sabre this will be the next near future project which will make the Persian quartet complete, shiny F-47 and F-84 and camo F-4 and F-86
  17. Hello lads and gentlemen. Im going to build a 1:48 mosquito by tamiya, it will be good to have you along. I started this on the 29th march 2017 (you can check the picture dates) but have only just got around to uploading! Heres a photo of the kit and a couple of items I've acquired, Aries wheel bays. Decals Not sure which one to go for I've ruled out the silver one though . The green/grey F*EG is just a classic mosquito. The night fighter green grey black will be a good exercise in painting black (never done before...) And the Banff strike wing just look cool with all them rockets!!! Let me know what you guys think i should go for! I've also got a little bit of work start, Thanks for looking more to follow soon (: Joss
  18. Hi, I finally found time away from resin to complete this build of one of my favorite color schemes, not to mention the story of the one kill VF-111 scored during the Vietnam War. The build comprises the following with many scratch built parts, pattern creations used to create resin parts, and some top flight accessories from the community vendors. Items Used: Tamiya 1/32 F-4J kit GT Resin F-4B/N Conversion Set GT Resin Intakes and exhaust GT Resin Sparrow Missiles Zacto Model Sidewinder Missiles Master AOA and pitot tubes Part R Us engine details Zotz Decal markings and Stencils Two Bobs AIM-9 missile and AIM-7 decals Eduard F-4C and J Interior, exterior, Seat Belts, Masks
  19. My first luftwaffe build since I was a child.. Tamiya great 1/48 FW190. Out of the box. Mr Hobby paints, pastels and water for panel lines and weathering. and a comparison with a more recent generation of the same fighter bomber strategy. Things got bigger... Thanks for looking
  20. I actually started working on this kit in 2015, but it went back in the box when some other things grabbed my fancy. Back then I attempted to improve Tamiya's lame attempt at the radio antenna. I shaved off the solid cross bit and replaced it with a few pieces of styrene rod bent to the approximate shape. It isn't perfect, but it captures the general look of the real thing. I also began work on the commander figure. I'm not much of a figure painter. For now I got his face looking generally human, but I need to work on his hair and uniform. I'm using multiple transluscent coats of Vallejo paints, but I'm finding trouble with brush control, so things are looking a little blah! Still, better than some of my earlier attempts. And now moving on to the model proper. The major hull and turret components came together within about 15 minutes. about a half hour after that, the suspension units are on. They're simple but effective. Super-detailers can have a field day here, but since I'll be mounting the model to a base, this is more than good enough for me. That is about all for now. More tomorrow.
  21. It's always an exciting time, having finished a build and choosing from the stash which kit to attempt next. I've decided to go for a (slightly) more modern aircraft, and am beginning the Tamiya 1:72 McDonnell Douglas Harrier II. This is my first Tamiya build, so I didn't know what to expect when unboxing the kit. i was surprised to discover the instructions only in Japanese, but as there is mostly only the numbers of parts and detailed pictures, I should be fine🙏. there are a minimal amount of decals, and not much detailing to the inside of the fuselage, but that means it's open to my own interpretation. So here goes!
  22. Morning All, Another one I found in my stash. I was looking through my model boxes, as one does, and I found this, in an advanced state of assembly. It was one that my son had partially completed, and I just tidied up the 'edges', if you like. On the whole, he did a great job, given that he was probably only 15 at the time and hadn't done a great deal of modelling. Anyway, here are the pictures: The box top. Tamiya box top art is usually very simple and elegant. This in my opinion is no exception. This is where I have got with the body: It's all primed and ready to be top-coated. The primer coat needed a little bit of preparation, but not much at all, just a quick rub down with very fine (1500 grit) wet-n-dry. The interior & engine all assembled. The chrome tail pipes of the exhaust were painted with Molotow chrome, decanted and brushed on. Seemed to work. It all looks nicely weathered. That's just 6 years of shelf dust! Next step, top coating the body. I think some kind of metallic black would look good. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  23. This one has been quietly marinating in the stash for a while. A couple of weeks ago I splashed out on some extra parts and the package arrived at the weekend. Brilliant! Or so I thought. So, apart from Tamiya's viper I added Aires' tail pipe, wheel bays and weighted wheels along with Eduard brass. I quick search of the delivery box revealed that I was missing the Aires front office, fog it! I'd forgotten to add it to the order list. Another order required along with postage costs. So first off this is what Big Ed delivers: Seven packages containing masks for the canopy, a stencil set, "Remove before flight" tags, brass for the bang seat and cockpit which looks reasonably good along with brass for the exterior and a ladder. A lot of the external brass is for the air brakes and I'll probably have these closed so I don't expect I'll be using that. Price wise it made more sense to buy the Big Ed package rather than just the elements I wanted. Now the contents of the big box. Apologies for the photo quality. Normally I'd use my SLR but had a bad day with an Abrams so used the camera on the iPad. Not much to say about these two other than the parts are all cleanly moulded. I'd have liked a bit more definition in the panel lines but I'll see about that later. Decal set: Not sure how many of these I'll use. The contents of a box within a box. Nice to see that there are two canopies; Tinted and clear. As some aircraft had a mix of front and rear sections this is a nice addition. Nose cone is here as well however I think I'll replace the pressure vanes with metal ones. There was also an empty plastic bag. Not sure if it was meant to contain anything. Tail fin and engine bay. The pressure sensor on the tail leading edge looks a tad fragile as do the static dischargers on another sprue. Metal me thinks. Bang seat and 2 pilots. I might convert one of the helmets to JHMCS version after I've drilled out on of the heads. The ladder looks terrible but maybe I'm being over critical. Compared to the quality of the rest of the parts it looks like a 5min after thought. The plan is to try to paint the Have Glass finish. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to tackle that yet and obtain the patina required. I also wanted to add a Sniper pod in addition to the 213 Harm targeting pod. Additionally the Harm pod has to move over to the LHS leaving space for the AN/AAQ-33 Sniper pod. Seems the only people who manufacture an after market pod set are an outfit called Wolfpack however they seem to have stopped production of these parts. If anybody has a set somewhere that they'd like to convert into cash I'd be interested. The plan is to build a desktop display model with the engine alongside. It also means opening up some of the panels normally found open when the aircraft is parked and building some of the detail behind them. But before I start all that its back to ordering a few more parts.
  24. I've debated weather or not I should put this up, but what the hell, I already bought the Artwox wood deck for it. I do have to finish 4 other models that I have up to the painting stage at the moment before I start, so I've put this here to remind myself to get cracking on those so I can start this. Feel free to prod me if there's no action here in a few weeks too.