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  1. Airfix Beaufighter 1/72nd

    Hi All, I've got some of the decals on, done a bit more painting and added a few bits like the rocket racks and machine gun.. Next is my pet hate - stencils about 40 to be put on - I might manage a few a day then move on. Dave.
  2. FAA Grumman Hellcat - Eduard 1/48

    Hi All, I got sidetracked by a Matchbox Jagdpanther, but I'm back on to this again. So that's the undercarriage on. Decals next. Dave.
  3. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    To add my tuppence worth I very much agree with this comment. If you don't want to participate of course that's up to you - but I think some sort of remembrance is appropriate regardless of votes. Dave.
  4. Hi All, My Shelf of Shame is actually a Coffee Table of Shame - and it's very full. So to get as many as possible from the Coffee Table of Shame to the Shelf of Honour I think doing them in pairs might help (ignoring the fact that I still have other GBs in progress). So here's the first duo (more to follow I hope). Revell's Me 262 - a very good kit, except for the canopy which is awful - it doesn't look right at all. But there is a vac-form replacement and that's what I'm going to use. ... and Cyber-Hobby's Meteor F.1. A very good kit but it needs some work on the the elevators - a bit of filling and scribing. So - I have to finish off two other builds first and then I can crack on with these. Dave.
  5. Matchbox Gallery

    JAGDPANTHER 1/76th
  6. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Hi All, I think I'm about done with this one. I've run some diluted oil paint into the panel lines and around the hatches and stuff, plastered on some earth pigment powder and a little dusting with some light pigment powder. Gallery photos to follow and thanks for the kind comments. Dave.
  7. PATTON TANK STGB we have our 25th !

    Oh, go on then add me to the list. I'd quite like to do an M47. Dave.
  8. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Hi All, The tracks, decals and bit more paint are on. The tracks are the worst aspect of this kit - not at all realistic and very tight fitting. I've stretched the tracks quite a bit and super-glued them to the top of the wheels to improve the appearance a bit. I've made a start on the weathering with the tracks, finishing the weathering is the next job. Dave.
  9. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Hi All It took me a while to summon up the will to paint the wheels, but I managed to eventually. ...not perfect, but with the tracks and coating of mud should be OK. I've had a go at the base as well. A few finishing touches and I'll call that done. Dave.
  10. FAA Grumman Hellcat - Eduard 1/48

    Hi James, I'm trying different brands at the moment and haven't found the answer yet. Tamiya paint is by far my favorite for airbrushing - but I don't really like the limited range of colours and for most of them I don't like colour matches. For this kit I used Tamiya XF-21 for the underside and I'm happy with that colour. For the Dark Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey I used Xrtracrylix. Xrtracrylixs are in my opinion the best colour matches - but for me (and it could just be my problem) they are a huge pain in the a*$e to airbrush. They clog up any of my airbrushes to the point of uselessness in under 20 minutes. So I haven't found the perfect answer - especially as I'm quite fussy about the colour. I think I'm just going to keep experimenting until I find the paint that is right combo of airbrushability and colour match. Dave.
  11. FAA Grumman Hellcat - Eduard 1/48

    Hi All, The Extra Dark Sea Grey is on. Under a couple of coats of varnish it should be ok. Dave.
  12. FAA Grumman Hellcat - Eduard 1/48

    Hi All, Here it is with Dark Slate Grey - which is definitely green. It looks a bit weird now - but it should look OK in the end. Dave.
  13. FAA Grumman Hellcat - Eduard 1/48

    Hi All, I've got the underside painted and masked. Ready for the Dark Slate Grey. Dave.
  14. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Hi All, The paintwork needs a bit more work, but it's mostly done. Painting the wheels next - groan! Dave.
  15. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Hi All, I've got the base coat on. Next up a green camo pattern. Dave.