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  1. LotR, for the first time since at least 25 years complete from the beginning, nothing left out -except the songs.
  2. That is indeed so. Welcome!
  3. That bird has seen better days! Looks just swell. It's not really modelling if all goes as planned!
  4. Will do, today was drilling time - little holes for the threads to fit through. Thanks about the figure, I try to keep him in shape Oh yes! I remember talking about having to do one too, and then things went dark for me... I will take a nother peek to warn me of the dangers imminent, so I won't want to kick myself in the elbow. No such need with your stearman, looks great. unless something else pops up... or out of your cupboard.
  5. It's what my wife always says when something goes amiss and I react accordingly with words - "Isn't it supposed to be fun?" Just go ahead Ken, it's what I do too.
  6. Nothing much to report on the Camel... but I made a figure just in case... In the light of the new day I see a lot of spots where I'll have to put a bit more paint. The fig was part of the US 1/48 crew set that came with my P-47D, I supplied new boots and a Holster, the rest was paper. Okay, let's talk about how amazingly attractive he is!
  7. Looks absolutely great Jur! (just noticed how long it's been I read the Sceptre book) I have two teensy-weensy points to add: Well, Marklo did... but you might want do leave it a window to see more of the inhabitants? And then there are the exhausts -the early birds had -if ever- these little stubs, but the Bordurian 109 seems to have ones like the later variants. But I can understand if you just leave it like it is, after all the work... it is a great model after all. (My "Raiders" flying wing also has some major differences to the strange thing in the film)
  8. I'll send you all my love, and every single step I take I take for you... when it's about US fighter planes, the Jug is my favourite, and a very fine example this is! (There's a storm on my radar But I can still fly... )
  9. (yes, I am quoting myself...) don't get me wrong, it's easy building, but it is totally and utterly guilty of nothing more than spoiling the look of the thing. Do not say nobody warned you.
  10. If you do it with extended landing gear, this will really be horrifying! Otherwise really nice to build, from the time Revell moved into more modern ages of moulding. biting nails, Johnny
  11. Tough luck, but hey, more modelling ahead, and not one penny spent! Always look on the bright side of life!
  12. Another proof that you miss a lot of things going on here when you just stop by for short times a day... I didn't see this until just now! Looks stunning, and I have some reference pics already for my own build Also a late "Happy birthday to you Dennis!"
  13. Lucky me! At least a bit easier. Thank you for your kind words. Work has moved on a bit -can anyone spot the PE strap for the rudder pedals? erm... I was lucky to spot it and a second time after whipping out the cell phone. This was where it ended up with its twin The pieces are from the Hurricane PE parts - they would have disappeared from sight in that cockpit. The IP also got some attention The instruments received a layer of uv-curing lacquer to simulate glass and keep the decals on position. And here with all other bits: Finally a test fitting of the fuselage: We'll all see how things will develop from here:) Thanks for watching, Johnny
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