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  1. That's one big dio,very well built and the base it sits on,ENJOYED,Cheers.
  2. Greek Infantryman 1940

    Superb painting on this bust,great detail,cheers.
  3. Manitoba Dragoons trooper

    Nice figure painting,looks like he just put on his jacket,so well done.Cheers.
  4. Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta' 1950

    A dream build and my dream car,Cheers.
  5. Funny & Odd Things in my work Area

    My wife did not agree this was the oddest thing in my work area(looking at me when she said this),technically this guy is not in my work shop but is just outside the door on my garden shed,scares the hell out of me when I first see him,as I step outside,it is a water dragon that hangs around in the warmer months,common in my area,I put up a cement statue of a lizard in a hope to scare him off,but as you can see he took a liking to it,Cheers.
  6. Show us your modelling space / stash

    Very impressive stash,the Cutty Sark brought back memories built one 40 plus years ago,it was a devil to keep the dust off the rigging,it's now in Davey Jones locker,Cheers.
  7. Tamiya 1/35 Churchill.

    Looks the part top work,Cheers.
  8. Werner Voss 1/32

    Excellent work on this figure Ted,and as you say it is an exceptional model.Cheers.
  9. 28mm British and Zulu figures

    Thanks Clive,yes think I would have my running shoes on seeing these guys on a full charge.Shame we can not meet half way with our weather,Cheers.
  10. Great work on this one all round super build and paint/work,very cool pics,Cheers.
  11. Bofors 40mm

    Great build on a nice kit,Cheers.
  12. 28mm British and Zulu figures

    Have the Zulus finer detail on all the clothing(or lack of) and their weapons,just about up to scratch,now the hard part(for me anyway) painting their faces,I have one I'm almost happy with,this is going to take me sometime to finish all,just wanted to let you know I have not slacked off,heat wave conditions down here hard to concentrate ,be glad to see Winter,Cheers for now.
  13. Excellent build in this size scale,Cheers.
  14. Another first class build from the master,ENJOYED,Cheers.
  15. 28mm Roman Guardsmen

    Thanks Homer.Cheers.