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  1. Cracking build.Very nice. Glyn
  2. Tony I dug the instructions out of the bin to recheck. The scheme i have was from 1962 but no mention of sabre mk6.23053 was the number used.The box art has 23066 in pre GH on tail scheme of 1959. So like you say someone probably did not do the research correctly. Glyn
  3. Tony The decals were kit decals and yes the Gh on the tail was used later on but not necessarily on the mk 6.Done as per the instructions.There was the option of two periods and i did the later one.23053 was on the box art as well as the instructions. Glyn
  4. All My latest effort. Wanted to do this for a while.Tried the Mr color SM02 gold which was very thick and did not seem to like thinners.I have mixed feelings about the result. _MG_5076 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_5074 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_5079 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Glyn
  5. That is lovely.I have the same decal set to do my own and hope i do as good a job of it myself. Nice one. Glyn
  6. Seen your models and you are a good builder Jon.Nice one. Glyn
  7. olli I am sure people have had their car's done like this.Germany is famed for special schemed aircraft.Go and have a word with the guys in the paint shop at your nearest airbase. Glyn
  8. Yes is it Slovakian and yes it is mainly decals which went down quite nicely. Glyn
  9. Polo You got the poor old modeller right.he He Glyn
  10. Thanks guys. Just remembered the nose is from quick boost so not the kit one. Glyn
  11. It was easier actually.One colour grey with lots of decals. But i think it looks OK? Glyn
  12. Nice to see something new and different.well done. Glyn
  13. All Hot of the bench is this lovely scheme IMO.Built out the box with model air and tamiya flat cote.Decalling was not as bad as i expected. _MG_5069 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_5070 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_5071 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_5072 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr An enjoyable build. Glyn
  14. Rick Once you mask and paint the body it goes together just like a normal kit.At least the windows are a doddle.The plastic is quite thick and solid but nice.Accuracy to detail probably not the best though. Glyn
  15. Actually i found it to be quite nice.Yes it was off putting at first being clear but the fuselage halves fitted quite well and once covered in primer it felt like a normal kit.Just a shame it was so basic.We really need a proper upgrade. Glyn