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  1. Daffy Duck (Pic heavy)

    removed the construction stage pictures as it was making the thread very heavy and should be elsewhere.
  2. Daffy Duck (Pic heavy)

    took the bird out in the Sun and did some shoot,
  3. Hello Folks, I had four days holidays and thought I do a little challenging project and after lots of beers this is what I got, a Daffy Duck not so sure it is looking a one tho. However, it sure test my nerves on few occasions. Hope it is turned out ok.
  4. Tu-114

    Master Class, Museum quality!!
  5. Tu-22KD

    Buddy, you won the internet, hands down!!
  6. Standing Ovation Sir, Clap Clap!!!
  7. Rafale B Hobby Boss 1:72

    I built this kits few month ago, however, didn't use the decal instead made Indian Air Force all grey. Great rendition of the kit.
  8. An English Lighting!!

    Last time I checked on scalemate it from the early 60s, Thanks Mate, wish I had better roundels and fin flash Thank you Sir, It was a tough fight for sure, few cuts on the fingers hehehe. I am planning to get an Airfix kits in future, heard it is a gem of a kit. Cheers
  9. Eduard SEAC Spitfire VIII

    You know this aircraft was based in Imphal as well, and the base was in a place called Palel about One to One half hour drive from my place. Thank you for bringing up history from my native place. I have the same kit and planning to build for the 75 anniversary of Battle of Imphal/Kohima and donate to our Volunteer museum. Cheers
  10. Sukhoi Su-34 - Italeri 1/72

    That is as good as it can get, outstanding work. I have the same kit and planning to built soon!! love it
  11. This kit has given more headache that a very bad road ride. I wanted to get the Airfix kit, however, after searching for two months from the vendor, I gave up and bought a very crude Hasegawa first generation kit. The kit is very basic, with Zero cockpit details, and ejection seat is anything but a pile of boxes. So, I build some scratch parts of the cockpit and the ejection seat. The decals were just bad, however, didn't have spares so used what was on the kit, hence looking like neon glow. The kit was all raised panel lines and hard plastic tho it was quickly built just under one daytime, I think 30% of the time spent scribing the panel lines and I did like 40% aircraft only. Well, hope it turned out ok, cause am not gonna built this kit again. The English Electric Lighting. (1/72 Lightning F Mk.6 Hasegawa)
  12. Tamiya Type 97 Chi Ha late model

    Thanks Mate for the kind words, bit exotic I say True, Japanese's subjects are bit obscure however, they have some really interesting subjects and camo Thank you, Sir, you inspired me to do another armor, I managed to do two armors last year haven't done a one this year and it would be good to do a one before the year ends.
  13. Tamiya Type 97 Chi Ha late model

    Thank you Mate!!
  14. Ever since I have known scale model and after doing scale modeling for a while, this has to be the epitome of perfect built. Words are less and vague. I simply say you have shivered my spine. Thank you for sharing this work of art. Three cheers
  15. Hello George N1K1

    Thanks Mate George has to be one fine looking Japanese aircraft Yes, sir it is an old arii kit