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      From the day following upgrade to the new forum software, 15th Sept until the 19th, we were under a concerted attack by a person or persons using a number of 'bots and other people's Proxy networks to carry out what is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack, which is a method by which these 'bots submit thousands of requests to the website per second to overload the server and bring the site to its knees.  While this was going on, they were also making Brute Force attacks on our remote communications port to try and breach the server so they could do anything from format the hard drives to change ownership of the site, and bombarding the mailserver with similar bogus requests, some of which left some rather telling details behind.  This was followed up a couple of days later with a further attack that left more data to sift through, which we have passed on to our IT forensics people.On the advice of our Lawyer and fellow member JohnT, we yesterday informed the National Crime Agency and requested their assistance with the matter, and in an ongoing dialogue with them to find the culprits, so we are allowing them access to the server and its logs.    We don't believe that this is a random attack on balance, but for 5 days and a further evening we had to put up with some disturbance and interruption to the usually fast response of the website as we are seeing now that the attack has ended.  We will prevail, and don't worry about it.  We were the target, and these people will not win.  Karma will catch up with them   Mike, Greg, Dave & Julien.


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  1. Doyusha rebox for Japanese market:
  2. There is one basic problem. MiG-21 is not a Fw 190. For Fw 190 every stupid subvariant could be moulded and all are sold in big numbers. Three different subvariants od A-8 subvariant of 190 were moulded. And A-5 and more A-? versions are on way. Compare: Fw 190: separate wing sprue for all subvariants 1/48 MiG-21: scribbing template for MF-75 wing with different panel. For MiG-21 we must be happy for basic variants used by Warsaw Pact: PF, PFM, R, M/MF/MFN, bis plus soviet SMT. FL is "banned" due very bad sales of 1/48 Indian MF. Bul almost all odd 2nd generation migs (FL, PFS, PFV, early PFM...) can be combined from PF and PFM kits by combining ingrediences: medium/wide fin, SPS/non-SPS (PFM/PF) wing, SK1 or KM1 ejection seat and singe piece/divided canopy. You must be happy for cheap overtrees. And aftermarket decals. Only for PFS with "PF" fin but with parachute we need aftermarket fin or small hand made conversion. Again, sadly MiG-21 is not Fw 190 and there is not market for mirror variant. And no interest from Eduard because wasnt used by Czechoslovak A.F.
  3. List of variants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mikoyan-Gurevich_MiG-21_variants S and recon R versions are still 2nd generation but looks like 3rd generation at the first look. Spine size is same like MF.
  4. PFM - cannon in pod, MF- cannon integrated under fuselage and some minor details like different air-brakes shape and jet pipe (due R-11 and R-13 engine). Pictured PFM was refited with canopy with integrated mirror. Original glass was without. PFM is 2nd generation MiG-21, MF is 3rd generation.
  5. 1:50 & 1:60 gliders from Hasegawa November 2016 unknown types for me http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/16ajhs_s/
  6. Czechoslovak "Coastal Command" Liberator was expected for many years but sill delayed: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/100958-eduard-2112-consolidated-liberator-gr-mk-v Confirmed by Mr.Šulc month ago: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=5055#p1916718
  7. Sorry, but Velorex is NOT a retail product. They designed kit only for fun and joy of modellers (is it right word in English?) It was designed as bonus kit for 1500 boxes of Mi-24 Hind limited edition. And Hind box includes PE wheels and chain for Velorex. See my post from saturday. Second way to get this kit was EDAY model show in Prague. Kit was donated to modellers, visitors and childrens for FREE. For competiors was entrance and kit complete for free. For visitors was entrance fee only 100 CZK (4 USD) and 50 CZK for childrens/pensioners. With kit. Do You want photoetech set for that price? BTW: from facebook. Check happy smiles.
  8. in-box preview: http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2016/09/26/172-velorex-e-day-vstupenka-eduard/
  9. EDAY L.E. edition: http://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=38971
  10. Months after release i still can´t find any inbox review. All webstores used same pictures downloaded from Trumpeter website. Only one ebay-shop used real photo of the box. image source: ebay Pre-painted is printed at box. But same "pre-painted" is printed at deep submersible vehicle and kit is not pre-painted. Is only molded from coloured sprues like Bandai kits and recent Academy 1/72 "M.C.P." kits. And like Hasegawa Shinkai 6500 submersible.
  11. Hi, i know Japan market is very importatnt for Eduard company. They opened Japanese website https://www.eduard.com/jp/ and big part of their production is distributed in Asia by Hobby Link Japan / Beaver Corporation. Regards Lukas
  12. Today in Prague. Mr. Jaroslav Špaček: Velorex trike (and Eduard CEO with microphone) All 200 pieces of Hind kit sold out in one hour.
  13. A type sprue is only for parts needed for D version. A-type square canopy is not included, BTW: aftermarket resin UB-32 rocked pods (helicopter type with lightened curved back) https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/ub-32a-24-rocket-pods-for-mi-24-1-72.html
  14. is Revell wrong?