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  1. Airfix Sea Fury 1/48

    Hi Rich, There's no single rocket option and no mention in the instructions about modifying the doubles - but I've already decided to go with the bombs. I'd guessed that the smaller tanks were the more likely option, Korea is quite small country so range wouldn't be an issue. From what I've seen the RATO packs were only used if the catapult was out of action and were not very safe because if one of them failed you might not reach take off speed or the asymmetric thrust would send the plane off the side of the carrier. I'd be interested to hear what you've found out about the colour of the undercarriage and doors as I haven't come to a conclusion about that yet. Dave.
  2. Airfix Sea Fury 1/48

    Hi All, I've not spent a lot of time on the cockpit. It's not great - but it looks OK when the fuselage is put together as the interior is not very visible. Dave.
  3. Airfix Sea Fury 1/48

    Hi Dick, Yes there is a moulding defect on the fin. But it's not going to to be problem to fill that in. Dave.
  4. Hi All, Yes, it's another Sea Fury and I suspect it won't be the last one. First impressions are good, but as others have noticed the gunsight is missing. It's fairly chunky thing, so I've ordered a set of Quickboost resin ones. The other thing that may or not be problematic is having the wings in two pieces where the wing folds - not ideal if you want the wings open. Dave.
  5. KUTA X Gallery

    MESSERSCHMITT Me 262 A-1a JG 7 - Lechfeld 1944
  6. KUTA X Gallery

    GLOSTER METEOR F. 1 616 Squadron - RAF Manston 1944
  7. KUTA X Gallery

    SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE Mk. XII 91 Squadron - RAF Hawkinge 1943
  8. Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, It's gone together easily - apart from a gap at the nacelle and wing join. Next will be finishing the cockpit and putting the canopy on. Dave.
  9. Hi All, It's been slow going but they're almost finished. I'll do a bit more work here and there and a bit of weathering -(if I've got time) and after erm... four years? in the making, I'll call it done. Dave.
  10. Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi Ettore Thank you for your comment. The colour I've used is Humbrol 67 which is a quite good match for RLM66. It does look a bit dark, but I use daylight to take these photos and you may not know just how dark days can be in the UK at this time of the year - so it could be better, but all things considered it'll do. Dave.
  11. Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, Here's some pics of the cockpit before I close the fuselage. The next job will be to stick it all together. Dave.
  12. Hi All, I've had this kit for while (see dust on tail - photo below), I've made small start on it - but well less than 25%. ...all the unused parts removed. ... and I'm going to finish it in this colour scheme. The radar aerials look a bit tricky and very breakable - but I suppose I'll just have to be a bit more careful than I normally am. Dave.
  13. El Alamein Sherman

    Hi All, I've got most of the hull and turret together now. The .50 Cal. is from an Academy Stuart kit - this photo indicates it should have one. The next job will be to put on the PE. The side-skirts will need careful bending - hmmm! Dave.
  14. Spitfire Mk. XII - Airfix 1/48

    Hi All, I've given it a coat of Micro Flat and put on the final pieces. So now I'll do some weathering and after about 3 maybe 4 years I can call it done. Dave.
  15. Hi All, Some progress. I've put on the main decals and undercarriage. I've got a load of stencils to put on next - . Dave.