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1/144 Blackburn Buccaneer resin kit

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First try at aircraft since I was a kid (a long time ago!) I usually do ships, but came across some 1/144 resin British aircraft at Telford last year from https://www.144th.co.uk/


Picked up a Buccaneer and a Lightning.

Lovely kits, great quality and very nicely detailed.


Only extra bits I added were ejection seat handles, seat belts from odd bits of etch, a piece of acetate sheet to represent the 'hood' over the navigators position s the kit part is necessarily quite heavy, and some bits of etch and wire to replicate the wing folding mechanism. I need to work on my aircraft weathering!!


This is the Buccaneer ready for inspection;








Ejector seat handles from 0.2mm copper wire;




Wing fold mechanism from spare etch and wire;




Thanks for looking and any feedback gratefully received.








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Beautifully done. Your paint job is superb and the little details in the wing fold and cockpit make a huge difference. I’m most of the way through this kit but have begun some major reshaping to the nose which to my eye is a bit too beaky. Really hope mine turns out half as good as yours though. 

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What a great result that is! I have looked long and hard at the 144th website, and succumbed to the Javelin a few months ago, and this is prompting me to have a go when I have finished my latest builds.


As has been mentioned, it looks to be a rather larger scale than it actually is. Your upgrades have done wonders,



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