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  1. Thanks Paul, Seahawk and Mark! There is some PE with the kit itself, but I didn't use it, I had the Flyhawk PE Set (FH710007). It comes with three sheets, but strangely enough, the instructions don't cover all three sheets, you have to guess/deduce what some of it is for, and I still ended up with some railings with nowhere to put them! Some of the PE is *VERY* fine (like the 'aerials' between the discs on the mast, several of which broke off) but I do like the detail it adds. I didn't use the plastic or PE parts for the 8 'poles' on top of the main tower, there were either too thick or too flat, so I just filled in the holes in the plastic and drilled new ones for some Albion Tubing instead. J.
  2. Thanks a lot for your comments, they're much appreciated... J.
  3. Pics are now up in the RFI section. Thanks... J.
  4. Thanks Bugle07! Once piece of PE was lost, right at the end of the build, so I had to make a replacement piece out of spare PE. But apart from that I got lucky with it! J.
  5. Hi there, Well, after three and a half months, I'm calling this done! It was a build of firsts for me, first ship, first airbrushed model, first use of oils etc. Struggled with it sometimes, but in the end I'm happy enough with it. The PE behaved pretty well, but a drawback with 1:700 scale is the plastic will never compare with the thinness of the PE, so it makes the plastic look clunky. To be honest, I don't know if I'd be running out to build another ship, but I have learned a lot with this build! And thanks to Paul E and several others who answered my questions here on BM about the flight deck, I hope what I've done is somewhat accurate! So here are the pics, I'm trying to improve my photo taking, I didn't quite get it right this time, but I'll keep working on it, just like my modelling! As usual, all comments/criticism are very welcome! Thanks... J. Kit: Dragon 'HMS Daring' Type 45 Destroyer Scale: 1:700 Paint & Weathering: Airbrushed with Acrylics. Weathered with Flory Wash, Citadel Nuln Oil & Tamiya Weathering Kits and Oils Extras: More PE than you can shake a stick at! Build Log: Here
  6. Thanks! Some fascinating information, thanks to everyone for their advice/expertise. I finally finished this today, will put up some pics in RFI as soon as I can. Thanks... J.
  7. Thanks once again Paul! It looks like the position of the circle or the scale of the Lynx is slightly off then in this kit, as the tail definitely overhangs a little. No matter, I'll still aim for the nose wheel on the top of the circle. I'm almost finished this, and then a bloody piece of PE broke and pinged off, so now I have to fashion a new one to replace it before finishing! Thanks for all your help... J.
  8. Me again... I just realised that, at least on my model, if I place the nose wheel of the Lynx on that spot, then the tail/tail rotor is overhanging the stern. So I'd be putting the railings down in that case, but is the scale/placement of the circle correct? Should the tail be overhanging? Thanks! J.
  9. I knew that was a stupid question! J.
  10. Excellent lads, thanks a lot for all your help! I presume, if the front wheel is on the intersection of the white line and circle, the Lynx is facing forward, in the direction of the ship's bow, correct? Again, apologies for the stupid questions, but sometimes I like to get the little things right to make up for the build issues I have made a mess of! J.
  11. Thanks Paul... You've raised another question! In general, is there a particular place on the pad that the Lynx should be? Not for maintenance as such, but after landing? Is there a 'point' they aim for? I'll probably put up pics in the RFI section but don't get your hopes up for the result! J.
  12. Thanks Paul, that's interesting... I already have the hanger door open, so I guess that means that I should have the Flight Deck nets raised. I could try to add a partially closed door though, I'll see. Or I might just leave it as is, go with the horizontal nets and hope no-one but yourself notices! A lot will come down to how the PE parts look and fit. Thanks... J.
  13. Ah, I see what you mean! It does sound like I can do either, I'll see which I prefer, and which fits better! 😀 J.
  14. Great, thanks for explaining that Mike, it sounds like it's really up to me what I'd prefer. And Panzer, I hadn't thought of that, but it's not in any kind of a Diorama, it's just on the kit supplied stand. Thanks... J.
  15. Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply. So basically, if the Lynx is on deck, either just after landing or before take off, the rails are down? Would it be common for the Lynx to be on deck and the rails up (say if it's not flying soon)? Thanks... J.