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  1. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Woo hoo, main airframe stencilling done Undercarriage tomorrow night then that's one down three to go. Phil
  2. 4 1/72 Harriers

    No need to apologise, any excuse to talk about harriers. Phil
  3. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Must no forget the GR1, progressing slowly alongside the GR3. Phil
  4. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Another day of decalling, slow progress but we're getting there. Phil
  5. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Airfix does a decent GR1, GR3 and av-8a all from the base kits as used above. Not sure about sea harriers, I think all of then have issues. Phil
  6. 4 1/72 Harriers

    You can't have too many harriers 😎 Phil
  7. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    Matchbox ? Phil
  8. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Stencils, stencils and more stencils. Coat of satin varnish to seal everything in next. Phil
  9. 1/72 Airfix Hawker Typhoon

    By my limited maths that makes 8 typhoons. Phil
  10. I see it, very nice it is too Phil
  11. 4 1/72 Harriers

    A couple of daylight shots. Phil
  12. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Well i think that as host of this GB you should be forced to build at least one more. Phil
  13. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Yeah Col, will leave them loose until the underwing serials and nozzle stencils are fitted Phil
  14. 4 1/72 Harriers

    First coat of paint on, wings temporary fitted. Phil
  15. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Only a small update for tonight . Colour demarcation hand painted. More to follow tomorrow. Phil