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  1. FredG

    Waterloo French

    Pink was a man's colour up to about 80 years ago when the pink/blue thingy was reversed. Those Daddies who think their daughters love of pink is genetic should really think again, It's nurture not nature.
  2. FredG

    Troggoth Hag

    Meeting is OK Jim, waking up with is another story.
  3. FredG

    More Grenzers

    Slow progress on the painting as the plants have been demanding attention.
  4. FredG

    Space Wolf(28mm)

  5. FredG

    More Grenzers

    I've painted a little more than I'd planned thanks to the cold weather stopping me sorting out my plants. I think the next bit will be the braid knots. they're always fun.
  6. FredG

    More Grenzers

    MrsG says no to the white tunics so brown jobs it is. I may just select the regiments that didn't change facing colour and they'll cover the whole napoleonic period.
  7. FredG

    More Grenzers

    Here we go again oo-oo-ooh! Newline's latest offering of Grenzers. Now all filed and primed. And drilled Onwards ny children!
  8. My little group of Cuirassiers is finished. They're in facings of red, blue, green and black so cover every regiment in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry. Regimental differences would just be in button colour and in the one case a darker shade of blue. Not the best figures I've had to work with which is probably due to them being an early production for Hat. There are 32 due to one sprue being KGL Lt Dragoons and a couple of malformed horses didn't help in another box. The Zvezda replacements I used fit in pretty well though. Enough prattling. CHAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!
  9. FredG

    Austrian Cuirassiers

    My gardening is completed, Capability Brown would have been chuffed. A sneak preview. Once the PVA has dried and gone transparent I'll get the horses filled. Now, where did I put those Grenzers
  10. FredG

    Austrian Cuirassiers

    I've been flocking the bases so it's gardening next. The Riders are pleading to be unimpaled too.
  11. FredG

    Austrian Cuirassiers

    Finally they're ready for facing colours
  12. FredG

    28mm Perry mounted Hussars

    Have you considered that that's a not her that the not you is sitting next to?
  13. FredG

    28mm Perry mounted Hussars

    Who's the speed painter now? Did you clone yourself Jim?
  14. FredG

    Austrian Cuirassiers

    As I started painting this 24 I decided the previous 8 weren't good enough so I'm painting all 32 Cuirassiers. This tends to slow things down a bit and I'll probably be sick of the sight of them by the end. It's a break from repotting my collection of carnivorous plants anyway. En avant!
  15. FredG

    28mm Perry Sudan Camel Troop

    You can't go wrong with camels Jim, they're always impressive. Now you're making a silk purse out of a camel's ear