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  1. That looks awesome!!!
  2. Great job, brilliant shading.
  3. Great job Paul, all the hard worked paid off, especially in that scale. Cheers Nick
  4. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks Kris, looking foward to seeing paint on your's Cheers Dave Thanks Clogged, hope it helps, I found them hard work but worth it in the end Cheers Murdo, it is a nice kit Thanks Kev Thanks Beefy Cheers Michael - the rust is a couple of colours from an AK set, I'll try a darker one in oil over the top. A bit worried about over doing it as she's modelled in 1907 so only a year or so old! I'll post some close up of the aerials when they're finished.
  5. HMS Belfast

    Looking great, what paints did you use for the deck? Cheers Nick
  6. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Cage aerials, what can I say about cage aerials................... The WEM PE is great but they still take forever. If it helps anyone doing these, I tried about 4 different ways including making jigs and using 0.06 SS wire but ended up with Caenis 20 denier thread. Thread 16 cages onto one line, support the line between 2 pots and then thread the rest of the lines. First time I tried to secure one cage to the lines with superglue to give a fixed start point but the tension didn't work out so in the end I threaded everything 'loose', tensioned all the lines, lined the cages up and then glued them in place with diluted PVA; When glued, thread all the lines through a single 0.3 PE loop (North Star rigging eye) at each end and slide the loop up to form the cone at the ends; The mid point where the lines all join together was pulled in by looping a piece of Caenis round all the lines, slowing pulling it tight and knotting it, the ends can then be used to support the middle of the aerial from the foremast yard. And fitted they look ok. Still need the black paint touching up and the aerials from the transmitter on the aft upper deck rigging to the cages; The anti-torpedo net ended up being lengths of picture framing wire. Tried wrapping ladies tights around various wires to simulate rolled nets but couldn't get anything consistent; And they got a wash of raw umber oils to simulate rust; Added another missing boom, this time from the aft end, which is rigged to the mainmast; Added the lifebouys (they need a bit of toning down); Some weathering mainly round the bow, and then some greenery with oils (thanks Michael M for the tip); Hopefully the final coat of matt varnish'll will take the shine off the oil. Couple of general progress shots, not much left to do; Cheers Nick
  7. HMS Dreadnought 1907 - Trumpeter 1/350

    Coming together nicely Kris, look forward to seeing her with some colour. Cheers Nick
  8. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Cheers Jamie
  9. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Hi Jamie, thanks for the info, very interesting. I must admit my statement that XF-50 is wrong is an assumption on my part, mainly because when I've used it before it's a got a dark blue/green hint to it (title on the pot is Field Blue), whereas the paint chart calls for H333 which is listed as extra dark sea grey - which is why I assumed the XF-50 was a typo and went for the tamiya dark sea grey. Looks like my dreadnought may be a bit light based on the charts your link goes to but I'm happy enough with it. Cheers Nick
  10. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Hi Kris, hull paint is tamiya xf-9 hull red mixed 5/1 with xf-7 signal red. I always add a bit of red as the 'Hull red' straight out of the pot looks a bit brown to me - pure personal preference tho! Cheers Nick
  11. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Hi Papa, thanks for the comment, I'm sure your Dreadnought'll be fine! Colours are Tamiya, XF-54 dark sea grey for the hull and bulkheads, turret side, secondary guns etc.(the paint guide shows XF-50 which definitely isn't right). XF-63 german grey for the steel decks and turret roofs. The paint plan doesn't show the turret tops in a different colour but the Kagero 3D ships dos and it adds interest. I also used XF-79, linoleum deck brown for the admirals walk. Hope this helps. Cheers Nick
  12. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks for the kind comments, off on hols so be a couple of weeks before any more progress. cheers Nick
  13. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Thanks for all the kind comments, much appreciated. Nearly finished now. Bow railings and torpedo net shelf from the WEM kit. It's not designed for this kit so a bit tricky to get it it to fit (aft ones tricky as well) but it looks ok; Stanchions in 0.16 stainless wire also fitted to the railings adjacent to the foredeck ladders. and the after shelves and rails; Added the stanchions on top of the turrets next to the roof access hatches, again in 0.16 stainless wire; And finally fitted the turrets Couple of general views; She looks quite menacing; Cage aerials, stern lifefloats, torpedo nets and some more weathering and she'll be about done, then on with the dockyard. Cheers Nick
  14. HMS Dreadnought 1907 - Trumpeter 1/350

    Nice masts Kris!!