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  1. That's a very smart looking 777! I love the subtle weathering too, especially the jet bridge marks around the doors. I tried this effect on an Il-86, but I completely overdid it...
  2. Here is the last of the four British Airways 747-400s that I had to build. This is G-BYGC in the BOAC repaint. I'm not sure how I feel about this livery, but I'm pleased to have it in my collection at least: The decals were from 26 Decals, which were superb to use. The wing decals were from Liveries Unlimited.
  3. That's outrageously good! The model, the figures, the scenery and setup... I really enjoyed scrolling through, and like some of the others said, I thought at first these were real photos!
  4. That is a really striking display! I think that's very well done!
  5. I pointed this out back in February last year: It's been saying COMING SOON ever since...
  6. I think the good thing with this kit is that it quickly builds into the familiar shape. Certainly only having a few decals helps. The Revell kit takes a whole weekend to decal. The Landor one was a previous build.
  7. I agree - I have two more 1:144s and five 1:72s to build... And a 1:125 What happened with the 707 decals?
  8. This is the new re-release of the Airfix Concorde in 1:144 as a gift set "Last flight of Concorde". The kit is the standard kit from the 1970s with no changes other than a new decal sheet for G-BOAF. However, I didn't use any of the decals. G-BOAF has feathering on the speedmarque ribbon and on the tail, which is not part of the decal design. At some point, it did have solid colours on the tail decals, but I haven't seen any photos of any Concorde with solid colours on the speemarque ribbon. On top of that, the tail decal for the starboard side doesn't look correct: Each side of the vertical stabilizer has an actuator fairing for the split rudders. The starboard side has an actuator fairing for the upper rudder; the port side has an actuator fairing for the lower rudder. The decal sheet has been designed to accommodate the curves of the actuator fairings. But the lower red ribbon of the starboard decal has been designed to wrap around the fairing, which is actually at the top. So it would look odd having this decal on the tail. I checked the Airfix website to see how their product image looks, and it appears that they haven't actually used the decals that they provide in the kit: So for my build, I used some leftover decals of the older Airfix kit, which has Air France, and British Airways Landor and Chatham liveries. I also used some leftover Revell decals for the speedmarque ribbon, which has the feathering. I never thought I'd be *that* bothered about inaccuracies of a kit, or by decals - but here we are... I am a big fan of Concorde, so it would have been one of those things that I'd notice every time I looked at it. It already slightly annoys me that there are no no-walk markings on the upper wing surface, and no black heating pads on the underside. In any case, it's done and I think it builds into a really nice model. I have this one next to the Airfix Concorde in Landor livery. I've also just bought one of the Revell kits, which I'm going to modify with the Bra.Z resin flight deck, so the nose can be in the lowered position.
  9. Absolutely beautiful work! I've never tried foils, but the finish is something else!
  10. Here's a comparison of the Airfix and Revell decal sheets:
  11. That's a beautiful looking airliner! Even in the grey paint, it looks sleek. You've done a really good job on it - the slightly larger wheels does make a lot of difference!
  12. I just received the new Airfix Concorde in 1:144, the "Last Flight of Concorde" gift set. The tooling is the same as the older kits - it dates from 1977. The decal sheet is by Cartograf, but they are not as extensive as the Revell decal sheet. The decals also lack the feathering on the Speedmarque ribbon and on the tail: For a gift set, I understand that the requirement is to have an easier-to-build kit with fewer decals, but considering how long Airfix has had to design a new decal sheet based on G-BOAF, which is on public display, it's disappointing to see the decals aren't accurate, and are missing things like the no-walk markings on the upper wing surfaces, and the black intake markings.
  13. I'm glad you like it - I think they look good together. I managed to complete this over one weekend - I think I was spurred on by the lengthy Bf109 build... I haven't done any weathering on this Trident, and it really needed a small amount of filling and sanding, which in itself usually takes a whole series of weekends to finish! What helped as well was using acrylic spray paints, which dry quickly.
  14. Thanks, that table is the only place the A400 fits! The RFI is here:
  15. I really would not have been able to tell that was Airfix's Tornado! I love the shading and the weathering - really enhances the finish!
  16. That's quite interesting - the box art doesn't have a yellow 1, rather it has the vertical bar as you explained.
  17. I bought this Airfix Vintage Classics kit at Telford, and I was really keen to see how it would build. The tooling is from 1966, with a reissue in 2021. The kit went together really well - not too many parts so it's a nice weekend project. There was hardly any flash on the sprues, and the fit was really good. The decals were superb - I think the BEA livery is really smart. The instructions show the fuselage to be white (with only the blue cheatline), but photos that I've seen online show a light grey or silver underside. I already have the BEA Comet, so i painted them with the same scheme. I'm glad Airfix rereleased this kit - I like having a collection of aircraft with quirks.
  18. Airfix were supposed to be releasing a 1:144 Concorde this year, but so far it still looks like it's unreleased. I have no idea if it's going to b the same tooling as their earlier versions, but hopefully they will issue a more complete decal sheet with it. I think that was my biggest gripe about it; there were so few decals. The website isn't giving away much information. The Revell kit has a great decal sheet.
  19. The decal sheet for the schemes in this kit does not have swastikas. This is the one that I chose:
  20. Factory fresh is all I can do - weathering is a skill I do not have! Although I bought a palette of weathering powders. I may have a go at dirtying it up.
  21. I started this build about two months ago, but it's been slow-going. The clocks going back didn't help, getting home after work in the dark so I couldn't easily use the spray paints outside. I was at Telford last Saturday, and that spurred my motivation and I've finally got this finished. It was my first time there - some of the models on display there... wowww!! Although this build does not come close to the finish of some of the models I saw last weekend, I'm glad I have this one in my collection now. The tooling is from 1972, but I was really impressed with how this kit went together. One part is missing - one of the two tiny bulges from the underside of the wing. It must have broken off in the bag, which I have since thrown away...
  22. Thanks, it came out nice and clean! The decals had a red section for the tail - saved me a job!
  23. Very nice! I didn't know this was available as kit! Makes a refreshing change of subject!
  24. No, it's fine you can have them! I'd be glad someone will be able to use them.
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