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  1. Thank you though maybe ma'am would be more correct than sir I'm genuinely pretty happy with it though. It's made me buy a Hind in Tiger Colours - though that's white for the most part...and I DESPISE working with white...but I'm going to do it anyway!
  2. Hello again! I finished my Revell Mirage F.1 last week. It was a bit rushed for a show (our club was split in 2 so we could attend 2 events, so I built a few things in a hurry to make sure we had enough stuff). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. As usual if you want to read more about it or see more picutres please follow this link. A few are here The kit took me about 2 hours to fully build. 10 minutes to paint. An hour for decals. There was a bit of silvering due to a mistake I made, but I painted over some of it.
  3. I think this is actually pretty accurate. I think they would've both served up until maybe the early 2000 in some obsolete rolls - as secondary strike aircraft. They probably would've been sold onto developing nations too. If this kit wasn't so bloody rare I'd probably do one in another countries scheme...but right now I have this and a second kit for the IRL aircraft. The TSR2 on the other hand is a lot easier to find...
  4. Sorry for the late response. Been a tad busy! Thanks for for all the kind words! It's had good response at shows too! Super happy with it! Even more so than when I finished it originally!
  5. Looks awesome in camo! I have 2 of these in 1/72 that I was going to build!
  6. Thanks for all the kind words guys! I'ts given me a bit of a confidence boost to say the least!
  7. Yeah. The reason is because it was the only version I could get hold of. Funnily enough I have got the new one now which I'll do in the real life colours. I wanted to do it out of the box though
  8. I'd been a bit nervous to do this. I've only started airbrushing at the start of this year, and this was the biggest kit (after my SM79) that I've done. I am also incredibly conscious of how expensive/hard it can be to replace this kit if I break parts of screw up the build. Luckily it all went well, and I feel I did the overall build to a good ability. I did forget to finish the wheels (the metal on them) but never mind. I'll get that done for our show on Sunday. If you want to see a bit more in depth description or some more photos please follow the link as fast as the Avro Arrow. As I'm not home right now I can't get the photos I've put in that article here it seems and they've had the horrid background edited to look better.
  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely replies. It's also really nice to see your memories too! His model is still making me smile walking past it on my shelf
  10. Thanks guys. It isn't as bad as I expected it to be in the end.
  11. This model has taken me a long time. It has a lot of emotions involved for me - but today I finally finished it. If you want to read the little story behind it please find it on my site here : Click here to read the story about the SM79 Due to the nature of this kit, and the fact it was 're-made' and, as such, was my first ever model in about 10 years - I know it isn't the best, and I appreciate it doesn't look fantastic. I could have re-painted it now, and done it a lot better - but I have other SM.79 kits for that. I wanted to leave this as it was.
  12. More of an update. Slow work due to personal life, but it's progress!
  13. That's the only one I know of really...
  14. So, got some painting done! They are starting to look like they are part of the team now. I'm also starting to feel like they're going to make a really nice display. I'm very happy with them so far - especially the SF-260 as it is the first resin model I have ever done from start to finish.
  15. I adore the Hastings. You did a fantastic job.