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  1. Was this the one on eBay a couple of weeks ago? I was tempted to get it, if so you got it for a great price and in the end I went for trumpeter. What Mk are you building?
  2. Hi, I used Humbrol Dark Admirailaty Grey, which is a bit too dark in multiple opinion, I have recently started the Aries cockpit and used light compass grey, this based with a dark wash is much more accurate in my opinion, stay tuned for an update shortly.
  3. Advice for EE Lightning reference books.

    Hi there, My mistake a reference for the complete aircraft (picture book), I am doing a English Electric Lightning F.6 5 sqn RAF.
  4. There is a wealth of information on here and the internet in general but are they any reference books people would recommend/have used to model a Lightning F.6? Regards ModellerUK
  5. Thanks Tweeky!! On the 2nd photo you can see a visible line of colour difference, it’s not noticeable on the top picture, is it just the light or is there a noticeable line there between the shades of grey?
  6. Yes it was mentioned in the first ‘Lightning Boys’ book, the pilots described it as like being strapped to a skyrocket,
  7. Post #1....... As in the usual fashion work begins on the cockpit. I assembled the cockpit and gave it 2 coats with a base colour (after primer) of Dark Admiralty Grey, which through hours of looking through various posts and also the cockpit walk rounds (which can be found below if anyone needs them) I found to be the best match. A big thanks to everybody on the forum too there is a shed load of fantastic information on here!! After the base coat had dried I began dry brushing the switches and knobs etc. flat black (my first time dry brushing too), I then went over and added white to some of the needles in the gauges and also various switches, once dry I dry brushed aluminium lightly over everything and a bit more over where more wear would be present on both the instrument panels and cockpit overall including the floor. I have yet to weather the cockpit with a wash and 'dirty' it up. The cockpit is by no means perfect but I am more than happy with the progress of it so far, after all it will have a pilot in and the lid will be closed. Like I said there are a few little bits to add to the cockpit and I can then make a start on the pilots front instrument panel and start completing the cockpit. As always C+C welcome and any hints/tips to improve if needs be. Pic 1 - Cockpit assembled. Pic 2 & 3 - Progress to date.
  8. Looking great so far! I too delved into the 1/32 scale as they are much easier to paint (cockpits) and have much more detail to add so they ‘come alive’ more.
  9. Good afternoon everyone and I hope nobody has had any bad issues with the weather lately, it has been quite bad round here. My WIP thread will be based on the 1/32 Trumpeter Lightning F.2A/F.6, a very subjective kit with many mixed reviews. I brought the kit from KingKit at a very reasonable price. It was my first purchase with them and I won't hesitate to return, so thanks KingKit for the fast delivery. There are many kit reviews and lots of information on the Lightning so I won't delve too much into that but I will however explain why I chose to model it. As you can see in the Picture I have received 'The Lightning Boys 2' from my OH for Christmas and I am nowabout 2/3 of the way through and find it fascinating! This along with a couple of other WIP threads I have been following especially The Spadgent's build has made me pluck the courage to finally get one. I have never really been that interested in them until I read a bit more about them and now I am fascinated by them. I have chose to model XS903 'AM' of 5 SQN RAF Binbrook due to the distinctive shark teeth also I prefer standard grey camouflage over the cold war style, just a preference of mine. I have also got a Quickboost Aires Ejection seat on the way, but I may decide against using this as I am thinking of modelling the jet just after take off with landing gear retracting. I also have some OOP Master casters resin engine nozzles on the way and my profound thanks to the BM BST section and Gary 'Redcap' I have a set of the OOP Xtradecal decals set to enable me to complete this. More than likely I will probably purchase more AM stuff as I need to go on if I need too and of course I have a PJ Productions pilot on order. So for now just a picture of the kit and of course the brilliant book titled 'The Lightning Boys 2' by Richard Pike. Also some of the actual aircraft. More to follow soon......... PS the 'Skyrocket' in the title was given by the pilots, Commonly described as 'Being saddled to a Skyrocket'.
  10. Lightning

    Best 1/48 lightning kit? And best MK to model?
  11. Lancaster configurations

    Thanks all for the responses, all of it is very helpful many thanks
  12. Lancaster configurations

    Hello all, A quick question about the configuration of the Lancaster B1 for take off. My diorama is going to be a Lancaster B1 (Airfix 1/72) getting prepped for take off with 2/3 of 4 engines running. Now the questions, does anyone know the starting sequence for the engines (order of start)? Also did the Lancaster use it’s landing flaps for take off? I plan to have the bomb bay doors open too, will this look un-natural for start up? Finally are there any other configurations that we’re adhered to for start up/take off such as manchine gun positions? I can’t find many pictures on the internet. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  13. 1/32 spitfire

    I have recently got the Italeri hurricane mk1 new tooling and live the fact I can position the control surfaces how I want, as I want to do the spitfire just after take off this would be ideal, would it only be possible with AM parts?
  14. 1/32 spitfire

    What’s the best BoB era spitfire kit in 1/32 scale, most accurate kit and good fitting. Regards
  15. Issues with contact

    Are there any alternative email addresses to contact hannants Lowestoft, I have emailed the sales@hannats.co.uk twice with the last one being sent on 3rd Jan but haven’t received a response, are they really busy or is the email address inaccurate