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  1. Probably cooperation with japanese Doyusha: All other new Doyusha pre-finished kits are from Easy Model - Hobby Boss source. In past Zlin Z-42 kits were sold pre-finished by German company and as kit by Toga many years before direct Hobby Boss boxing.
  2. Probably cooperation with Hobby Boss.
  3. From Eduard Info: On the other hand, what will be released in October is virtually a certainty. At E-day in 2017, we will be introducing the Liberator GR Mk.V in 1/72nd. We are expecting on having a publication ready to go along with this kit, dedicated to the use of Liberator GR Mk.III and GR Mk.V by Coastal Command during the Second World War.This book will be written by, and laid out by, Pavel Türk. It will not be exclusive to the use of the aircraft by No.311 (Czechoslovak) Sq. RAF, but will also encompass use by other squadrons. The kit will be built around the original Hasegawa moldings that will be complemented by our own molds to convert the kit to a British Liberator. These will include propellers, turrets, the Leigh Light, rockets and radome. We have been working on the conversion parts since November, and hope that this kit will achieve the level of popularity that was seen by the Hind. We intend to focus on the Liberator GR Mk.VI and GR Mk.VIII as the followup project, slated for release at E-day 2018. Of course, that no longer falls under the category of ‘near future’ plans. New items for the month of November, 2017, are
  4. Czechoslovakia Air force used only single F-13 with early type narrow fin. With late type canopy locks and only one cannon. Next four F-13s were delivered from Soviet Union too. All original soviet fishbeds were with plexiglass canopy back panel. All other Czechoslovak F-13s (from number 0001) were localy produced in licence. And with dural back-canopy panel. Some Czechoslovak F-13 with solid canopy back were later delivered to Syria. Known 1/72 F-13 kits are: Revell - late type - best first generation MiG-21 kit Bílek - late type - not bad but short-run kit. Only solid canopy back panel Airfix - late type fin - very old but best shape from all west MiG-21 kits from cold war times. Heller - totally wrong "Mirage" wing-fuselage join. Parody. Frog - wrong shape. Old and bad kit. Fin looks like some between early and late type Hasegawa - reboxed Frog Academy - copy of the Hasegawa/Frog with engraved panel lines ----- Resin kits: Omega Models Ye-5 - first MiG-21 prototype. Early narrow fin but many differences from Ye-6 production MiG-21/21F Omega Models - Ye-2/Ye-50 line - MiG-21 prototypes with "MiG-19" swept wing. Omega Models - Chengdu J-7/F-7 - Chinese variants delivered from late F-13 but with many differences and sorry for my English
  5. "F" version can be easily converted to the early F-13 with narrow fin. Check fin difference between early F-13 (0904) and late F-13 (other):
  6. panel lines looks like old Italeri or Matchbox. And High Planes... Or almost 50 years old Central Japan.
  9. We still could buy 4+ DOZEN aftermarket decal set and divide to 12 happy modellers :-)