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  1. Thank you very much, Sir, really appreciate it for the kind words thank you very much!!
  2. Dear Folks, One again one nice little kit from Eduard, I had this kit for a while, however, couldn't get the shark mouth decals for sometime, finally managed to get a Kopro one and the decals were great to slide problem on tail marking tho, however, lotta decal softener help. The kit it self-was easy to assemble however the antenna tube was too soft and I broke it twice hehehe... and sadly some minor parts swallowed by monster carpet. So brewed some black tea relaxed my mind and build the missing parts for it. They are wee small and trivial to be noticed. I painted with Humbrol, a little bit of missed and match. Hope it turned out ok. Thanks guys for yr view and time. Cheers
  3. Mig15 Scratchbuild

    Spelding Sir, a world class modeling!!
  4. Hungarian L-39

    Impressive Sir!!! I have started mine should be done in sometime soon.
  5. Hasegawa MFG1 F-104G, 1/48

    Holly Crack a Molly!!! One of the finest model of F-104 I have seen in a while!!! super duper awesome!!!
  6. Impressive Sir, I have built the same kits a few years ago not as good as yrs.
  7. North Korean Mig-15 72 scale

    Thanks Mate and really appreciate for your input, will keep mine.... Next is a Shark Mouth!! Hungarian one to be precise
  8. North Korean Mig-15 72 scale

    aha, thanks Mate, it sure is nice little kit Thank you Sir for the kind words thanks mate
  9. Hi Folks, I was out of town and due to personal reason was not able to build any models for last two month. However last week as I was looking at my stash I stumbled upon this Eduard mig-15 nice little kits, I say can't get better than this. Honestly, it was my quickest none stop building. I so enjoyed so much that I completed the built in 36 hours. The fit was perfect, they were no gap and everything when smooth, for paint I used Tamiya grey for interior and mrcolor silver and alclad ii for different shades of natural metal finish of the aircraft, I thought I do Chinese marking then thought Korean's war mig so gotta to be Korean, maybe a Chinese's marking next time. here are some picture I shot in natural light with my cellphone, more picture later. Hope it has turned out ok... cheers
  10. MIG-21 MFN, R.V.Aircraft 1/72

    Great Stuff!!
  11. Excalibur III P-51C Tamiya 1:48

    sweet mother of Jesus, out freaking Job
  12. Airfix Trainer Trio

    Just WOW!!! out Freaking work love all the collections!!!
  13. Thank you Sir, There is a Picture of a Bullock riding next to Hurricane In Palel, trying to make similar to it. That is a remarkable story you got there, we run a Volunteer museum and I generally donate my build to the museum, it is a small one however trying to preserved the history with whatever relic we can find. Also I colored b/w image to color here is a quick one i did, since the topic was about Hurricane thought I share it here as well.
  14. Thank you Sir for posting this, being born where Burma's campaign was fought mean a lot. Great build. I am trying to make a diorama, 1:72 scale really old airfix kits must be from 60s, really old mould. Palel -1944, Manipur India. IWM say Burma however it is not in Burma, cause Palel is now in Kakching district of Manipur, the airfield is occupied by Assam Rifle now.
  15. Rafale B 1:72 Indian Air Force

    Thanks Martin, Rafale is a nice looking Aircraft I would say Thanks Buddy, really appreciate those kind words aha!! the pilots seem to be happy with their jet.... Thanks Mate