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  1. How about you see how I tackle it and then do the opposite! 😀 Yep, still doing the Blue Naval Camo, haven't fully decided yet if I'll do the three colour camo from the box or the four colour camo that comes with the Akan paint set. I had also planned to make intake/exhaust covers as those parts of the kit are rather poor and it would be better to cover then, but I have realised that if I do then the kit will no longer be eligible for Standard Kit (OOB) Competitions. As I start each build with the thought/hope that it might end up good enough for Competitions, I may have to do without the covers and see what I can do with the kit pieces instead!
  2. Ha, you're right, it's probably closer to the 1:1 scale than it is to 1:72! I believe the humpback is basically because it's a two seater with the rear cockpit replaced with avionics etc. I tend to try to focus on a particular aspect of a build, and this time I'm focusing on two. Learning new techniques with the airbrush (so I'll be trying black basing later) and also really focusing on getting rid of any visible seams. Which means I'm currently sanding the fuselage down after using some Mr. Dissolved Putty on them. I got myself a new scriber recently so I'm hoping to restore any lost panel lines...
  3. Yep Valkyrie, I presume it is armoured glass on the real thing, but perhaps they've taken it a bit too far on this kit?
  4. Progress continues slowly! Managed to get the cockpit into the fuselage, and the fuselage closed. Getting the cockpit to fit was awkward, either it was too low but fitted ok, or the right height and didn't fit at all. But, in the end, knowing how little will be seen, I went with too low but fitted ok! The fuselage seams need to be cleaned up, but here's how it looks now: Did I mention how thick the canopies are? Though thankfully I'm not leaving the canopy open, and it being so thick lets me get away with a poor cockpit! Unfortunately I'm not going to get near my bench much over the next week or so, but hopefully I'll make more progress on this soon. Thanks...
  5. Thanks Dermot... It's not great, the dials aren't even in a straight line, but it'll do the job considering how little will be seen!
  6. And here it is now. It's not great at all, but it's still better than it was, and you'll barely be able to see it anyhow, so it's more about showing that something is there! The white part in the HUD should dry clear (hopefully!). Next up is getting the cockpit in place and getting the fuselage halves closed, but not tonight, I'm knackered!
  7. Thanks Peter... To say the cockpit is sparse would be an understatement! Here's the ejection seat and instrument panel, which just a lick of paint on them... I plan to try to get them looking a bit better, I'll fill that hole and I'll paint on some seat belts and a couple of dials, but to be fair, the canopy is so thick you won't see much, and I'm building this strictly OOB so I'm not adding anything! Will hopefully have the cockpit finished tonight...
  8. Thanks AngstROM...
  9. Hi all... I've been working on this for the last few months and I'm calling it done. It was a kit I got for free a few years ago, and I planned to build it to partner an F-14 Tomcat as I had a decal sheet for both. I built the Tomcat 3 years ago, and finally got this one finished. I used it as a chance to experiment and try new things. It's my first time using an airbrush on an aircraft, and I tried pre-shading. I also used oils for a pin wash on the panels for the first time, though only on the upper surfaces (I used my Florys wash on the underside as a comparison). I used Vallejo Model Air for the main colours, and I liked them, apart from how easy they scratched after being applied. I tried some AK True Metal on some of the exhausts, and also scratch-built some Intake Covers using plastic card, foam and foil from a margarine tub. All in all, I'm happy enough with it. It won't win anything, but it's a nice scheme and some of the new things I tried worked out ok, while others didn't. I'm afraid the photos are a little over-exposed, I'm having a little competition with myself to see which improves first, my modelling or my photography! I added a couple of both aircraft together at the end to give a little comparison. All comments/advice welcome, it's the best way to learn. Thanks... Kit: Revell F/A-18E Super Hornet Scale: 1:48 Paint & Weathering: Airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air acrylics. Weathered with Flory Wash, Citadel Nuln Oil, Oils and AK True Metal Extras: Fightertown Tophatter Anniversary Decals, scratch-built Intake Covers.
  10. Funny you say that, I had a real pain getting a Neomega cockpit fit into a Ka-52! 😀
  11. Ah man, that's frustrating, I can see why you've put it to one side and gone to work on a nicer build! I've lost count of the amount of resin sets that I've used, and have seen reviews/builds of other people using, that just don't fit the kits they're 'made' for. You have to wonder if the manufacturers of the Resin actually ever bought the original kit and tried to get it to fit themselves! Hope the hot water solution helps sort it out for you...
  12. Wow, six build already finished and I haven't even started this yet! I nearly have my current build done, so I'm getting ready for this one. This will be strictly OOB for me, though I'll try my best to finally build something that doesn't have visible seams on it, and I'll probably do intake/exhaust covers too. I will be trying new things with the painting though, I'm going to try black-basing for the first time, along with free hand camo with an airbrush for the first time. Sure, what could go wrong? Thought I'd take some pics: Firstly, the runners: There's a bit of flash and the fit might be interesting, but we'll see how it goes. Most of it is the ordinance. Next is the massive decal sheets and the excellent quality canopy: Yeah, the canopy isn't great, basically a lump of plastic, but some Klear should help, and there's bugger all to see in the cockpit anyhow, so I'm not too fussed. And at least the decal session won't take too long! Finally, here are the paints I got for this: I haven't used Akan paints before, so I'm curious to see how they behave. I'm tempted to do the scheme that came with the paints, it's got an extra upper colour on the Camo, but at least it's actually for White 21 (the Zvezda box shows Blue 21 but the decal is White 21). That said, one of the pics on the Akan instructions definitely isn't a Su-25! Anyhow, we'll see how it all goes, hopefully get started on it in the next few days...
  13. You should look at seeing if there's AM for the two guns on the sides as well (sorry, I don't know the names/details of them) as they're also rather over scale... J.
  14. Thanks Rob 1! For my first attempt at a ship I'm fairly happy with it, don't know if I'll be doing another one anytime soon though!
  15. Sorry for being repetitive, but I finally got some better photos (at least I think they are) and I wanted to put them up...