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  1. yes thanks because I was not able to put the jpg link
  2. Hello modeling friends, place my latest work, a T45 Goshawk in 1:48 from Kinetic. The model is all boxed with the exception of the resin seats. The coloring was done with the white of Gunze and the orange of the mrp cut with red. Hope you like it https://ibb.co/XZ8QywK https://ibb.co/jfDBtgS https://ibb.co/4twrgT4 https://ibb.co/2FMfWBg https://ibb.co/JFvBqzC https://ibb.co/cDkbMvj https://ibb.co/48pW9Ls
  3. wow, fantastic the model is realistic , beauty decay
  4. wow fantastic realization, the aging of fusolage is superlative
  5. I present my Av8 Plus model of the Italian Navy, the Model is a Hasegawa to which I added Cockpit and Trolley compartments from Aires, Pod from Eduard Brassin, I hope you like it ...
  6. hi friends of the forum, I show you my last work the mb326 1/48 of Italeri. The model was embellished by the neomega cockpit, tauro and skydecal decals, and gunze paints. Aging watercolor pencils were used for aging, I hope you like it ....
  7. Wow Enrico fantastico e bellissima livrea
  8. Finally I completed this model I must say that apart from some flaws has nothing less than a hasegawa, indeed having mounted others in some ways I found it even better. the model was accompanied by numerous aftermarket seats of the quickboost resin squadron wheels exhausts in resin of the aires atars system and decals of the attack squadron internal and external photoengraving eduard legs lead carts resulting from a hasegawa kit pod lighting by eduard brassin the painting was done using the colors of mrp as background, I must say they are fantastic, for the various color modulations instead I
  9. Hi friends modelers, this is my last creation a RSAF Tornado, the model is a revell, with CMK resin interior, Aires resin wheels, Master Pitot, and aires trolley compartment. Hope you like it upload image upload image upload image upload image upload image upload image upload image upload image free image hosting image hosting image hosting upload image upload image upload image
  10. beautiful realization my compliments , the plane I do not like much but your model and ' really beautiful , beautiful installation , beautiful coloration and saturazione..un nice mig
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