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  1. Thanks Mate, the blue one is a special indeed has some story behind it as well. True every models has a story to tell good or bad.
  2. Impressive Restoration work mate!!! really liked it and good photography. I did three mig-21 restorations as well all basic kits one really old Mig-21 F-13 from Airfirx, the two from some eastern European manufacturer. Trying to build all the mig-21 variant we used, here is Mig-21-F-13, Mig-21 Bis and Mig-21 Bison. I gave the bison to my cousin however when I visited his place it was in a sorry state, canopy broken front wheel gone, body cracked really sad and other mig-21 broken by dad. Either way, restored to best I could, however, the canopy sadly can't do much as I didn't have spare. upload gif
  3. Master Class, rigging at 72 scale is not easy task last time i did almost lost my sanity.
  4. some Great stuff Mate!!
  5. Like it, some were shot down in my native place duirng ww2
  6. LCH or Light Combat Helicopter LCH ZF 4604
  7. No worries Mate, that is some impressive picture, I was there in 2013 not 2015
  8. out freaking standing.
  9. Thanks Gents, Here is another interesting BAe Hawk, called the Hawki The one hundred hawk assembled in India.
  10. BAe Hawk 132 as Surya Kiran, the Aerobatic display team of Indian Air Force
  11. Thank you mates, really appreciate your kind words...
  12. Some Random Pictures I took from now concluded Aero Indian 2017, will insert more later.
  13. Very Impressive Build, like it, always been a fan of the barrel, however never got a chance to make a one till now, maybe this year... really liked it
  14. Planning to build a one, Impressive!!