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  1. WNW Dolphin

    Sorry for a slight diversion from the subject of the model but reading this post reminded me that a decorated Sopwith Dolphin pilot is buried in our local church yard. His story is as follows: Albert Desbrisay Carter was born in Point de Bute, New Brunswick Canada and joined the 13th Reserve Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in March 1911. On 1 October 1917, Carter transferred to No. 19 Squadron Royal Flying Corps in France flying Sopwith Dolphin scouts. He subsequently becoming an ace by shooting down six enemy aircraft. On 18 March, Major Carter was shot down by German ace Lieutenant Paul Billik. Carter fell behind German lines, survived the crash, and was captured. He finished his war in a prisoner of war camp being repatriated on 13 December 1918. In 1919 Number 1 Wing Royal Canadian Airforce reformed at Shoreham airport with Captain Carter serving with Number 1 Squadron RCAF. On Thursday 22nd May 1919 Captain Carter was killed when the German Fokker D.VII serial 8482/18 he was flying was seen to break up in mid-air. see http://sussexhistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=1839.25;wap2 Captain Albert Desbrisay Carter is buried in the war grave section of St Nicholas’s church in Old Shoreham.
  2. Rigging multi bay aircraft

    Thanks will see if I can get some at Telford this weekend
  3. Rigging multi bay aircraft

    My next project is the 1/72 scale Roden Gotha G IV. I usually drill holes and then use black invisible thread. Seems to work OK for single bay aircraft but two bay machines such as the Bristol Fighter can be a pain!! For this project I thought about using elastic tread but it always seems too bright and shiny to me. So is there something that is black and elastic that would be suitable? Thanks (hope pictures work) IMG_8399 by Ray Staley, on Flickr IMG_8400 by Ray Staley, on Flickr
  4. Dawn Patrol

    Thanks - took the picture when waiting in for DHL . Will try another with a better set up.
  5. Dawn Patrol

    That's what comes when you muck up the RNAS decals after you paint the fin!!
  6. Dawn Patrol

    Well spotted - cos its a French machine. Good job the others (Revell 1/72 and Eduard 1/48) cannot be seen as they are RNAS machines!!
  7. Dawn Patrol

    IMG_7829a by Ray Staley, on Flickr
  8. Just finished the new Fokker E.II/E.III Eindecker by Airfix. It’s an excellent little kit that goes together well. I managed to miss align the 4 fuselage band decals but that’s my fault!! I think that the new Airfix model has more finesse than the old Revell kit. Both are shown in one picture, the green model being the old Revel kit. The excellent Airfix BE2c is also shown for comparison. IMG_7802 by Ray Staley, on Flickr IMG_7799 by Ray Staley, on Flickr IMG_7796 by Ray Staley, on Flickr IMG_7794 by Ray Staley, on Flickr IMG_7791 by Ray Staley, on Flickr
  9. Hunter crashes at Shoreham

    Please can I say how strongly I object to the use of the picture showing the flames and cars at the actual crash site on the A27. I was at the airshow very close to the crash site and saw it all happen. That pictures shows the death throes of 7 individuals that’s not something to be “gawked” at or speculated over. Sorry that’s just how I feel and I suspect many locals share my reservations (Yes I know it’s all over the news and I hope the sod that sold it to them burns in hell!!)
  10. I have just bought the 1/48 Scale Airfix Hawker Fury that I intend to finish in WW2 markings. Does anyone make 1/48 scale conversion kits for the Spanish or radial engine Fury? Thanks in advance Few pictures of the “real thing” follow
  11. Airfix Chipmunk back out again

    Shoreham By Sea Airport 1965 (1440 Shoreham by Sea and 144 Richmaond upon Thames ATC)
  12. Just to add a couple of points Run a file over the mating faces so they are realy smooth. If you need filler put a run of masking tape along each side of the seam (as clase as possible) then apply the filer. Allow the filler to set and remove the tasking tape. You should then have a very thing seam of filler to rub down. Lean to type Close and thin before posting messages
  13. Help Please

    Mike - It must have been 3 or 4 years since I made this kit. I tend to use Xtracolour RFC Green for most WWI RFC models. So that's my best bet Xtracolour is gloss as needs coat of mat varnish as well Ray
  14. Help Please

    This is the Revell kit , I built it to see what is is like - not all that bad seems a bit "chunky"