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  1. Slow progress on the horses but progress it is. Still much to do.
  2. All cleaned off and now for the fun part. I do enjoy inflicting a bit of impaling, that doesn't make me a bad person does it Add a little primer to the mix. Now we're ready for some proper painting. Onwards!
  3. Ive completed cleaning off the mould lines from the horses, so this became this I've done nine of the troopers so only another 27 to go before I get to start using brushes. Onwards!
  4. Photos taken in natural light and the horses are still bleached out. Hope you like them.
  5. Now for another project which has been on the 10 year plan. Busy busy
  6. I've flocked the bases and I'm quite happy with finishing at this point. The finished Greys will appear ready for inspection. Now for my Eylau attempt
  7. The bottle tops have been removed. Now to let the manure help the grass grow.
  8. I've actually managed to get to mounting the greys. It's a shame that the lighting is hiding the variation in the horses' coats. They're just not that bland looking. Now I have to grow a bit of grass I think
  9. The troopers are varnished so hopefully no more to do with them. Now to finish the horses.
  10. I intended to take the easy route with the buglers and leave them in the same tunic as the troopers but MrsG distracted me and this happened. Now to do what I meant to and varnish
  11. I decided to revisit the Scots Greys. I had a few boxes to work with ( I still have quite a few more} and some I'd painted several years ago that I thought I could improve on. That was lasy month so things have moved on a little. The situation at present is A few horses. A few troopers The horses have more detail than shows on the photo. They're a little bleached out on here. The troopers are almost finished so after that it's a lot of varnishing to look forward to. Then the final modifications on
  12. I finall got around to finishing the 1806 Prussian Hussars. 7th von Kohler 8th von Blucher Not sure whose garden they're charging through.
  13. The 7th Regiment von Kohler.
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