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  1. As Steve says, it's a great piece of miniature a/c production. Sadly, I'mm all fingers and thimbs myself so would find this scale more of a challenge than the larger scale stuff I usually attempt. I dis-interred an old Airfix 1/24 scale that a friend had in a garage which also was an attempt to show a used and abused Ju 87 from 6/StG 1 and I'm always easy to confuse when it comes to the background colour for the staffel shield, sometimes shown as pale blue but I went for white, right or wrong I don't know. Anyway it's a great model, peerlessly finished. Paul
  2. I'm with Smithy. It's a very accomplished model of one of MvR's famous Tripes. Love 'em but would like to know which kit you used - Eduard 1/48 or smaller? - Paul
  3. I'm continually amazed at how adept loads of modellers are with 1/72 scale. I'm no longer capable, if I ever was, of anything smaller than 1/48 scale or larger. This is a really neat bit of modelling. Well done! Paul
  4. Why were Ju-88 gunners so good?

    I suspect that another reason for Allied (British) fightter casualties at the hands of the gunners defending LW medium bombers was the vulnerability of most of the fighters (Brits and LW) in the first couple of years of WW2 to damage to the liquid cooling systems of the high performance Merlins and DB 601s. In some ways, it didn't matter whether it was 7.92 mm or 20 mm if a stray round punctured the pipes to/from the glycol tank which kept tthe engines cooled. Under pressure, any breach of this cooling system meant that Spit/Hurris/109s had a very short operating margin once the engine temp started going up. Armoured protection to these vulnerable areas was probably sacrificed at the altar of weight vs performance. This became less of an issue as the war progressed since the FW 190 was air cooled as were many of the Wildcat/Hellcat/Corsairs that were involved in the Pacific theatre. Ju 88 gunners were in all probability as good as any other, but always faced with a fleeting target except in exceptional circumstances. Paul
  5. "Some Say He Walked Away" Albatros Diorama.

    That's a fantastic job. I love those larger scale skeleton WW1 subjects and this is one of the best I've seen. Loads of envy for the talent in the detail.
  6. Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Beardie's spot on with this. I think the Edurad F1 kit you've got does have the vertical stabiliser with the curved leading edge as it was on F102/17 and F103/17 walthough the instructions don't seem to suggest this should be fitted for these 2 early versions, perhaps because the instructions derive from Eduard's Dr1 kit where this would have been innacurate. When I first looked at the F1 kit, I was surprised that Eduard hadn't reproduced the slightly different cowling structure that these first 2 a/c had. There are some drawings of the differences in Paul Leaman's book but if you can't get it, I can perhaps let you have this drawing if you're planning to make this an authentic F1. Let me know, although I'm having a problem with Flickr at the moment. Paul
  7. 1/24 Airfix Stuka

    I finished one of these huge kits about 3 years ago. It ended up looking pretty good although I finished it as a well-used BoB version. Pics and the story under RFI topic under "Airfix 1:24 Scale 1940 Ju 87B". It needed some tinkering since it was also dragged out from a garage loft, partly-finished with one or 2 bits gone astray. I also managed to crack part of the rear canopy fiddling with the internal handle that rotated the MG mount. Managed to get it mended without much visual damage but can't help with a replacement unfortunately if Airfix not cooperating. It's an interesting and evocative a/c to detail though. Lots of luck. Paul
  8. Aluminium framing material for vac forming

    Thanks to all. Decided to pick up some lengths of ally extrusions longer than Homebase and the like 'cos I figured I'd probably do some amateurish mitres so thought spare bits probably needed for replacements. Anyway, waiting for DPD to deliver them. Vac box ready to go so just waiting for the framing. Pics to follow if I can get back on to Flickr which for some unfathomable reason seems more cumbersome than I expected even though I've used it on previous posts without a problem. Doh! Paul
  9. 1/48 Pfalz DIIa

    A successfully elegant production of a truly elegant WW1 fighter. I just love the lines of the DIII/IIIa series, despite never quite achieving as much success as the Albatri and Fokkers of one sort or another thatfeature so often in the stories of air warfare on the Western Fron in 1917/18. Sooner or later, I've got to build either the DIII or the DIIIa in 1/48 scale and will probably opt for the Eduard range when I do this. It's an excellent model and well presented on its rough pasture base. Well done! Paul
  10. Like many on the forum, I've contented myself with building the kits that come in boxes in various scales and twiddling with the bits that are sadly missing from most of the mass-produced plastic kits (WnW excepted I think). I've convinced myself to scrath-build a 1/32 scale model of a plane my brother used to own since he's none too well right now, so I've been interested to see your progress on your Deoitine 520 which promises to look fantastic when finished. I'm thinking of vac-forming the main components of my model, having seen some really great results in another forum. Maybe I'll post some progress reports later. Still building the vac machine at present and sorting out the a/c plans. Paul
  11. Cyber Hobby 1/32 Bf109E3

    Bruce - It's a great looking model of one of my favourite a/c. I've lost count of the number of Emils I've built, mostly in 1/48 but a couple of larger scale ones. I like the balance you've managed to strike between finishing it as it would have come off the production line and the skillful weathering you've achieved. I find it diffiicult to resist overdoing the stains and other signs that the a/c's been used. Fantastic early camo job! Paul
  12. fokker streak decals?

    IMHO Jack's right about the effectiveness of the Aviattic decals with a clear background, although I haven't tried them. Having done the brushwork on the 1:28 scale model I made, I haven't done enough research on the availability of the streaked decals with/without background colour. I guess brush painting the streaks in 1/72 scale is something that's less practical for those of us with diminishing eye capacity and I admire Smithy's ability on that scale. I may look further into this for my WNW early DVII, where a number of them had some streaky patterns here and there. Cheers Paul
  13. fokker streak decals?

    Some time back I built a Revell 1:28 scale Triplane (See Revell 1:28 Fokker Triplane - Almost depicts Wener Vpss F103/17) which was probably easier from the scale viewpoint compared with any version in 1:72 scale. Yours looks great and I suspect that any of the decal options for the Fokker Streak camo wouldn't reflect the pattern of either 102/17 or 103/17. As I understand it, these were finished with the olive streaking over the pale blue (similar I believed to the undersurface colour) while the production Dr1s were streaked over the unpainted but doped linen, hence the first two had an appearance which doesn't hide the blue sub colouring. All the streak decals I've seen follow the brownish tinge of the production run machines. Someone may have developed decals reflecting 102-103 but I haven't come across it in any scale. I guess also, whatever individual a/c you're looking at, they were all hand-painted so it's unlikely that any 2 a/c had the identical pattern that complicates the decal route. Yours looks the biz! Well done. Paul
  14. 1/48 190A-4 "white 10"

    Lovely job with nicely restrained weathering and wear marks. Great job!
  15. Aluminium framing material for vac forming

    Thanks for all the tips guys. I shall revisit Homebase after many years of being disaapointed with their normal stock choices. Therefore never occurred to me that they'd be an option. Cheers. Cack-handed progress reports may follow. Paul