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  1. Ah now i see it.You don't see these very often.Nicely done adey. Glyn
  2. Sorry but cannot see pictures.
  3. Very nice finish.I like it. Glyn
  4. So nearly all that like this model want one in 1/48 scale. WILL SOMEONE OUT THERE LISTEN TO US? Glyn
  5. Lovely build.Managed a base visit some years ago and i too would like a 1/48 kit to make my own.Nearly managed a flight in one,Nearly.As our bus left the base we were buzzed by one.Fantastic.Even saw the special scheme one. Glyn
  6. Absolutely superb effort you have done with her. shame about the bent probe.Doh Glyn
  7. Cracking build tom.Did you undercoat or paint the metal colours straight onto bare plastic? Glyn
  8. What a cracking build.Spot on. Glyn
  9. Could i have the kitty hawk cougar please

    glyn fuller

    1. MikeC


      Thanks, and yes of course - PM inbound

  10. Hello

    Yes i would be interested.

    I could pay with paypal.

    How much?


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. glyn


      No problem

      I was born in Rotherham too.


    3. glyn


      Kit recieved today and cheque soon to be in the post.

      Many thanks


    4. Silver Fox

      Silver Fox



       cheque arrived this afternoon. Thank you and I hope to see the Beaver finished soon( well sooner than I would have done it);)

  11. Looks great after i heard bad things about this newer kit.As for the brown in different light conditions things do look different anyway so nothing wrong with your interpretation. glyn
  12. An outstanding looking phantom.I have this in the stash but i doubt i can do as well as you. Glyn
  13. I must be looking at something different to most as i think it look/s great.Please bring it to RIAT. Glyn
  14. Hi From what i can see of your pics things don't look too far out.Maybe a couple of mm but not 7mm. Glyn