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  1. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Thanks Peter... It seems to be a fine balance between too thin (paint not giving coverage) and not thin enough (tip dry!). This is only my, what, 3rd airbrushed model, so it's still a steep learning curve. Anyhow, I got the rest of the main painting done today. Got another coat of the dark blue done, and it looks a lot better, and got the green panels on the tail and wing tips done too... Thankfully, nearly all the tape came off without lifting paint. I say nearly, as unfortunately the front of the tail just below the green panel did lift (you can see it in both photos) so I'll need to touch that up. There are a couple of other areas to touch up too, but nothing too bad, that I can see tonight anyhow! With look I'll have the painting touched-up and finished, and the first gloss coat on, by Tues or Wed. Two weeks to go!
  2. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Hmmm... Managed to get the first two camo colours done. It wasn't easy though, my first time doing free hand camo was tough enough, but the airbrush started fighting me (tip dry etc.) and then the compressor started fighting me (constantly on, not sure why the auto-cut off wasn't working!) and then I even managed to spill paint onto the model, which I did my best to rescue before the thinner ate through the plastic! Anyhow, here's how it looks now: You should be able to see the difference between the light blue and grey blue on the wings. And if you look closely at where the starboard wing meets the engine nacelle (especially near the back) you'll see where the paint was spilled. Not sure if I've gotten away with it or not, but I've run out of time for today. So I'll step away from the bench, and when I get back to it (*maybe* over the weekend) I'll see if I need to do more work on that section, or if I can go onto the final blue (covering whatever black is left). I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to take away all the tape and see a whole lot of issues, but we'll see!
  3. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Well, I redid the paint that lifted, did a gloss coat over it to hopefully help it not lift, and also de-tacked the masking tape, and here's how it looks now... I don't have the courage to see if the tape still lifts the paint, so I'll push that potential hassle down the road and worry about it later! Next up is the three colour top camo, and I'm hoping to get at least two of those colours done today. I've never done freehand camo before, so I'm not certain how it will go, but I guess I'll just have to wing it. Wing it? See what I did there? Never mind...
  4. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    And here's the 'blend coat'. It's not as good as I'd hoped, but it's decent enough and there are definitely tonal variations to the light blue, it's not just a solid lump of colour... However, the eagle eyed among you might have spotted some marks on the edge of the fuselage in front of the front wheel well. I started to mask off the paint so I could do the upper colours and the paint lifted, bugger! Am hoping a coat of Klear might help, but I'll have to break out the airbrush for more light blue again anyhow... 2.5 weeks left, this is going to be tight...
  5. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    So, here's my first attempt at a marble coat... It took quite a while, but I think I'm happy enough with it. I'll know for sure when the 'blend coat' is done (tonight or tomorrow maybe) and see how it looks then, hopefully it'll look well, light blue with some tonal variations. I'll say one thing, it's a great method to practice using an airbrush! Once the blend coat is done on the bottom, I have to repeat the whole process for 3 camo colours on the top, as well as some bits of red/green etc. here and there, and then it'll be the gloss coat. I also have to remember to do the undercarriage etc.!
  6. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Thanks lads... As usual, the primer showed up a few little seams that hadn't gone away yet, but only a few. So I did a bit more filling and sanding, and then topped up the primer again, and I'm happy with how it looks now. I have to say, considering the bad fit of the kit, I'm quite happy with the job I did on the seams, so that's good. And another advantage of black primer is it easily covers any colour of filler (sometimes I use Liquid Green Stuff, which can be tough to cover with a light-coloured primer). Anyhow, the next step is trying the 'marble coat' for the light blue undersides, we'll see how that goes!
  7. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Well, I finally got my hands on the Primer today, and I can safely say I'm impressed with it... It went on really well (in fact, it was almost hard for me to feck it up, try as I might) and it's a lovely finish. I'm waiting for it to fully dry, but as a bonus it doesn't look like there will be that many areas to touch up with more sanding either! And it even cleaned out of the airbrush well, though that might be due to the 'hotness' of the thinner I got with it. Next step is the aforementioned additional filling/sanding, and then a touch up of primer, and then the next phase of black basing, the 'marble' coat...
  8. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Ordinance now finished, and it looks like my Black Primer is waiting for me in the Post Office!
  9. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    I nearly always use Halford's Grey Primer. I don't bother with the Plastic Primer, the 'standard' one works just as well and is bigger for not a lot more money. It's always done the job for me. I use the Halford's White Primer if it suits the colour I'll be painting, in fact if the primer goes well I've used the primer to be the paint as well (e.g. for US modern wheel wells for example, which are white).
  10. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Thanks Peter, I will be airbrushing it, and I got the thinner as well as I heard it needs to be thinned. I'm I'm only going with that primer so I can try black basing, and I don't really need to do that on the ordinance, so I should be able to get all that stuff primed and painted using my normal Halfords primer. So with luck it'll all be done and finished by the time the primer arrives for the airframe. We'll see!
  11. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Thanks! The canopy being so bad and thick has one advantage, the outlines of the windows on the canopy are also really thick, so they're easy to mask! I'm going to be trying Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black for the primer, once it arrives. Actually, I've just realised that there are only just over 4 weeks left in this GB, so there's every chance I won't get this finished, considering I'm waiting for the primer. I'll do my best to have the ordinance/undercarriage etc. done first, but I still have to prime/fix issues/re-prime and then do 3 or 4 colour camo on it! It's going to be a close call if I can make the 3rd September or not...
  12. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Another little bit done. Still no Primer, but I've started on the ordinance. As can be seen, they'll need work, pretty much every piece will need filler/sanding...
  13. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    I reckon it will Peter! Though I've already decided not to use the Vikhr missiles, I used them on an earlier build of a Ka-52, and I'll save time not painting/gluing 16 different missile tubes onto only two pylons!
  14. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    Progress (slowly) continues! As of this evening, it's ready for the first coat of primer so I can see just how much more filling/sanding I need to do: However, I don't actually have any primer yet! I'm waiting for some Black primer to arrive so I can try black basing. So while I'm waiting I think I'll move on to assembling all the ordinance, it's going to be busy under those wings!
  15. Zvezda 1:72 Su-39 Frogfoot

    And now my posts are just like Buses, eh? Finally it's starting to look like a Frogfoot: A but more filling to do, and then the canopy.