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  1. RODH2

    The Weather,

    Hah, I knew you were from Aus. before I got to the end!! (Adelaide here, dry as!!)
  2. RODH2


    Single Type.
  3. RODH2

    The Weather,

    46.6 Celsius in Adelaide today, a new record high, Ever! 49.5C further North. 118F in my garage, no warping or damage to the models, (built and stored) out there. The Super glue dries quick tho!!
  4. 30g is a lot, on top of the stock weight....another 10 should be fine. That is a pretty long and skinny nose wheel leg. You only have to balance the weight, not grip the floor!
  5. Free State, South Australia, which was Australia's rocket HQ, (Woomera)
  6. I am doing a RAAF C-130E/H, and the Italeri kit is basically accurate and quite simple, given its size. I think the 1/48th Herc. has accurate engine positioning as opposed to the 1/72 version, but I could stand corrected on this. It is no Tamiya, but I have run into no particular problems with it. It is certainly a broad canvas for your skills and interpretation, give it a go!!
  7. My first model was a Frog Typhoon in about 1958....no cockpit detail, no radiator detail, and engraved markings for the "transfers". I do what you did all the time!
  8. "The flash has some easily removed parts............"
  9. Not to be pedantic, (so I will be), they don't "sag", they just open that way. (The air brakes, that is!).
  10. RODH2

    A20 Havoc / Boston

    On my AMT 1/48th Boston, i just used a bit of plastic tubing, but cut them out with a bit of a "scallop", or a concave curve, rather than straight across...........if that is any help!!
  11. What AD210 said!! The old Monograms are "rewarding", straight out of the box! My bare metals are a matrix (big word) of AS-12 and TS-17 Tamiya spray-cans, I give one some time to dry B4 masking some panels off, and applying the other. I believe Tamiya have a couple of other sivers, but I haven't tried them.
  12. Don't you get annoyed when people's brush work Camo. is better than what you can do with an airbrush!! Well Done!
  13. Beautiful Build...I am (well) into my 60's, and am a fan of the clean look you have portrayed. (I am in Adelaide!)
  14. Looks great, good camo. demarcation.... Good luck buying Future in Australia! I use Pascoes for clear parts, it seems fine, but if you have a source for Future, I'm all ears!
  15. I built the Westland Whirlwind from Trumpeter, a couple of years ago, I wanted to recreate my Airfix series 1 experience from the '60's - the "transfers" were rubbish, but the spares box took care of that, and, hey, I have a Whirlwind.....(if only they put Merlins in that plane!). I also have built the Airfix Sea Vixen, and love what Airfix have been doing lately, I have most of the later Airfix stuff. The Trumpeter Sea Hawk was good, IMO, as was the Wyvern. I wouldn't discount Trumpeters efforts, and certainly not Airfix's, it is a buyers market out there, and we are the beneficiaries .
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