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  1. I can totally see this being made IRL if they ever have a display aircraft! Brilliant concept, fantastically executed!
  2. That's freaking awesome!
  3. That's brilliant! I used to do modelling with my ex's nephew...he loved it! If I ever have kids they'll be indoctrinated into the life of modelling too haha.
  4. This is the most adorable project in the world. Ever. I can't wait to see the results! Your daughter is very talented and patient for her age! I was nowhere near as good!
  5. So, whilst I was working on my first model kit of 2018, after a 6 month abscence, I dug out some of my older projects that I wanted to do. So, my Su-47 (here) was pretty much done, and I needed something to do at my local model club. That's where this beauty came in. The K-8 is a jet trainer built by the Chinese aviation firm Hongdu. The Pakistani Airforce use the aircraft under this deisgnation, and local co-produced by the Pakistani Aeronautical Complex. It is the primary jet trainer of the PAF, but also the mount of the Pakistani display team - Sherdils! You can see their display below (be warned, super cheesy)! It is also the mount of the Egyptian display team, who also use it under the K-8 designation. Their display team, The Silver Stars showed their face not long after recieving the aircraft but has been relatively inactive since - bar a few flyovers of Cairo. However, last year they made their first international debut at Athens! Again, their display is below (much less cheesy, beautiful display). So, what is the kit? It's a lot simpler than most Trumpeter kits. It has a bit less detail than some of their other works, but is definitely comparable to, say, a BAE Hawk or Alpha Jet. I didn't take any pictures of it on the sprue, so here are some during construction, to where it is now! You'll notice there is only one kit pictured. The second I just got on eBay (and mostly for the decals which seem near impossible to find now) and is winging it's way to me as we speak. The below is the box with said decals from eBay! And here are some of the WIP!
  6. Models Never Let You Down - 1/72 Su-47

    That's very lucky! They have said they're "still working on the design" so we may see it again one day! Either way, I bought it on an impulse at my LMS one day (2nd hand), and just figured "hey, why not!" Haha! You've no idea how many times it's happened. Another aircraft I'm about to do is pretty much just white...so...I need to remember that haha! I should get the decals done tonight at my local model club!
  7. Hello, and happy 2018! After a tubulent year, I had to take a 6 month break from modelling. But I'm back. I decided to start with a super simple kit...one that I could pretty much just rattle can, finish by brush, and then decal. As I've not modelled for quite a while...I didn't have much choice! I needed the practice before I go back to my airbrush (pending a new compressor). So...excuse the rubbish pictures, and the fact it's nearly complete - but a girl only has so much free time to take pictures Assembly; super simple. Fusalage in 2 parts, quick cockpit, and about 5 more parts and you're good to go. It was really easy, and a nice easy start to ease me back into modelling, before I start with my other (far nicer and more modern) kits. A quick blast with a rattle can, and it's pretty much done. I messed up the white. Due to some stray lipstick, I actually had to repaint the nose twice. On different days. Yup. Don't do make-up whilst you're doing modelling haha. It's nearly done. The cockpit isn't attached of course, I've just put it on for the pretty picture
  8. Thanks guys! I know it could've been better but I'm proud of it! I'm still learning but definately feel this is one of my better models!
  9. Change username?

    Hi I wanted to change my username, rather than having to create a new account. Is this possible still and how is it best for me to message for this? Thank you
  10. Hello all. So I've called it a day on the J-10B I was building. I didn't do a build thread - I completely forgot. If you want to know more about the kit itself and my single dry-build photo then read that on my article here. Otherwise, please enjoy some pictures below. Still learning to take pictures/edit them so they're not amazing. I'm pretty happy with the model itself though. My first Trumpeter kit, safe to say I'm massively impressed.
  11. Mirage F1 Tiger Meet - 1/72 Revell

    Thank you though maybe ma'am would be more correct than sir I'm genuinely pretty happy with it though. It's made me buy a Hind in Tiger Colours - though that's white for the most part...and I DESPISE working with white...but I'm going to do it anyway!
  12. Hello again! I finished my Revell Mirage F.1 last week. It was a bit rushed for a show (our club was split in 2 so we could attend 2 events, so I built a few things in a hurry to make sure we had enough stuff). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. As usual if you want to read more about it or see more picutres please follow this link. A few are here The kit took me about 2 hours to fully build. 10 minutes to paint. An hour for decals. There was a bit of silvering due to a mistake I made, but I painted over some of it. *Edit* - Broken Pictures
  13. I think this is actually pretty accurate. I think they would've both served up until maybe the early 2000 in some obsolete rolls - as secondary strike aircraft. They probably would've been sold onto developing nations too. If this kit wasn't so bloody rare I'd probably do one in another countries scheme...but right now I have this and a second kit for the IRL aircraft. The TSR2 on the other hand is a lot easier to find...
  14. Sorry for the late response. Been a tad busy! Thanks for for all the kind words! It's had good response at shows too! Super happy with it! Even more so than when I finished it originally!
  15. Looks awesome in camo! I have 2 of these in 1/72 that I was going to build!