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  1. Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback

    Just to show that I am making some slow progress, though really this should be two days' work, not two weeks'! Anyhow, here's the Ordinance now, with the white ones painted, the black ones will be done when I prime the airframe: I've also started tidying up the undercarriage, some small sink marks need to be filled: Once I get them cleaned up, I'll get them painted, and then it's off to the cockpit. Thanks...
  2. Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback

    No new pics to share I'm afraid, and not much progress made either; life has conspired to keep me away from the bench this last week. However, the Mr. Paint 'Eggplant' Dark Grey has arrived (and boy does it smell!) and I've just ordered the Decals, so I am getting there! Will hopefully have progress on the ordinance soon, am at the sanding stage (when am I not?!)
  3. Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback

    So, work on this build starts here: A little un-orthodox, but a fellow modeller I know here in Ireland told me that he always starts his builds with the 'bits', like ordinance, undercarriage etc. He reckons it stops him rushing those bits near the end of the build. And I have to say, I've definitely been guilty of doing that, so I thought I'd take his good advice on-board. So I'll get the ordinance and undercarriage done before I go near the cockpit! Some sink marks to clean up and seam lines etc. as well before I put paint near these...
  4. Flanker STGB chat

    Ah, but the Su-34 Fullback is allowed in this GB as it's based so much on the Flanker. So I guess the question is how much is the Su-47 Berkut based on a Flanker? And, of course, it's the GB Host's call!
  5. Ooh... That'll be a nice scheme, looking forward to it!
  6. Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback

    Thanks lads, looking forward to starting it!
  7. Hi all... Really looking forward to this GB. I've had this kit nearly a year, got it at a Kitswap. I've read decent enough things about it, and this GB is ideal for it (though I did have to check that the Su-34 Fullback is ok for a Flanker GB!). Anyhow, here's the box and the runners: As you can see, a lot of the plastic is for the ordinance, and I reckon I'll be building it fairly well loaded. I was originally going to do one of the box schemes (three tone camo) but after recently doing a 4 tone blue Su-25TM, I've decided to keep this one a little simpler and do the newer Eggplant Dark Grey over Light Blue. I still need to order the paint (I'm going to try Mr. Paint for the Eggplant Dark Grey as I've heard good things about it) and I also need to order some Decals. Am leaning towards a sheet I saw of Su-34s in Syria, with the Red Stars on the tails overpainted, but I'm also not sure how I feel about building a specific scheme that's been in the news so recently. Will have to see how my moral compass feels about it! Anyhow, I'm planning to start this as close to the start date as possible, and it'll be built completely OOB, as I just don't have the skills to start scratch building stuff. So I'm afraid your Flanker purists out there will have to put up with the Kit's (and my) mistakes, as they won't be getting corrected! More pics once the start date is upon us!
  8. Flanker STGB chat

    I'm not a Mod or anything, but I'm pretty certain you can join a Group Build whenever you want, even one week before the end of it, if you think you can complete the build in time!
  9. How to empty the Moisture Trap?

    Thanks for your reply... I usually drain the air from the compressor by using a release valve in the top of the tank, should I not be doing that as the pressure drop is too sudden? It can take a long time to release the pressure through the airbrush, and I've never tried using the moisture trap valve to release the pressure, only to release water on an already empty tank. I've also only ever opened the drain valve on the tank after it's empty of air first. Can you explain further how I clean the moisture out of the bottom of the moisture trap bowl using cotton buds? I presume you mean I have to unscrew the glass bowl first, assuming it does unscrew? Thanks...
  10. How to empty the Moisture Trap?

    Hi there, I've had one of those cheap Chinese Compressors for about a year now. In general it's been working fine. A while ago I decided to do a little bit of a 'service' on it, and I opened the valve at the bottom of the tank, and drained a small amount of water, and also used a cotton bud to clean around the drain hole. Then I noticed, a couple of days later, that some moisture had gather in the moisture trap. I hadn't seen it before, so I think it's to do with me cleaning/draining the tank, though I could be wrong. Anyhow, I used the valve in the bottom of the Moisture Trap to drain the moisture, but I couldn't get all of it, as the amount that's left is under the level of the lip of the valve. Hopefully it's clear in the photo below (the moisture has a slight brown tint to it): Basically the moisture is pooling around the silver lip of the valve. So, any ideas how to drain the Moisture Trap properly? So far it hasn't affected the performance of the Compressor/Air brush, but I'm just not comfortable with leaving it like this. From what I can see the glass bulb of the moisture trap doesn't unscrew (or, if it does, it needs more pressure on it than I was willing to try!). Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  11. Flanker STGB chat

    Congrats Radleigh! I didn't build a model for almost a year when I became a Father! I have my kit, still have to get the decals and paint, but sure I can start before I get them! Looking forward to it...
  12. From Russia with Love GB chat

    Yep, and excellent GB, congrats to everyone who took part, and thanks to Peter and Valkyrie for all their support in my own build thread! Looking forward to my next GB here, the Flanker STGB starting in a couple of weeks!
  13. Thanks lads, really appreciate all the feedback and support you gave during the build!
  14. Gallery

    Kit: Zvezda Su-39 Frogfoot Scale: 1:72 Paint & Weathering: Airbrushed with Akan Acrylic Paints, Weathered with Oils Extras: Built out of the box Build Thread: Here
  15. Spoke too soon, my daughter decided to sleep this afternoon! So, here it is all done. This definitely wasn't a shake and bake, every piece needed to be cleaned up and had problems fitting, and in the end it beat me into submission and it's not as 'smooth' a finished build as I'd like. That said, I also tried lots of new techniques, including free hand camo with an airbrush and black basing, and even just new paint (Akan etc.) so I was taking a lot on, and I'm actually pretty happy with the paint job. If it had been a Tamiya kit, it'd look a lot better (which is probably true of a lot of builds!). Anyhow, I'm glad to have it finished, that's for sure, and it does look striking with the Naval scheme and all the ordinance hanging off it. Thanks for all your support doing the build, especially Valkyrie and Basilisk, who kept me going! Lots of pics below, and I'll put a couple in the Gallery as well...