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  1. Hi Olivier, some pics of that area, in the last picture with pilot Don blakeslee can be seen "no step" written on the eddge of the sliding canopy rail. cheers
  2. Hi Olivier, I think the first drawing in picture 87 belongs to a B/C model, the rectangular shape of the instrument panel shroud makes me think of that, so I would go for the other options! cheers
  3. Hi Olivier, nice work man, in my opinion the springs look to me a bit oversized, maybe a guitar string can do the job? cheers
  4. thanks Hannes I didn't know this tv show, here you can watch it!! cheers http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5nr4vr
  5. Hi Olivier, forgot to coment on that picture, it belongs to a modifided Mustang, a modern racer one so that it is a non standart, I posted because it shows the lock quite good, cheers
  6. Hi Olivier, you are doing a great job detailing the control stick, I see the grip or top part too long in proportion in your build, if you cut some plastic off and sand it will improve (easy task) , the grip lenght is around x3 the lenght of the stick itself, you can check it with the profile n58, sorry my friend if I sound too picky lol , I know you will nail it! cheers
  7. Hi Olivier, well, kinda hard to find pictures of that hidden area but here is what I got, I guess document 49 is your best allied in this task! if you are going to replicate the control column take a look at this: http://www.spitfireinmyworkshop.net/story.php?id=20&title=control-column-assembly-a-pause-to-look-back about the flare pistol, as Bob says it is not situable to represent it , just keep it in the case also check this cool video: cheers
  8. P-51 D, Zoukei Mura & Tamiya 1/32

    Boom, instant Plesh!! Amazing Mustangs Michel, just drooling, congratulations!!!! cheers
  9. Hi Olivier, I'm glad you enjoy those manuals, great info indeed! nice to see your progres inn the build, good job on the lock system but the control stick looks to me short and fat, maybe a profile picture could help to visualize the shape, in this diagram you can see what is the hight of the stick(quite high indeed) and thinner on the topan chubbier on the lower part, also dont forget the fabric protector that is attached to the floor with rivets (look document n49) cheers
  10. Hi Olivier, just found this online manuals, planty of precise info for you, now you have some good lecture for the cold winter! http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/P-51D-manual-5april44.pdf http://server.3rd-wing.net/public/Manuels DCS/DCS P-51D Flight Manual EN.pdf http://wiki.hoggit.us/images/8/83/North-American-P-51-Mustang-Pilot-Training-Manual.pdf
  11. Hi Olivier, these are the docs I found related to the surface control stick and the lock system cheers
  12. Fw 190 A-8 Sturmjager - 1/48 Hasegawa

    looking reallly good mate, gotta love that sturmjager!!!
  13. this profile from: http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/p51/p51e-2.html cheers
  14. lovely IP, very accurate mate! did you say rivets? lol
  15. Mind blowing Olivier, just nailed the bottle man also good work on the fabric and the temperature ventilation control, loving this build, keep the good man!!! cheers