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  1. Dear Sam, I want to thank you again for having very quickly taken the decision to pay yourself the 200$ to Paul Kierstein. I hope we will soon have new docs useful historically or for building the kits. Of course, if the case occurs again (which would mean that Paul would have still a lot of stuff for us), we could (except you) share the next fees. Sébastien is Ok to take his part too. We are not yet here. Let's wait patiently Paul's next sendings... All the best Olivier P.S: thanks Hannes for you explanation on your methodology, very careful (more than mine )
  2. In the article published in l'auto italiana, there was this photo. We can suppose our photo 4 was taken from this camera... I would have thought the camera was at a longer distance from the 806... In the same time, this reference to photo 4 is a wink to Roy, who, pity, left our thread, on which he worked so hard to get incredible findings and to summarize everything on the first page. I miss him, as all of you I suppose, even if he could be sometimes not very diplomatic, as when I mentioned J.M Villalba a bit too insistantly to his taste, or when he made comments on my rear louvres, or when I drew fast conclusions on comparisons photos...
  3. Dear Hannes, I have not yet been working on my radiator case (it should be my next step but so many corrections to do before...). That said, if you remember, I did not want to redo completely my grille, so I just cut it in height, but it will be around 3 or 4 mm too narrow, so, it will be a compromise. And this will be probably consequently true for my radiator case too. That's why I don't think you should determine your radiator case on mine... I have a question about your bodywork. On the comparison photo with the kit's one, your bodywork seems as long as the kit's one. Are you gonna cut the tail? Have you ever decreased the cockpit portion in lenght? I haven't got another kit's bodywork (pity...) to make a comparison photo, but if I had one, my comparison photo would show, I think, more differences with the Italeri bodywork lenght and proportions.
  4. I was right cutting the body at the cockpit level, much too long, but I was wrong cutting as well the underbody and the frame - at least at this level -, while it seemed logic to do it. Being the first on the front line on this fight for truth has his drawbacks, and it is one more time Hannes who made me notice that mistake. The modeler must remind very humble, admit his mistakes and be able to correct them. Here, I first used a 0,82 mm thick Evergreen plastic card, 15 mm width, cemented in 2 steps on the either side of the inside underbody, with polystyrene cement. After that, I cemented on it, by the outside, another piece of the same Evergreen... The same procedure will allow to recreate the frame vertical part. Filling and sanding will make the joints disappear...
  5. Sent by Sebastien, this extract of Dante Giacosa's autobiography book "Forty years of design with Fiat" (published also in french and italian), in which he gives his version of Agnelli's destruction order:
  6. Ok Hannes, I now see... I made an enlargement of what you meant. Indeed, this slot must be rounded. Thanks for this detail, and congrats for your very neat bodywork. I suppose you will get a sharper Bordino tail, and decrease the overhanging of the body on the frame at the tail's level, a bit too long IMHO. Thank you for your excellent drawing about the relation body/ bonnets/ frame. I am still quite tired, I hope I will succeed working a bit on my build today. I began working on re-adding the portion of underbody I cut by mistake. The adding should be around 7 - 8 mm, exactly what I had removed... Thank you again for this necessary correction... I will post a topic about that soon...
  7. Dear Hannes, I am confused but, as usual, I did not see what you mean there (I know you ever mentioned that point before). May I ask a little drawing please? what is the "steering crossbeam"?
  8. Thank you so much Hannes now I understand well. I will try to make the necessary corrections... All the best Olivier
  9. Taken from Sebastien's book, this excellent paper, written after Fiat debacle in 1924... (published with his kind authorization). Sorry, it's in french...
  10. Dear Hannes, first of all, I want to insist on the fact that I appreciate a lot your contribution to this thread, even if, pity, it is often difficult for me to understand 100% of what is in your mind. I made this comparison photo, using masking tape, to check my body and frame, while you seemed to say all what not OK. The defect I notice - and maybe that is what you meant - is that I cut too much frame, so that the bend that the frame makes is too backward (around 5 mm). I will have to add a portion of plastic card to get it better. Did you see something else that is not correct? Thank you Olivier
  11. Dear Hannes, I cut the body at the cockpit level (and so the frame too...) because I was sure this cockpit portion was too long, around 6-7 mm. This was confirmed as with drawing 2, as with the different photos of the car (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.), as well on left than on right side. And now, I am satisfied of the proportions between this portion, the tail one and the fairing one (that I decreased a bit too, around 1,5 mm). You made another choice, that of course I totally respect. The future (when builds will be over) will say who was closer from truth on that point, but both will definitely be much more than all what has been done up to now. All the best
  12. Dear CC, I don't worry at all about that. All the work we did during all these weeks - especially Roy and Nick - showed that this drawing was nearly right, except for the tail, too long, the steering wheel and the up of the grille. I am sure our drawing 2 modified is at least 95% right. That said, it would be great to confirm that finding the blueprints of the 806 before the race... But I am afraid they have been destroyed... Indeed, I would be very surprised if Paul got them, What would be an exceptional finding !
  13. No, CC, it won't be necessary, because it will be covered by the leather I will use for the seat upholstery. That's why I leave it like that, unlike all other body parts, including the rear axle arcs - that I still must get thinner - and, of course, the front part of the body, in relation with the bonnets.
  14. My body is nearly OK, after so many hours spent on that piece...