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  1. Hi Blabber mouth - the Plant Kranich is resin rather than injected - it could also be better - I know the Kranich intimately having restored a full scale one. My point is simply that duplication seems such a waste and surely can't help profits . Anyway nuff said. Paul
  2. Always good to see new glider kits appearing but this emerging area seems to be going down the same road of multiple Bf,109, Spitfires and Mustangs at a time when some significant gliders have yet to be injection moulded in 1/72, let alone 1/48. Of course the Grunau Baby is the most well known and important glider, along with the SG.38 but as far as I know the important Mu13 has never even been issued as a resin in any scale. Given the recession which all seem to agree is coming, less duplication would also make good economic sense. Paul
  3. Certainly a nice injection moulded 1/48 Kranich would be nice (I restored one) but we are well catered with Habichts. The most noticeable gap even in 1/72 is the Mu13 which was around in some numbers. It would be exciting to see models of some of the high performance one-off's built by the Akafliegs that were a prominent feature of the 1930's Rhon competitions. Paul
  4. The photo (as captioned) is a Grunau Baby III which is slightly different to the wartime IIb, especially the abbreviated skid, enclosed canopy and the cockpit surround. Paul (glider nerd)
  5. The end of the road !! Paypal just refunded my $74 for the BD5 as they could get no response from Civilized Models !!!!!! As it is now the 16th January, the model was obviously not posted on 10 December ! I gave them the benefit of the doubt - was told three times it was about to be posted - or had been posted. Last time I was unambiguously told his son had posted it 1st Class with UPS and promised a tracking number. Then told UPS didn't do a tracking number but he would send a customs number and of course no customs number appeared. Promised a second freebie model for my inconvenience and he even emailed to check what livery I wanted. All this guff but no model - sad and aggravating. I note that other people have had VERY long delays but some did get their models eventually - however do make sure you don't let it drift past your Paypal deadline. You have ben warned. Paul
  6. Well nothing arrived by the 6th January so I escalated the Paypal claim to the next level one day before the deadline. Now its the 9th nd still nothing in the post. Its possible that its snarled up somewhere in the Christmas post but as time marches on, that's harder and harder to believe, unless it was posted much later than claimed. Despite being an optimist, I've stopped holding my breath. Sad. Paul
  7. Hi Buzz - yes its very difficult to believe in a happy outcome and not surprised that you can smell it from there ! Switzerland is one of my favourite places and we have been walking in the Berner Oberland area many times. In fact we are spending Christmas in Luzern this year. So in the next few days I will make my Paypal claim. Paul
  8. After a further prompt, I'm told that the models did go out in the post as stated but as stamps were bought in the ge post office, there is no tracking number, only a customs number but he's out of the shop until Sunday. Well Gary ws the one who said he'd send the tracking info ! Allegedly postage will take around 21 days. What a shambles ! It would have taken a lot less time to do the job properly than keep fending me off. I really do not know whether to expect to see the models or not ! I can allow a few days to see if the customs number does appear - just to complete the picture but even so, I have no choice than to file a Paypal complaint. Paul
  9. Hi Buzz, thanks for your useful comments, much appreciated. I figured that I would wait and see if a tracking number does actually appear on Friday/Saturday - allowing for the time difference. However, I completely agree with you - will the tracking number relate to me, will the kit arrive, will it be what I ordered and will the quality be acceptable ?????? Saturday will leave me 14 days to my Paypal deadline and its highly unlikely the parcel will arrive before then - so on Saturday I will make a precautionary claim. I will let you know what happens. Paul
  10. We could certainly do with a V1 and V2 but the modelling community continues its delusion that any Ho.229 resembling the V3 (now at NASAM) would ever have seen combat. The substantially revised V6 would have been the first of 10 further prototypes and represented the proposed production version...….. although production was never authorised. So can we have a 1/72 V6 ?? and also a V6 two seat derivative (as per the Dragon model). Decent drawings exist - no primary research needed. Zouki Mura's Ho.229 is a truly superb and accurate model but the two seat conversion they offer, is a complete fantasy. The real two seater project was derived from V6 whose internal structure was completely different to V3 and Zoukei Mura did not feel they could produce an entirely new model. Paul
  11. Advised on Wednesday that the kits went in the post Monday but because of holidays, he won't be in the shop until Friday , when he will send the tracking link ! Really not sure what to make of that - and if it is enroute - will they arrive in the UK from the USA before my deadline for a Paypal claim expires ?? Paul
  12. After 10 days I sent a sharp reminder - now the model is going to be in the post Monday 2nd December and a free extra BD5 as an apology, whilst asking which I wanted. Having settled on the jet, I got another email immediately, asking which livery. Its a step in the right direction but we shall see. I am keeping a careful eye on the deadline for getting my money bck from Paypal. Paul
  13. Well even allowing for the time difference between the UK and USA, Monday has come and gone without any contact - disappointing. Paul
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