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  1. from the diary of Abraham Lincoln? Can't really add to the build, as I've only done the old Airfix Bombphoon, but I'll take a seat as a silent spectator if I may -so far I really enjoy what I see.
  2. Oh, thank you for that information Chris, I didn't know about the melting rims. Guess I will replace the tires on my first truck rather sooner than later (good thing I don't glue anything that stays on by itself)
  3. somehow, this reminds me of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway... I can't imagine why. I like it very much, especially the interior!
  4. I lick your review... I do nut suppiss his poloocemans pints are full of deenamood? Now I have to goo about my bossness, good moaning to yoo.
  5. What size is that "movie poster"? Would be the only reason for me to buy this edition, I have rebuilt the 1/72 version already... one can never have too many boats. "n dutzend Boote haben wir von hier bis zu den Azoren... n lumpiges Dutzend! Und wir... wir karren uns hier fast über den Haufen!"
  6. Also needs a Special Forces captain in tigerstripe camo... goes by the name of Colby. (this isn't Willard's ride, Mr Clean and the Chief aren't honkeys...)
  7. Strange nobody said it before... "27, Enhance!" I'll jump on board if I may. Just don't ask me about my mother. Maybe some of the Master box space port figures fit the topic?
  8. With "Finnmodeler", people will think it is crowded with MacCool Irishmen... anyways, welcome Mjoo!
  9. Not laziness, dread. I usually call it "not calm enough". Fingers crossed, can't wait to see the result!
  10. Revell once had a 1/720 USS Enterprise with lots of Phantoms and Skyhawks, and a few Intruders. I don't know about the Ship fitting stage itself...
  11. But Bond would die! Can't have that. I also like the book-style Bond performances. Casino Royale really pulled me over to the 007-fan side and made me read the books, after which I found the Moore films to be unbearably campy in retrospect...didn't notice that so much until then.
  12. Johnny Tip

    Mis-heard words

    I think I read somewhere Hendrix himself started singing it that way...
  13. Johnny Tip


    Certainly not the German one. Why the expletive did they have to keep the tune and just go "oh, we jettisoned the first two verses, now it's alright with the world, okay?" Should've taken "Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen", would've been better than "Deutsch-hoppla, Einigkeit..." God save the Queen always makes me a little sad cause you know the show's done, no more encores by that fabulous RedSpecial-wielding man and his friends.
  14. I am late for the show too, otherwise I could have thrown in my 2p... IIRC, Revell is very much aware of the fit problem with the nose, and recommends inserting a filler piece or something like that in their instructions... so everything okay (kind of) and looking mighty fine! I'd be happy to get on board if there's any room left...
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