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    I have built this kit I am looking for news on thier Brewer and TB-3 kits which were supposed to be out at the end of May
  2. 1/48 Mig 31

    1/48 AMK Mig 31
  3. 1/48 Mig 31

    First build after having my office and the rest of the downstairs taken out by a flood. So far these kits are a dream to build
  4. I'll get a Ginga if it comes out maybe even a Randy could be done
  5. I have and am getting close to finishing the XB 70 its a great kit
  6. Bobcat 1/48 Firebar

    No after market, I made the seat belts otherwise all is out of the box. I'm currently working on making an AF Seats with belts and AF wheel wells with more detail.
  7. Bobcat 1/48 Firebar

    Thankyou for the kind comments, Its a great kit lots of fun to build.
  8. Posted yesterday at 12:31 AM · Report post They are done Fine Molds Wingsy Both
  9. 1/48 Yak 28 PP

    Thanks. I used Mr. Paints except for detailing the cockpit. There I used standard Tamiya. The Mr Paints are the best Paints I've used.
  10. They are done Fine Molds Wingsy Both
  11. 1/48 Yak 28 PP

    She is finished
  12. More progress Fine Molds Wingsy
  13. The Fine Molds kit has the option for raised and lowered flaps while the Wingsy kit has separate alerons. The Wingsy kits wings are also a shade longer in width than the Fine Molds, Which on is correct I don’t know having limited documentation of this aircraft. The forward cockpit fire wall/ammo bine are more finely detailed in the Fine Molds kit but the cockpit Rear Bulkhead and floor are more detailed in the Wingsy kit which also adds several PE parts. Overall the Fine Molds kit I think captures the side walls better than the Wingsy kit. The Fine Molds kit gives the interal structure to be glues to the sides of the fusalage while the Wingsy kit has the walls inluded in the cockpit tube. The Fine Molds kit may be more basic on the rear bulkhead but it includes the Oxygen bottles behind the bulkhead while the Wingsy kit does not. Overall both kits have some nice detail in the cockpit and leave others out. Fine Molds Wingsy