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  1. Thank you very much, I hope to do as well because your kit is a stunning example.
  2. Hi Guys Being in the medical sector I can't have much time to model at the moment. But I still found time to make this superb Spitfire from eduard. Hope you like it. Cheers and keep safe. Joel
  3. Wow, just a superb build and paint, can you tell me what color of MrPaint do you use for the camo?
  4. Just a superb build well highlighted by very nice photos.
  5. Hi all, After assembly of the SU35 I was looking for a trigger assembly and finally it was the B5N Airfix. A beautiful model without trap with just the pleasure of practicing our hobby. Joel
  6. Hi all, So here it is finished, lots of fun with this kit, a little painting challenge with the metal parts, in short I recommend without problem. One of the most beautiful models I have had in my hands. Cheers. Joel
  7. Hi guys, for the yellox leading edges i'm not sure at 100%, i don't found any photos of this plane but with the ocean grey i've decided to put them. Don't make the same mistake as me with the aerial, i'm wrong on mine, Spitfire31 there explained well. Good build to you.
  8. Just agree with this, i dream of it for 2021. And very nice build for this one.
  9. A very nice build and when you know Valom it's a real challenge, congrats.
  10. Sorry for the delay of response. It's the kit decals, it's the box titled "AV8B Desert harrier", but you can found it in aftermarket at Air graphic decals "desert storm part 1".
  11. Just an amazing build, I am totally impressed with this result.
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