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  1. Austrian Cuirassiers

    Finally they're ready for facing colours
  2. 28mm Perry mounted Hussars

    Have you considered that that's a not her that the not you is sitting next to?
  3. 28mm Perry mounted Hussars

    Who's the speed painter now? Did you clone yourself Jim?
  4. Austrian Cuirassiers

    As I started painting this 24 I decided the previous 8 weren't good enough so I'm painting all 32 Cuirassiers. This tends to slow things down a bit and I'll probably be sick of the sight of them by the end. It's a break from repotting my collection of carnivorous plants anyway. En avant!
  5. 28mm Perry Sudan Camel Troop

    You can't go wrong with camels Jim, they're always impressive. Now you're making a silk purse out of a camel's ear
  6. Austrian Cuirassiers

    Impaled and primed Vorwärts
  7. Austrian Cuirassiers

    As hoped the horses are done. Now for the Cuirassiers. I get to impale 24 of them tomorrow
  8. Austrian Cuirassiers

    I have nine of the horses to this stage The blanket rolls need sorting and then they're just about done. Hopefully I'll get the other 15 to this stage tomorrow
  9. Oh my word! That's almost sacrilege.
  10. 28mm British 7 pounder screw Gun

    Nicely painted Jim. You made a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That rammer will never fit that bore
  11. Now I'm confused they're all grenadiers so which grenadier had the flesh painted?
  12. Austrian Cuirassiers

    The previously started regiment were getting in the way so I prepared all four bases and used one on these. They're now drying in the flock. With four bases of this size going to need grassing in a fairly short time I set to making a couple of tufts in different lengths, colours and size. These are also drying out. Now, back to painting.
  13. Austrian Cuirassiers

    I have done a 36. That started to get a little tedious by the end
  14. Austrian Cuirassiers

    Two coats of Mocha on the horses and two coats of Linen on the sheepskins. Time to step down the brush size.
  15. I've finally exhausted my Newline Designs Austrians so it's the turn of Hat to supply the Cuirassiers. ( I had the boxes in the stash already) This group will represent three regiments so then I will have all the facing colours of the Austrian regiments, the buttons then being the only distinctions. I already have a set in progress with red facings. It may take a little longer to complete these with the higher number. Two of the horses were deformed on the sprue so I've added a couple of Italeri ones. The fore and rear legs of the rest had those straight bits of thick flash between them so I've recarved the lot. Primed and ready to go. I've not taken the Cuirassiers off the sprues yet, I'm saving that as a treat as I'll be impaling twenty-four of them at one go. Oh joy!