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  1. exactly. I built the merlin about two years ago, and nothing more. (even built a stand for it to be tended by three workers of the opposite sex) We modellers have all the time in the world.
  2. My God Fairfax! It's really been a long while since you rode France's streets with your chum Carstairs, he on a girls' bicycle, and you both dressed as onion sellers! Definitely must visit the Goodwood fun someday.
  3. When finished, you must do a video with pictures of the model, while "Ashokan Farewell" plays in the background. And a building log containing quotes of Frederick Douglass or Elisha Hunt Rhodes! Aa long as the cat wasn't on board of the Bismarck, the Cossack and the Ark Royal, everything's okay
  4. Cessna something (1st flight) 737(-800?) various A320 747-400 Bell 206 An-2 (1x passenger, 1x Cockpit seat) Do27 Stearman (none were controlled by me) Maybe some oldies will follow... unfortunately no Hurricane, as much as I'd want to.
  5. and I had alredy wondered why that button wouldn't show up... just as a try of course.
  6. Evening everybody, as threatened, I present my small squad of well-known US Rangers in Normandy, without beach obstacles placed backwards. (Yes, they're trying to save a Private Ryan.) The figures are all from Master Box, I just like what they're doing. How come Ukraine is such a powerhouse in making model kits? I went the Band of Brothers series road of trying to make the figures more or less look like their real counterparts - please give your own opinion whether I succeeded more, or less. As always, better views from further away WARNING - contains spoilers! Sgt. Horvath, I used some putty to make his face rounder like Tom Sizemore's. This is supposed to be Pvt. Caparzo. Steven Spielberg has a n absolute thing for children in his movies, even this one. Vin Diesel had to pay the price for it. And his buddy Mellish. More putty to make the face look like Adam Goldberg's - the bare kit face more resembles his short-time roommate Chandler Bing. The Captain -I mean, the teacher. Without a volleyball or a box of chocolates. Oooh yes, Wade. Haunting death. And that medic's harness wasn't easy to do... I scribed it into his jacket with a scalpel. The bags are pieces of plastic with foil and blister packaging glued onto them. I can live with em. Jackson with his sniper rifle. Not sure if that scope is one of the two he uses (and I only now think of the quiver for the other one that he's wearing on his back all the time!) but I could build it and it clung on to the Springfield. Aaand here's Reiben at the bar. Sorry, on the BAR. Tried to find at least a face that about looks like Ben Affleck... leave alone Ed Burns. But hey, I'm pleased with the way the scratched ammo pouches on his right came out. Plus, that rifle makes him recognizable. Wot, no translator?! No, as he's not a Ranger. But I still got 6 guys in 2 D-Day sets, so maybe he will join the squad. And here's the gang together, before everybody except one of them buys the farm. Hope you had fun (and were not put off by my pictorial problems, don't know why this won't work anymore via cellphone), Greetings, Johhny FUBAR.
  7. that makes me wanna shout 'Yaa boo, sucks to you, Marcus', quit my job and start building. But tomorrow is a childrens' birthday party...
  8. I'm somehow very good at that... when unplanned. Like Kevin Whately as a WWI tommy. Good thing that Springsteen is half-hiding his face behind his hand on the Cover of "the promise", as my sculpted Boss looks nothing like him. (The car matches.) Maybe I'll post my 7-man Ranger squad from Saving Private Ryan when I'm ready...
  9. It would rather easily fit into my -let's leave it at that.
  10. Ooh, I'm on board! I once built the 1/72 edition, not much more I can contribute... but they kinda were the counterpart of the LRDG (and I had searched for this kit to get the Breda 20mm for a possible Scorpion's Tail), so I am very interested.
  11. I was quite unsure about that jig myself, good to hear that it's no problem. That cowling almost looks like it's one piece.
  12. Lovely build, and a jug is always welcome. I have to admit I first thought "why didn't he paint the wings?"
  13. Wonderful work. It's a shame so many Dr. I's end up in red, when there were so many much more interesting variants around... When you're able to paint those busts you've shown, nothing should happen to you while in the flying club.
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