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  1. Hmm, there are no spare letter Os that I could use on the decal sheet! I could have used the E and the N from Wiesbaden, but there are no Os anywhere. I was surprised too there there isn't a neo that's already been built on here!
  2. I've had this A320 in my stash for a long time now, and I always meant to get around to building it, but something more interesting always got added to my collection that I started first (last weekend I added the Roden C-5B Galaxy, which I stopped myself from starting straight away). I've done a few big, long builds over the last year or so, and I wanted to do something smaller, and the A320 is probably the smallest kit I have. Over Christmas, I bought the neo conversion set from PAS Decals, and the little box costing £33 was just delivered. I know the none of the decal registrations are going to match actual A320neo aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet, but I'm not really concerned about that. I have the choice of: D-AIPB, Heidelberg, D-AIPK,Wiesbaden, D-AIPS, Augsburg, D-AIQF, Halle a. d. Saale, D-AIGN, Laupheim, D-AIQW, Kleve. Something I can crack on with this wet Parisian weekend. Before I begin, I wanted to show you what's in the box from PAS, with the new engines and Sharklets:
  3. Oh yes, I've just had a look through your links - does it have railings in that scale? At 1:400, it was pretty fiddly! I have the shakes when I try to do anything delicate with my fingers, so installing the railings was a nightmare!
  4. Hmm, now, I like the shape of the ship itself, but I think the AIDA line livery is really unattractive! I saw a 1:400 AIDAdiva/luna in the model store when I was back home for Christmas, and I was considering buying it, while leaving off those lips and squiggles, but I don't like having something incomplete...
  5. Yer, it was pretty unwieldy during the build, it nearly got dropped right towards the end! I was hoping to have a collection of all the same scale, but the only common scale I could find of ships was 1:1,200. 1:700 would probably be more practical.
  6. I've finished my second ship build, Revell's 1:400 Queen Mary 2. I'm not sure if there's already a completed build on here - the search results brought up a lot of unrelated threads, so apologies if this is a repetition. This build took me a long time, having started in September, but I've lost most of the WIP pictures after a problem with my phone. It sits nicely alongside my 1:450 QE2, and I will try to take more photos in better light. Again, I used the water effect for the pools, and I bought the Artwox wood decking, which was an absolute dream to work with. I regret not being able to find one for the QE2, however, I got the Trumpeter 1:350 Richelieu as a Christmas present from my parents, and I was able to find an Artwox wood deck for that, which I am looking forward to building soon.
  7. Hope we get to see the build of that!
  8. Do it! It would be good to see more of these builds!
  9. I think, honestly, the finished result is worth any inaccuracies that the kit may have, and I have never sat down and looked at it and thought, that isn't right - this isn't right - this is too big - that's too far aft... I think the finished kit captures the curves, the grace, the elegance, and that's what I wanted to show. I'm contemplating my third!!
  10. I did do an Air France version, wheels-up, and I didn't have much of an issue with the gear doors, but I noticed that one of the MLG doors has a bit of a noticeable gap: I didn't realize until I took the photo, maybe the lighting makes it look worse than it is. Wheels up does look sleek!! What's a Bomcorde? A bomber version?
  11. I never got to see it! I used to live in Southsea, and I used to watch the cruise ships sailing in and out of Southampton in the distance, but I never once saw the QE2. It's sad to see that nothing has become of it since its retirement, just languishing like the old Concorde at Heathrow...
  12. I was going to use black with a satin varnish, but I'm really pleased with how the blue turned out. I'll use it for the QM2 as well. The Tamiya panel line stuff is good, but good lord it stinks! It made my apartment smell like I had fresh tarmac laid down.
  13. The stands and the name plate came with the kit, moulded in sprues as well. The barrels are gold-coloured plastic, which look good until you touch them and realize they're flimsy plastic. I'm wondering where to put just one QM2 - I'd need another building to house two of them!
  14. No, I didn't think about it! I had some very fine monofilament thread to use as well... I'll do the rigging on the QM2.
  15. Thank you. I'm really not looking forward to fiddling about with all of the glazing on the QM2... Painting the frames is going to be a nightmare, I know it.