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Jim Wasley

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  1. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Enjoyed Great Build Cheers.
  2. Hooters Thunderbird

    Another one of your fine build/paint works,colour scheme looks great.Cheers
  3. Easy 8

    Great work,we all improve with knowledge,and about the star you should have seen mine when I first started modeling Aircraft,every way but right.Cheers.
  4. Fine work on the detailing,finished one of these OOB,love what you can add with the gear all round this vehicle,these were tough guys that drove this vehicle during the war.Enjoyed Cheers.
  5. Be gentle it was just a practice effort :)

    The Best,I'm a spraypainter by trade,and you have nailed it,Great work.Cheers.
  6. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Francis,Glad you liked it,sure right about the super glue.Cheers.
  7. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    That's fine Tobby without Grandfathers we would not be modelersCheers
  8. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Tobby for you kind comments,I would say your Grandfather sure would have had some stories to tell.Cheers. Jim
  9. MTB 380 Vosper Type 1 73"

    Great work on this one,really enjoyed.P.S. won't tell anyone about the mast
  10. Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    Great work on this model Tobby,weathering is super,and I do like the scar on its side,way it's presented makes it look so real,Enjoyed Cheers.
  11. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Lloyd,yes I have used glue to stipple,but now I use Mr Surface 500,Funny they still give you the fuel drums with this kit,though there is not much room to put them on,Had so many sprues left over thought I had miss something.I hate sitting there and watching glue dry,so I go onto the next kit,and I usually let the paint dry overnight,think I would go nuts if I had nothing to do,had been working from age 14,hopeless at school was much better with my hands,had a lovely big home in the country but had to move closer to Hospitals,now live in a home with a concrete yard,I just have to keep myself busy and modeling gives me a great outlet.Cheers. Jim.
  12. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Pete,if you would like to look at my reply to Soeren's about the build hope that will give you some idea about the kit,there is also somewhere on this site a run down on the kit out of the box,I think all modelers have had some pain with P-E,I'm not lucky enough to have any model shops near me,have to buy everything on line,so it's a hit and miss with some products I buy,computers were not around when I started,so learnt buy reading and doing,would mot believe the model magazines I have going back to the 70's,Cheers.
  13. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Mr G.
  14. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    Thanks Carius,Cheers.