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  1. All that info gathered together in this thread... Of course, it's easier when the kite is as well-documented as LK*A - no offense intended Troy ( I didn't know the night fighter was the exact same plane) She is looking most fantastically well, Johnny! I am afraid of those big letters too...
  2. Great result painting! If all goes well, you will be required to dance the traditional Hurricane dance. I will demomstrate: "You put the left wing on, you put the right wing on, you do a lot of scratching and you shake your fist about, you brush some layers of paint and have a nervous breakdown, that's what it's all about! Aah, Peter, Peter Townsend..."
  3. Yep, I'm also on board! And really nice skin tone for the woman!
  4. Hey, lots of possibilities there! Utah beach, Op. Dragoon, Husky... Guadalcanal... I have often checked the "move" - set and keep wondering why the squad is missing some men, like Pvt. Jackson, the sniper... And the Sarge don't look anything like Tom Sizemore back then
  5. No sweat I've read it probably too often Master Box has a set of airborne troopers including a glider pilot - maybe worth a look? They're not fighting, though.
  6. Somehow I don't either, looks more like a ww2 pattern to me... I am always in trouble trying to see different colours in the typical helmet camo (ok got a little green-weakness with my eyes), and the original seems a lot darker to me... But maybe I just don't know you were going to darken it next
  7. Almost - Lt. Den Brotheridge, commander of 1st Platoon.
  8. Ooh, looking forward to see the next colourful steps! Great work, Nikolay!
  9. Darn it, I could have made that hint about the landing lights! but I am always so impressed with your work I simply didn't expect you to miss that, Johnny. And anyway, you got it corrected in a way nobody will know it was added at very late point. Except us followers, of course. Must. Get. Own. House. With. Enough. Room. To. Start. Own. Kite...
  10. Ah, so it's just "for now" and not settled... all ok He wants to be sure that jerry didn't just play dead and then pulls up again. Also makes a good confimation for the kill on cine-guns.
  11. maybe you could alter the angle of the Spit... to me, it seems to emerge out of the sea... unless it's stalling, in which case it would follow the 109 very closely into the sea. Very nice work on the paint! I especially like the underside...
  12. Something like "Wascht mal besser die Polster ab, Jungs, und meine Fliegerkombi gleich mit" Great work bazer!
  13. Good job on the 4 grunts (or 3 grunts and possibly an LT)! I agree on the Force Recon Marines -only trouble I see is Dragon's ...ummm... how do I put this... the black guy is always the heavy gunner or grenadier! Most times there's a white main cast and a small black supporting cast -apart from SpecOps units, I think it was a bit more mixed... always gets my goat.
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