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Jim Wasley

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  1. These are FireForge 12 multi-part plastic 28mm figures.Cheers.
  2. Jim Wasley

    28mm Mongol Cavalry

    Cheers Mate,thanks.
  3. Jim Wasley

    1973 Alpine A110 1600SC

    I agreeTHE BEST
  4. Jim Wasley

    RAF Mechanical Transport Fleet

    Very interesting display of well built models,thanks for sharing,Cheers.
  5. Jim Wasley

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    Envious,John,love the diplay cabinets,I have fence pailings for shelves in my garage,Chinese take-away,at least you can have the memories of what came in them,YUM YUM!!,Cheers.
  6. Jim Wasley

    M3A1 Autocar Half Track

    Think the photo problem may be photobucket,may need to find another carrier,hope this helps.Cheers.
  7. Jim Wasley

    T Bucket

    Cool looking build and great colour scheme,Cheers.
  8. Jim Wasley

    E-100 Jagdpanzer - 1/35 v. Trumpeter

    Top class love all 3 builds you posted,Cheers.
  9. Jim Wasley

    IDF Collection so far

    A wonderful collection of Armour there Lloyd,Cheers.
  10. Jim Wasley

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Great build from the Master.Cheers.
  11. These are Wargames figures,all are plastic and the moulding to me is very good,only thing I did was drill a hole in the back of each figure that I put a flag on,made it easier for me to place the flags,and the other thing I had trouble with was placing the arms and spear all had to be placed on the body at one time,you put the left arm on then the right would move,slide the spear in place and all would move,probably me just all thumbs.I'm pleased how they turned out,I used the colours on the box,but have seen some great variations in colours,I liked the colour I picked, to me it gave them more of a regimental look.the decals for the flags came with the kit,I only painted the main Samurai with sword he had a yellow pattern on his chest,I bought the Samurai kit to compliment these figures,and I know I can have some fun with the colours on these figures.Cheers.P.S sorry the last pic went side ways maybe because it's Chinese.
  12. Jim Wasley

    28mm Warhammer (Stormcast Eternals)

    Thanks Will,I sure will keep my eye out for more in the future,Cheers.
  13. I bought this model as a single unit,it came to me as a Vanguard Mounted Pallador,correct me if I'm wrong,I saw these and I just wanted to paint one,Have seen some excellent painted ones online,but my talent is not that good so I kept my colouring reasonably tame,Cheers.
  14. Jim Wasley

    KV-2, Trumpeter 1:35

    Super weathering and build,a treat to look at,Cheers.
  15. Jim Wasley

    M7 Priest

    Nice one for this small size,cheers.
  16. Jim Wasley

    POW's to the rear; Tamiya 1/35 Jeep

    Great work on the jeep and figures,think I saw the same pic as yourself,you have done a super job representing this.Cheers.
  17. Jim Wasley

    28mm Warhammer (Stormcast Eternals)

    Thanks Vince,yes they sure have a great imagination,this was a treat to paint,hope to do many more,Cheers.
  18. Great build and I'm sure the force is with you,Cheers.
  19. One GREAT looking build and paint work(must say the word beer caught my eye) the work on the decals is outstanding the finish is top class,Cheers.
  20. Jim Wasley

    WMPTE Land Rover

    Great build and paint job,like the colour choice,Cheers.
  21. Jim Wasley

    Masterbox 1/72 Mark I Male

    Excellent work worth the wait,top class in this size scale.Cheers.
  22. Jim Wasley

    28mm Warhammer (Stormcast Eternals)

    Thanks Roger,the Pallador should look a little more blue and have better contrast quality,my daughter gave me a camera she no longer used,and I have just figured out how to correct the contrast setting,future pics I hope should look more true to the figure painted,glad you like it anyway,Cheers.
  23. Jim Wasley

    28mm Warhammer (Stormcast Eternals)

    Thanks Andy.
  24. Jim Wasley

    Warhammer skelegog (Wight king)

    Sharpness aside great work on this figure,cheers.
  25. Jim Wasley

    28mm Warhammer (Stormcast Eternals)

    Thanks glad you like,cheers.