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  1. Heavy Dragoons

    They're starting to look a little more like Dragoons.
  2. They were looking a little too clean so I washed them.
  3. Somewhere in deepest Iberia some hard stuff is about to drop on someone.
  4. Heavy Dragoons

    The horses are done. I also gave the Dragoons a coat of grey on their breeches so they still look exactly the same as yesterday
  5. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I''ve shelved this as the harnessing etc. was going to be very fiddly and the Dragoons are pressing to be finished. There are several ways to harness a six horse team and I've decided to go with the RHA harness below. It's simpler than some but will still give a reasonable result in the model. The connection to the limber for the rearmost horses will still be standard Austrian.
  6. Heavy Dragoons

    More work to the horses. The manes, tails and hooves have been further darkened. Harnesses applied and a sepia wash. I've got the effect I wanted so I'm happy with the bodies. Then just for a bit of fun I saddled them up and added a little more colour to three of them. More red added to tunics.
  7. Heavy Dragoons

    20mm, 1/76 and 1/72 Napoleonics have been around for many many years Andrew. My first set was the Airfix HO/OO(1/76) French Cuirassiers in 1971 Onward with the Heavy Dragoons. I painted them Mocha and then coated with a semi-diluted black ink. I now have a varied set of brown to brown-black horses which is where I was aiming. The shiny bits are still wet.
  8. Heavy Dragoons

    The Dragoons have now been well and truly impaled. Another great set of figures. More detail when primed.
  9. The Wurst Artillery Set

    The figures are getting there. They have the uniforms on but no washes yet so they're a bit flat. Onwards
  10. Heavy Dragoons

    I was waiting for paint and glue to dry so out came the files and I started preparing another Newline set.These fellows look very dashing but that's a tease as I'm only posting the horses for now. That shows where they're from anyway
  11. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I stuck a few bits together today to get this. The figures are coming along OK
  12. The Wurst Artillery Set

    I wouldn't actually say interesting but it's certainly not one to rush
  13. Are these any good for you Vince?
  14. I was reminded that I had these waiting for me to decide what to do with them. They're not based as I have a few more to add in the near(?) future. They're quite colourful little chaps.