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  1. I am very glad of my poster's idea. You can compare very easily and instantly the different pictures. For example, I have been improving still a bit my seat fairing (as difficult to shape as the main one...) and looking the different views is very helpful. The same to check after Hannes comment on slanted line.
  2. Thank you Hannes for that interesting comment. I had noticed too this line slightly slanted under the exhaust, but I am not sure it was not slightly slanted on the real car. It is difficult to imagine for me a distorsion at that level, just in front of the camera, coincidentally at the rear limit of the big gap. I don't say there is no distorsion on this photo, but I would bet that this line, limiting on its rear part a big gap - that does not exist on photo 1 - was slanted there. Look at photo 2 and even more photo 3. Of course, the angle of view is not the same, but don't you feel the line becomes a bit more slanted under the exhaust too? We would have the same distorsion at the same place? No, for me, no doubt, and I will represent this line slanted under the exhaust on my model.
  3. I think we can say that the order of destruction was taken after Fornaca's death. He was the "Fiat very pro racing manager", beginning of 1928. I did not know this story of supporting race, and once more another engine breaking... Even if the order of destruction is indeed "inexplicable", we can understand that Agnelli was fed up with so many problems...
  4. Looking for the article "Will the Fiat return?" (that I did not find), I fell on this article. You should read it:
  5. You see how the difference of language, the communication by words instead of photos and drawings explains misunderstandings! I finally saw what you meant, but first, I was far from that! Yes, I had noticed these strips, but I did not intend to reproduce them, except maybe just in "trompe l'oeil", with a graphite pencil or a very fine black color 0,1 mm pen. I admit I did not try to understand what was the function of these strips. It seemed to me they were the low part of the frame.
  6. Are you talking about this discontinuous line, Hannes, is that what you mean by "tiny strips"?
  7. I agree with you Sam, it seems to me incredible that Agnelli learnt that victory at Monza in his hotel, reading newspapers! About Bordino, look at his face on photos after the race . He does not look like a champion who has just won a G.P., except on photo 7. Maybe he feels that for him who had been the love child for Fiat and for Italian tifosi, it is one of the last dances. A sunset. He was maybe relieved to have been able to win that race with a car that had caused so many problems during its trials.
  8. Ok Hannes, I see what you mean by "bottom panel" now. But I don't see very well "this sheet not connected directly to the frame" and these "tiny strips". A little drawing, even simple, would be helpful. Are you talking about something you see on photo 28? on another one? When you talk about "cross-beam", we agree that it is parts108 and 109D? One thing is sure, and we fully agree on that, their stands are wrong and must be scratchbuilt.
  9. Dear Sam, it's very very kind of you! I accept with pleasure, of course. It could be helpful indeed, but over all, it will give me the opportunity to show the difference between the kit's part and mine. It will be funny for me to see the kit's part untouched. I have been working so much on it! If you could join the fairing, it would be great and still more blatantly, but I don't want to abuse of your kindness. A charge de revanche, comme on dit. Si tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit que je puisse faire pour toi... Very friendly Olivier
  10. Dear Hannes, I don't know what you call "the bottom panel". I know you ever mentioned that in the thread, and I should have asked you before. Can uou precise, please?
  11. My poster over my workbench (that is a merry mess, sorry ). I think I deserve the title of Britmodeller "Obssessed member"...
  12. Dear Sam, thank you to worry about my build, but, if I was sometimes wrong, especially when I cut the frame at the cockpit level, I was generally right. If not, my comparisons of last days wouldn't be so close from truth. When I have taken the decision to cut my body this morning, because this area was too low, I had thought it was the best solution to make a necessary correction. When I have cut 1,5 mm of fairing portion, too long, it was the less I could do. At 1/12 scale, I should have cut a little more. I often took risks with this build, putting myself in danger. But the result is there, with this new photo 28, with care, comparing with other ones, I am sure I am gonna be soon very very close from truth, at least for this essential part that is the body. If I wanted my wheels, my tail, my bonnets to have the good size, I had no choice, I had to modify the scale. Contrary to Hannes, I would have prefered to keep the 1/12, but imho, it was the best decision. I can increase the lenght of my rear transmission, by adding a piece of rod, I won't change my wheels. You see, all what I did was following a logic. But definitely, what a challenge!!
  13. My poster n°1: each photo was impressed on A4 quality paper, then cut to the limits of the car. All photos were placed on a black carboard, just fixed by adhesive tape. On my poster n°2, there will be the other photos.
  14. Roy, as I said above, I fully agree - who wouldn't - about that. Because working on the computer doesn't allow to see the different documents simultaneously, I have decided to make the impression in HQ of my favourite docs: 1A, 2, 3 lightened a bit, 4 lightened a bit, 7A lightened a bit, 9 lightened, 12, 17, 19 (for the windscreen), 20, 23, 25 and of course 28 (darkened), that bears the number 0 in my personal "collection". Contrary to Hannes, I don't like very much the photo 8.
  15. I quoted myself so that the reader may see easily the corrections ever done and the one not yet done: 1- done 2- To do, area removed (see my previous post) 3- To complete, begun 4- not yet done 5- To do 6- not yet done 7- done 8- not yet done, not sure I will do it 9- done 10 and 11- done. I have to work a bit to avoid the gap where the frame turns