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  1. I have had the ex-Frog 1/96th Britannia and Comet 4 waiting "in the wings" since forever, and I just can't locate the classic B.O.A.C. decals that would get me over the line with these two. Does anyone know a reliable supplier that does these decals? There must be some decals out there somewhere, it's such a classic scheme for these two! I would appreciate any information anyone may have, Thanks!
  2. RODH2

    Fake Iawata`s?

    What Rabbit Leader said, really. I was a professional painter, did aircraft, did cammo. on APC's, that kind of thing. The Iwata clones are OK, (not branded Iwata) for my level of expertise. I can tell you one thing about spray guns/air-brushes... I love Iwata engineering and execution. Just 1 opinion.
  3. I'm sure the pitchforks and torches were out for William Caxton. S.M. and modern phones are simply a form of communication, and are not compulsory. The same as electric motors will take over from I.C. engines in the near future for transportation. But it is good to see this amazing forum exist alongside people's pressing need for immediacy and convenience. Good luck with your e-mails, tho!! Oh. my first model was a Frog Typhoon, in about 1958, it wouldn't stand up to much scrutiny today, tho!
  4. Nice model of a beautiful plane. I'm building the F-Resin version, which is a bit of a Labour of love! American Airlines polished Aluminium for me, how can you go past "Astro Jet" decals on a model!!
  5. Great to see, I was at Old Warden in 2005 and 2009, It's a long way from Adelaide! Nice to see the Comet flying.
  6. Always underestimated, the old Monograms, but they respond well to a good build. Genuine modelling!!
  7. I think I'll invest in the Valiant, to complete the anti-flash Triumvirate from Airfix, having built the Frog Vulcan and Valiant back in, dunno, 1960 or something!! Looking forward to the 're-release'! I've already bought 4 cans of 'Mr. Base White'!!
  8. RODH2

    Airfix 2021...

    Well, the Valiant return appeals, I built the Frog version in about 19VIX or something, and that will complete the anti-flash triumvirate, in modern day terms.........!
  9. Just further to this, can someone explain the purpose of the long "pipes" alongside the ECM Plates on the Vulcan. Are these relative to the air-frame, or the ECM Plates? Are there 2 or 4 on an anti-flash blue-steel Vulcan?
  10. Thanks very much for your help, Adam, that has given me plenty to work with!!
  11. I built the 1/96 Frog Vulcan, good old XA891, in about 1960 and recently acquired an Airfix Vulcan at a good price, (surprise!), for a bit of a nostalgia build. I've been researching the Internet, but it's hard to pin down the aircraft I would like to model. I would like to do an anti-flash white version, from either 9,12, 27, 44 Sqn, I have Freightdog's Olympus 201 exhausts, and wondered if it was possible to combine with a Blue-steel equipped Vulcan. If so, what would be the disposition of the refuelling probe, and the under engine Radar/ electronics. And if I could combine that with an "X" number, that would be really good, if such an aircraft existed!! I wonder if there are any Vulcan experts that can help me here or point me towards a resource for same. Thanks in anticipation!
  12. I must say, I have had exemplary service from both Tamiya and Revell, when seeking parts. Tamiya's service is excellent, they do so much RC parts distribution so it's no effort for them doing sprue spares at a good price, and Revell /Monogram follow up with parts, even if it takes a bit longer, (I'm in Australia). Now, if anyone can tell me how to get parts from Trumpeter, that would be good!!
  13. So, does that Main Rotor hit the tail Rotor!? I still like the old Monogram.....!
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