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  1. Well researched and superbly mastered. Green with envy st your talent. Paul
  2. Pauls9cb

    Blenheim Mk If

    That's a great looking model with some interesting background to go with it. I've got one of the new Airfix kits lurking on the shelf but have failed so far to find the subject to inspire me to have a go. I enjoy building kits to represent a/c that have some sort of interesting history to go with - a bit along the lines of your post which does the model full justice. Well done! Paul
  3. Hi Troy - Much appreciated. I know what you mean. I'd actually tried using some Tamiya weathering pigments (soot+rust) on some of the figures to see what effect it had on simulating the shadowy effect of creased clothing. Since this mostly adhered to the hight points, I guess it almost showed as a photo negative effect with the concave areas of the creases lighter than the high points, instead of the other way round. I guess your method would have worked more effectively but, sadly, by this point, I wanted to see how the whole structure worked. Without the zoom effect of the photo images, it didn't look too bad, but I may revisit some of the figures using your idea when the ehnthusiam accumulates a bit more. With most of my efforts focussed on aircraft where most manufacturers today don't present their kits with crew members, I rarely delve into the black art of figure painting mastered by those who concentrate on figures by themselves. On Erpro 210, I have had for some years now one of Eduard's 110 D variants on the shelf, but can't decide whether to start on this as S9+AB or the more local S9+CB which is a bit more local for me. All the best - Paul
  4. I thought I'd better come clean about the original scene since some eagle-eyed reader would maybe remember it. I'm a bit happier with the "story" of this scene but still dissatisfied with some of the less-than-human figures. Thanks for the comments though. Paul
  5. An interest in the 1940 exploits of Erprobungsgruppe 210 (Erpro 210) highlighted for me the lack of intelligence during the early summer of 1940 of how this unit employed Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4/B fighter-bombers in support of the rest of the group, which generally flew the Messerschmitt Bf 110 fighter-bombers with some success from July through to early August. In many ways, the tactics developed by Erpro 210 over this period laid the groundwork for fighter-bombers in many theatres of war today, obviously using much faster and more advanced aircraft. Uniquely in this early BoB period, Erpro 210 operated a number of Bf 109 fighter-bombers within their 3rd Staffel and these aircraft were regularly employed bombing targets around Britain's coasts alongside their comrades in the twin-engine fighter-bombers when they were often mistaken for Ju 87 Stukas, such was the regard for these dive-bombers during the German invasion of the Low Countries and France, as well as during the Dunkirk evacuation. Although British Intelligence carefully examined the wreckage of German aircraft that landed in Great Britain, it wasn't until the autumn that they were able to evaluate a Bf 109 fighter-bomber that had crashed on British soil. Typical results of this mis-identification was perpetuated in the well-known Battle of Britain film when the raids on the Chain Home radar sites on 12 August was shown as being undertaken by Stukas. These raids were in fact by Errpo 210 with one of the radar sites attacked by 3 Staffel's Bf 109s. Nevertheless, during Erpro 210's unfortunate raid on Croydon airfield during the evening of 15 August 1940, one of the unit's Bf 109 fighter-bombers that had dropped its 250 kg bomb on Croydon had the misfortune to be shot down south of Tunbridge Wells, foorcing the pilot, Leutnant Horst Marx to bale out to spend the rest of the war as a POW. His aircraft, Yellow 3, crashed around Frant in East Sussex and disintegrated, leaving little to suggest it had been equipped with an ETC 500 bomb rack. Some time back, I decided to try my hand at a diorama depicting the sort of camouflaged aircraft shelter that was often used at the fighter airfields in N France. Having just completed an Airfix 1/48 scale Bf 109 as Yellow 3 might have been, I decided to recycle my original diorama, modifying it with additional figures and equipment to depict Yellow 3 being "bombed up" in preparation for the evening raid on Kenley - they missed Kenley in low visibility and bombed Croydon by mistake. Little did he realise it at the time, but this was to prove Horst Marx' final war flight. Horst Marx and his Bf 109 E - 4/B "Yellow 3" Painting figures is much more difficult than I imagined!
  6. All of the above in spades. Terrific patience and skill with the airbrush camo finish. Still got my L plates on for that sort of discipline. Really well done and a rarely-featured subject. Paul
  7. Pauls9cb

    It's a Hurricane, but not as we know it...

    Having never really mastered the art of shiny polished aluminium, this looks great. Really well done, whatever the representation of the wings shows. I'm in awe. Paul
  8. Pauls9cb

    HP Hampden

    They're great models of rarely-represnted early war RAF bombers. Congratulations.
  9. Pauls9cb

    Me-109 E-4

    That's a great looking model of an a/c that was shot doown about 6 miles from where I live. I used the Tamiya 1/48 kit for mine and you've managed amuch more convincing job of the fuselage mottling than I did some years back. Can't beat Eduard's 1/32 Bf 109 E series. Love it. Paul
  10. Pauls9cb

    Me 109 E3 Heinz Bar Academy 1/48.

    Simon - I'm horrified that you've binned it. The MG thing was an easy fix but just looked very strange. We've all suffered from imprecise kit info but that's what Britmodeller's all about. Getting advice to either avoid or correct these errors. I'm reall sorry you decided to bin it nad hope my well-intentioned comments were not the cause. Have another look at it. Maybe it just needs a rethink. Paul.
  11. Pauls9cb

    Me 109 E3 Heinz Bar Academy 1/48.

    Hi Spookytooth - I'm a bit concerned about how far the MG 17s project forward into the gun troughs but maybe you have yet to glue them in place. My understanding is that the left barrel projects into the trough about 3 mm in 1/48 scale wnd the right barrel about half that. Maybe chck out the instructions and some other references. Paul
  12. Pauls9cb

    Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk I

    My understanding is that Mk 1 Spits didn't have any crowbar which I think weren't standard till the Mk V came along in 1941. I think this is a mistake various kit manufacturers make unless I'm talking complete rubbish of course - not unknown. In any case, it's a great model with well comsidered weathering. Well done! Paul
  13. Pauls9cb

    Snarling Emil!

    That's a great looking Emil! I'm hopefully getting to the closing stages of building much the same basic kit and am impressed with the new level of detail that Airfix manage to package in their new mouldings. It's always a bit of a struggle to get the radio mast secure enough in the rear canopy to maintain tension on the aerial wire without pulling the mast out of the vertical. Nicely done though and the setting's very atmospheric. Paul
  14. Pauls9cb

    Airfix 1/24 Scale Spitfire

    You've made a great job of this huge Spit and it really looks the biz! I've had this Mk 5 kit before but couldn't bring myself to banish the images of the Mk 1 Airfix Spit models I've seen before which never quite seemed to get the wing dihedral right. It may have just been the photography, but I'd earlier built one of the Bf 109 E 1/24 kits and perhaps justifiably jumped to the conclusion that with these older mouldings the tolerances had morphed to a degree that producing a tolerable representation was outside my tolerances. You've managed a great look however and you are to be congratulated. Despite my concerns, I keep one of the Bf 109 E kits on the shelf for some future winter evening when I may convince myself to get stuck back in to make it look the way this large scale kit deserves. You've managed that with your Spit admirably. Congrats. Paul
  15. Pauls9cb

    Gloster Gladiator Mk.I.

    Those pre-war biplanes are a great nostalgia trip in their silver finish. Yours looks like the Lindberg kit. I bought one relatively cheap not long ago. I'll be interested to see how it compares with the Roden one that I built some years ago (See Blackadder Goes to War posted May 2017). There's some interesting schemes for those pre-war silver a/c. Hmmmmm. Paul