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  1. because IIRC, it gets somehow shot off on the return journey, and Eric Stoltz' character has to pull the ball turret gunner (there was a poem about him?) inside. Just a silly joke, no criticism on your beautiful model.
  2. Heeeereee's Johnny! A record-breakingly fast update! Last works on the rigging... the first time I'm doing steering cables on a plane. Most of you advanced modellers will have nothing but a gentle, my-modelling-honor-preserving smile, but for my first in this scale, I'm rather satisfied with it. The metal thread experiment may well be considered a failure, but all those other good okay cables sort of hide them (I hope). Of course, the areas of hard work and glue will need some touching up... but I still have to do some decals as well. Here i
  3. Why does it still have its ball turret? better wear your seatbelt Sam Gamgee... Great build!
  4. Hello chaps, this is what our piece of land looked like yesterday morning... and the same spot - recently dubbed "Hill 60" (by me, the joke was lost on everybody else) - today at noon: (note: the building still stands upright - it's not ours, that picture was taken from a different angle) Ere the thread fully turns into a WIP of my 1/1 scale home, let's get back to the topic... the Camel is coming! Terribly little has changed, but works have been restarted! Rigging this is a different experience, as the little
  5. Well, what did you expect? They have other things to do in that city you named... sorry, I just couldn't resist. Stay on it! NSDQ!
  6. Phew, for a short moment it was Dr. Spadgent's House of Horror all over again... but it looked worse than reality. Zero doesn't have the letters A6M on his name tag, does he? (sorry, I kept it to myself for so long...)
  7. Phew, thank goodness it worked. It is great to have so much modelling knowledge around on BM...
  8. Wow Spad, I thought you had used some naval equipment for a fan... Good luck with the rivets and IPA! and of course, happy new year to you and all here on Britmodeller.
  9. Those treads don't go easily... But no catastrophes so far? - great!
  10. Rings a bell, but I think it was about a Catpain Blackudder...
  11. My God, how could I miss this one? It's brilliant! There is, however, one small problem - that everybody always gets slaughtered in the first ten seconds.
  12. That looks absolutely fantastic! the painting, the wiring, the whole package... as was to be expected, btw
  13. Just before that last pic, was it: "The CRACKERS, Grom-eh, Zero! We've forgotten the crackers!"? The Krokodil's coming together just fine, looking forward to your wiring!
  14. Is it me or did you post a link to this very same thead? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235084805-spitfire-mkvb-en951-jan-zumbach/
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