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  1. I fear I will have to use this thread some time, when I do my next 1/48 Hurricane... she turned out to look absolutely splendid.
  2. Thanks @Nick Belbin, I wouldn't have managed that anyway... but I wanted them to look used but not "old" - before the introduction of US. 50cal MGs. (shame, I have so many spares...)
  3. wonderful, well done chris. (I was sure you knew a Wildcat from a Martlet.)
  4. Are you sure you're okay with the paint of one of those spinners? so sorry, I couldn't resist. It looks, well, sounds very un-british, but I must say it, awesome. I love Hurricanes, but especially that one. Edit: I showed her to my wife, and she said I needed another Hurricane... okay, it's with a heavy heart, but if you insist...
  5. Hello Adam! How about a MD500 with stripes in yellow, orange and brown? (I know what you're thinking - it was inevitable)
  6. Thank you @Bertie Psmith, @Das Abteilung and @Pete Robin. Something like the F-4 Phantom, not really "beautiful" but built for work. Especially this one, made from lots of sprue parts, blister packaging and some resin for audiologists - can't use it for customers any more, but for customizing models...
  7. Thank you @The Great Escape and @PlaStix! btw here is that reference pic: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Caravan#/media/File%3ATutira_1.jpg
  8. 2nd of course - season one. Ving Rhames taught me the word "honkey" in one episode...
  9. this looks better than most of my "better" cars!
  10. Johnny Tip


    Welcome Andrei, lots of people here who did their research... I've come to like that part too.
  11. Hello my friends, some months ago there was a Delta Force FAV on here... when the kit came out, I wanted it. But couldn't; can't remember why. So I started something very unusual for me -I scratched a vehicle. Upon seeing the few pics of the newly-developed "Flyer" for the US SOCOM, I had to do it. Just don't check the measurements... Those wheels were copied from a 1/24 1970 Challenger. The winch was... I think an electronic coil from some broken VCR, something like that. Not my best work, but lots of creativity... hope you like it. Until next time, Johnny Tip
  12. I did my uboat with one side closed, one side open... but any choice you make is fine. Helluva noise dremelling those Flutschlitze, ain't it? looking fine so far.
  13. with that title, I was expecting something like a surrendering Jerry in the area of Wesel... Your work is certainly kein Plunder! (rubbish, worthless in german) great idea with the paintings!
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