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  1. Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Good question TTK, I didn't even know they had done a full kit!
  2. Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Yup...They're pretty attractive in red,white and black (looks just like a UK Coastguard G- scheme) or red white and blue (a dead ringer for Bristow). Where's the camouflage? Where're the guns n missiles (great name for a rock band - sounds a bit familiar though). I'll for forgive you this one then, since civie Meteors, JPs and other decommissioned WMDs are on my stach-reduction programme too! Incidently, would the serial-bedecked S-61N to which you refer have been as long ago as 1970-75 while I would still have been buying Air Pictorial? Because something is rattling around in my memory about seeing something like that in their register review.
  3. Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Stop grasping at straws, Scimitar, and just build your Whirlykits conversion set as a civie! Go on - you know you want to.
  4. The Sign of FOUR

    butmight throw up
  5. The Sign of FOUR

    to the assembled masses
  6. The Sign of FOUR

    the Roman legion advanced
  7. We don't need no thought control...

    'We don't need no thought control' I see what you did there! Good stuff though....don't worry about Scimitar's reference to 'targets' - its just friendly fire.
  8. Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    This used to be a problem back in the ealy days of Vac conversion kits, eg a Viking fuselage with Wellington wings which cracked badly even with both being polystyrene. The answer was inserting a soilid mainspar between the two wings running (I used balsawood!) - I'd imagine that would work in the hypothetical Vanguard, though drilling into the resin wings might be fraught. Saying that though, it sounds like the vacform wing solution would be ideal anyway. I'd be really interested in this new kit - first aircraft I became obsessed with as they flew over my old house at what seemed like 20 min intervals on approach to Renfrew Airport on internal flights. Need to get a Mach2 Viscount first though (masochistic modeller, me!)
  9. Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    You could build a Merchantman. Big door instead!
  10. We're here four the money!

    old Four Eyes sings
  11. We're here four the money!

    but beer is 12euro
  12. We're here four the money!

    releasing your frozen assets
  13. We're here four the money!

    and nonentity for celebrity
  14. I might be making this up - but one time (might have been Christmas or New Year) I think the poster read "Scott Campbell and his Continental Organ (collar and tie). Including support" I'm pretty sure we went into hysterics! It might have been the drink though. Sorry Massimo - we've wandered off the Gannet thread here just a little.
  15. Ha! The poster read "Scott Campbell and his Continental Organ (collar and tie)" I got lifted by the polis there once and Scott Campbell accompanied me to the station Yup - stlll got at least one each of Britannia, Comet and (I think) 707. Hey! What about me, I'm in Scotland now