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  1. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks Crisp, I suspected it might be something like that but great to get the confirmation. Thanks mate, although you really are too kind
  2. Flags in drydock

    Thanks both, food for thought! Cheers Nick
  3. Flags in drydock

    I'm currently building a 1/350 HMS Dreadnought in a dry dock diorama. I'd like to add some colour with flags and I've seen pics taken from the head of the dock with of the Union Jack still flying as she's moving into the drydock but I'm not sure when they'd be struck. The diorama has the dock drained - any chance the flags would still be flying? Any ideas or help gratefully received. Cheers Nick
  4. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks for the comments and likes chaps. I have a question for anyone who can advise; I'd like to add some flags for colour but I don't want it to be unrealistic, I know the union jack would be flown from the bow in harbour and the white ensign from the stern, but would they be flown in drydock if the ship had only just been docked? Any thoughts? More details on the drydock, railings, bollards railway carriages and bits and bobs of stuff for what's hopefully going to be a 'busy' looking drydock; And a test fit to see how it's coming together; Cheers Nick
  5. HMS Dreadnought 1907 - Trumpeter 1/350

    Great work Kris, superb rigging! She's really coming together now. Cheers Nick
  6. HMS Dreadnought 1907 - Trumpeter 1/350

    Nice work Kris, looks great. I like your idea of fixing the funnel stays now, I did mine later and they were a b******d to get to!! Cheers Nick
  7. HMS Invincible R05, 1981

    Lovely work Paul, as a few others have said, I struggled in 1/350th!! Cheers Nick
  8. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks Crisp, like what you're doing with HMS Fearless! Cheers Richard Bit more work on the details. The dockside cranes have been a little sub project in their own right. I knew I'd never be able to scratch build 2 the same so I thought I'd have a go at this new fangled 3D printing! The model was done in Autodesk 123D and took a couple of days, but most of that was learning the software and to 'think in 3D' rather than 2D CAD which I'm more used to. Ended up looking like this; Which is supposed to be one of these; A couple of weeks later and a package from Shapeways; And with a bit of paint and rigging turned out like this; If anyone wants a 'fairly' accurate turn of the century steam driven dockside crane for a diorama, let me know and I'll work out to supply them through Shapeways. The level of detail on the booms in particular is quite impressive given the size but they are VERY delicate!! Couple of railway wagons loaded up; It should all start coming together now. Cheers Nick
  9. Thanks Tom, I didn't know you could search the IWM! Cheers Nick
  10. Beautiful, I've got this in the stash and was wondering about the Pontos set, thanks for the advice. Where are you getting your reference info re changes and numbers of guns etc? Cheers Nick
  11. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks for all the kind comments, much appreciated. Bit more work on the details of the dock; These are resin boxes and planks from L'Arsenal along with various bits of brass and plastic card to represent pipes and steel plates lying around. The groups of rods bottom left are 'pipe' loads for the railway flat cars. L'Arsenal resin bits and Northstar PE gangways; And the dockside crane rails and bump stops (if that's the right term?) fitted along with the intermediate beam on the crane platform supports; Cheers Nick
  12. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Bit more progress on the dry dock this weekend. Added the railway tracks from 0.16 SS wire painted 'rusty brown' which bits scraped off the upper surface to represent the shiny bit of the rails; They're quite hard to see but look ok when the light catches them; Then moved onto the dock side crane platforms. Made these from 1.5mm evergreen covered with MK1 wooden deck sheet, with a length of I beam running down the outside edge to represent the deep beam;. Should look something like this; Super glued the platform to the dockside first and then fitted the supports underneath; And the same for the other side; Need to add the intermediate beam and then weather it all to blend it in. Cheers Nick
  13. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Hi Stuart Started with a coat of Tamiya XF-20 mid grey, then another coat with about 1/4 of XF-57 buff mixed in to start getting the sandy look, then weathered with dabs of Gold Ochre, Flake White, Vandyke Brown and Ivory Black to a get something like a worn sandstone (presumption on my part) look. In pics it definitely looks the dock is built from greyish/beige stone blocks but the beige colour may just caused by weathering over time. Cheers Nick
  14. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Cheers Kris. Thought I'd have a go at weathering with oils, going for a sandstone-ish look; And a bit of work on the dock gate; Surrounding dockside is a base of German Grey with various brown oils blended in; Top view with water painted - ready to start adding the details; Cheers Nick
  15. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Crawling towards the finish line with the dry dock; Infill complete, just needs a sand. The parallel lines are for railway tracks, from the pics there are available at this period there were rail tracks near the docks, the actual positioning on the model is a bit of guess work.; Primed in black; First coats of dock colour; The irresistible dry fit; And the dry dock blocks fitted, thanks again Dave Swindell for the advise and pointers; And these are the railways freight cars. Nearly there now!! Cheers Nick