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  1. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Hello dear followers, My radio compartment is nearly over. I tried to enhance details, that was necessary with the nearly "all black" elements...
  2. Excellent as always, Squibby! Your work will be a reference for me (with JMV one, of course)!
  3. The Revotek has a drawback: it is a composite resin, and so it is really hard once lightcured and so, not very easy to work. Your green stuff is probably a bit softer and so easier to work. Can you give me the reference of this product that figures modelers use for capes and clothes, please? For my wrinkles and folds, I used another dental composite resin, a flowable one, and it did not give me satisfaction, as you know... I am a dental surgeon and when some products must be removed from my cabinet because of expiry date, they get a new life on my workbench. But sometimes, they are not well fitted, as this flowable resin to create wrinkles and folds...
  4. Definitely, Squibby, this f... seat raises a number of challenges to both of us. But I am sure they will be finally good. Your experience with this green stuff will be interesting. I am sorry and a bit confused that you had so much pbs with Milliput, as I had myself suggested to use it, while I used myself a light cured dental resin, the Revotek LC, that requires a light curing lamp (you can find cheap ones very good in the net). Cheers Olivier
  5. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Up to now, I intended to paint black the beam and IG the rest of the frame around radio and battery, but this pic shows that all the frame was black. Of course, lights will be brought to enhance details and give a 3D effect on these black elements.
  6. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Thanks so much Andy, glad to see this investigation interested you (I sometimes wonder if I don’t go too far..). About tyres, like you, I tried to see which ones were mounted on the Missouri. I will try to zoom and work on the contrast with this photo, in order to decide... In case on nagging doubt, I will choose the diamond tread, that I prefer esthetically. In my philosophy of modeling, I try to be as close as possible from truth, and it is only when it is impossible to be sure that esthetic considerations make me choose. All the best Olivier
  7. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Dear chaps, You probably felt that yesterday, I was a bit discouraged looking at my wrapping cushion. But today, some good news arrived: 1) Antonio posted his nice seat, the first one should inspire me. Thanks again Antonio! 2) I got the template Hannes had recommended to me (with rivets and a 0,5 mm drill). Here it is: Hannes gave me a very good hint. This template allows to create regular holes, there are 4 different spaces (A, B, C and D). the holes are about 0,65 mm. The C spaces are well fitted to represent the 8 holes on the beam on which is fixed the seat support. Thank you Hannes! 3) I got a reply from JMV to several questions I had, about photography, and about the HGW seat belts I ordered on his recommendation (see above). About photo, I will just talk here about the last one I did yesterday of my seat with this cushion I didn't like (he also gave me very good ones about depth of field to still improve my Fiat photos...), Juan explained me that: - my seat was good (he kindly said "great") but my photo was too large, with details looking too big. Considering the scale (1/48), the photo should be 15-20 cm wide at 72 dpi. The rule is so: the aspect of the object will not be larger than the 300% of the real size when zoom the image at 100%. He resized my photo to 15 cm wide, and it is true that it looks better, even if I remain not very glad with this cushion. I will edit my photo with these parameters. - Juan learned me that the HGW set includes a fine cushion, what could be, if confirmed, a very good new. So, I will wait to get this set and take a decision about redoing, modifying, or use the HGW cushion. Many thanks to you too, Juan, if you read this, for all I learnt from you! I am so glad to have good friends, excellent modelers, to give me good hints and improve my skills. Thanks to all, it is great to share with all of you! Olivier
  8. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Yes, Antonio, it is true, but look at the England's pic: the sides of the seat would be more round imho. And this pic shows a WWII pilot (svastikas trophies) who's got a fine cushion wrapping the seat. I go on thinking England had the same kind of cushion:
  9. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Thanks a lot for your help, Antonio, I agree with Squibby to say the moulding work is very nice. I wonder if I choose the buttons version or the one without, that I like very much (the first one, 1/32).
  10. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Yes, Squibby, I agree with you, but I am representing the England's aircraft and on the pic where we see him, I am sure there was not the yellow thick cushion, but very probably a thin wrapping cushion. That said, looking again at my last pic, I am not satisfied of this cushion. Maybe I gave too much folds and relief. I tried to take inspiration on the Lt Gabriel seat cushion, but the result is not acceptable for me. It is frustrating because, as you mentioned, I spent a lot of time on this matter and because except that element, I am glad with the rest of the seat. It is true that removing completely the cushion is possible but delicate. To you to decide what you will do for your build. JMV represented (very nicely, as always) the seat with the yellow cushion... If I don't succeed to get something better, i could decide to represent the seat naked, that would still require quite a lot of work... Maybe it would look a little better with the seat belts, I could try (dry fit assembly with the Eduard PE that I should not use). Any suggestion to improve my wrapping cushion will be welcome.
  11. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    I am waiting for the HGW/ Eduard seat belts, ordered a few days ago, to finish the seat. Meanwhile, I will work on all around...
  12. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Thank you again, Antonio, for these new pics (I wonder where you find all that). Without you, I would have been wrong, with a thick yellow cushion. I will soon post a pic to show my final solution. Am I right? I hope so, but I think I am close from truth... Brit brought me that, instead of working on my side, sharing with others allowed me to improve a lot my build. That was so for my previous build too... With that and my master JMV hints, I hope I will get a convincing and nice build.
  13. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Enlargement showing the seat wrapping. On this pic, the cut portions of the top strip are not visible, probably wrapped too (the dent on the left of the seat and the folds on top confirm that imho). This is imho the best reference I have to represent this wrapping. It would be useful to confirm that this pic was taken during the WWII. Maybe the name of the pilot, Lt W.R Gabriel, could help. A support would be much appreciated. If so, it would confirm what I think: there was a wrapping in John England's Missouri Armada. Look at the pic just above with England (my previous post) and see how they seem to have nearly the same look, even if there seems to be a kind of sewing on England 's one.
  14. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    I have lightened a lot the photo below showing John England in his "Missouri Armada" P 51-D. Imho, there is a wrapping, this can't be the metal seat. The comment saying there was no cushion during WWII meant imho "not a cushion on the seat". So, I will represent (unless a new info comes bringing a new conclusion) this fine tissue wrapping the seat.
  15. Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12: a true to original replica

    I am sorry, some photos have been cancelled accidently... I will try to replace them later.