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  1. More of an update. Slow work due to personal life, but it's progress!
  2. That's the only one I know of really...
  3. So, got some painting done! They are starting to look like they are part of the team now. I'm also starting to feel like they're going to make a really nice display. I'm very happy with them so far - especially the SF-260 as it is the first resin model I have ever done from start to finish.
  4. I adore the Hastings. You did a fantastic job.
  5. Let me know if they do! I might need to order some more decals from them anyway!
  6. Slight update. My friend at my local IPMS club gave me some lead - so my SF-260 is no longer a tail sitter. Huzzah! I just need to tidy it up a bit and finish the tail off (which I'll do tomorrow) before I can get it primed. I also started the Hunter. I assembled the cock pit and did a dry fit just for the hilarious size comparison! Took me a while to find the link again - you can get them here - they're very much home brew. So the quality isn't amazing but they're fine - I'm sure you can request 1/48 from him. He's a lovely chap. I used them on the Fouga Magister Red Devils build I did (see first post for link to see what they're like). Because of the generic Belgian markings, luckily it's only really the eyes and white lines that you need decals for really.
  7. Don't know how I missed this post! Sorry. I will be doing a Thai one shortly. I just want to get some other non-Alpha Jet projects finished first Also I have finished this project - I will post a finished post later.
  8. I've put my previous builds on hold because I couldn't resist starting this. Whilst I was at Telford I bought decals from the Daco stand, and also found a SF-260 from Planet Models. These were the last parts I needed to make the remaining 2 models I needed for my Red Devils set (having already done a Fouga Magister and having done the solo Alpha Jet in it's red scheme - as seen here and here respectively). Now I've started wit hthe SF-260, knowing it's going to be hte one I hate doing the most - I just don't like doing resin kits. Lukcily it's a pretty straight forward kit. PArt of the tail section shattered, so I had to remake it out of putty. The picture makes it look a lot messier than it is - but until I've finished the build I won't be tidying it up yet. It went together really easily, and it does look really nice. However, it was a tail sitter, so I've hollowed out the part behind the engine cowling so that I can put some weight in. I don't have a drill, and it's a tiny model -so I ended up doing it entirely by hand with a knife. It was labourer but I'm glad I've got it done now. Excuse my chipped nails, but that's what I've hollowed out - pretty much to the cockpit too. It will be filled with lead ballast before I start tidying the model up and getting it ready for painting. I haven't started the Hunter yet- I'll probably start that this weekend. I'm aiming to get these done for a model show a week Sunday.
  9. Update - These have currently been put on hold as I had to finish some stuff for SMW Telford. Once that's out the way I'll blast these out and I've got a lot more to do too!
  10. That was my first day of my first SMW at Telford! Absolutely awesome time! If you want to say "hi" and you're at the show tomorrow then I'll be at the Stoke-on-Trent IPMS group some of the day, and wondering round (With my club polo shirt on) the rest! I know I'm not amazingly active on here but say hey anyway!
  11. Well today was awesome at Telford! My first time and I REALLY enjoyed it!
  12. Do you still have these? Also...can you do a Belgian version? Like same size decals as the RAF ones but with Belgian markings? Based on a C-130 or something? I really want to do a Belgian Air Componant A-400!
  13. Thanks for all the feedback guys! And no My friend took their child and so took some kits and glue/paint for him to I stole some of the glue and just used my nails to get relatively clean cuts on the old plastic. The new kit is a lot better - but if any of you have read the reviews there is a MASSIVE flaw with the kit - the cockpit glass doesn't fit in the closed position. Of course it can be modified to fit but it's a bit of a disappointment. Luckily I want to do it open seeing as the cockpit is so lovely anyway. I'll post another update once I've done some more work tomorrow.
  14. Hello again! At Ellesmere model show last Sunday I got a Sea Hawk for £2. It came without decals, only in the bottom part of the box, with loose parts. I've wanted a Sea Hawk for a while anyway, but never got round to picking one up. So I bought it as I figured I could build it in the last hour of the show when things were winding down anyway. As it's such an old kit anyway, the parts are few and far between and it didn't take very long at all to finish building. I glued it together and then gave it some sanding at home. I then decided to buy a Hobby Boss Sea Hawk so that I could get some decals. It didn't cost me much more than it would have to get the decals on their own anyway! So the Airfix kit will be a Luftwaffe one, and the Hobby Boss an Indian one! Below are pictures of the two can certainly see the age difference!
  15. Genuinely fabulous! I love it!