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  1. Dewoitine D.520 1/72 RS Model

    Outstanding work, out of 1/72 scale! It is inspiration to me for my D.520 1/48 Tamiya, and if it comes near yours, i will be really happy!
  2. Bf 110E

    Work of art!!!
  3. AMG Bf 109 B in 1/72

    Outstanding pair!!! I like everything: theme, subjects and build!!!
  4. Bf 109 C-1 by AMG 1:48

    LIFELIKE!!! One of the best or even the best Bf-109 i ever saw! Would you tell something about kit itself, some problems in construction process...? And, pls, about techniques you used?
  5. Beautiful smoke rings, and same for the rest!
  6. Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ "Amigo"

    nice Phantom and OUTSTANDING NMF on exhaust!!!
  7. Pls, more about Hurricane Mk.I 1/32 Fly! Btw, great looking models!
  8. Wingnut Wings

    This collection is absolutely fantastic! This should be in some museum or something like that, where can be seen by many!
  9. Definitely looks like kill marks, and to me...! But when, who, what...!? Interesting!
  10. Just beautiful!!! Love it! Just one question, what represent those three rockets on port side of engine intake?
  11. AC-47 "SPOOKY"

    Great looking beasts, and you did very fine job on weathering! My favorite is Ac-119, one nasty looking machine! Just few doubts... Shouldn`t AC-47 43-48579 "PUFF" be in NMF/WHITE and with black tail cod? And FS34102 Medium Green is a bit darker, IMHO? Am i wrong!? Pls HL-10, pls do not take me wrong, i just like gunships from Vietnam and, as i already said, you have done a great job on that gunships!!!
  12. T 55 A in the Sinai

    I know! Same here... !
  13. T 55 A in the Sinai

    Hats off to yours courage and skill for building SKIFs T55!!! But, I think that you made lapsus. Crew is not from Miniart but it is Zvezdas 1/35 Russian Modern Tank Crew 3615. Just minor observation.
  14. Bf 109 G6R3 RSI

    Beautiful Bf-109! You did fantastic job on that!!! IMHO, the best looking markings for 109s (after RA)! @Zigomar BTW...First foreigner user of 109 was Switzerland and after them Kingdom of Yugoslavia...
  15. 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-31BS 'Foxhound'

    Sexy looking beast!