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  1. Issues with contact

    Are there any alternative email addresses to contact hannants Lowestoft, I have emailed the sales@hannats.co.uk twice with the last one being sent on 3rd Jan but haven’t received a response, are they really busy or is the email address inaccurate
  2. Thanks all, the only thing that really bugs me with the flaps is that I couldn’t get a gap between the flap and the Krueger flaps,
  3. Razor saw

    Hi everyone, what is the best size razor saw to cut away 1/48 spitfire flaps and remove the from resin blocks?
  4. Hello all and welcome to the thread! My first WIP. A bit of background information on myself, I have built about 2 dozen plastic model kits in my younger years completely OOB and I have only recently got back into the hobby with this being my first 'proper' build including Flightpath's amazing Conversion kit. Another point to note I have never made anything of this scale before it's usually only 1/72 I used to do. So this will be completely new to me including adding all the extra details. Back to the kit I got the latest release Revell Tornado ECR 'Tigermeet' kit. After a bit of research and examining the kit it is as expected, a re-box of the Tornado GR1 from 1995 of course containing one or 2 extra sprues which make up the ECR Conversion. I also acquired the Flightpath Flaps/Slats but these seem a bit too much for me so they are going up in the for sale section shortly for a bargain price. I was looking through the forum and the internet in general and came across Jim Saudi's build from back in 2012 here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234922372-132-rsaf-tornado-ids/ and I plan on doing a similar scenario of a GR4 on take off just after 'weight off' with a special tail scheme. Now of course I need flaps and slats deployed for this amongst various other bits and pieces being modified. As I decided against using the Flightpath Flaps and Slats I thought I would have a go at scratchbuilding some after all, how hard can it be. Then I remembered I had the article from when a certain gentleman Trevor Snowdon Created his own flaps and slats for the Tornado. So with guide in hand a sharp knife and my new kit I set to work and approx 2 weeks later (on and off in the evenings) I have got to the stage below, one wing complete (left) still requiring a few small details adding (screwjacks etc) and the other in progress nearly finished. Ok its not an exact replica but I am more than happy with them, I have gained more satisfaction building them myself than putting on a set of Paragon flaps and slats (only because i couldn't find any ). Now there are a few more bits and pieces I am after mainly a IDS resin cockpit and some seated aircrew, but they can wait. I welcome comments and criticism so please let me know what everyone thinks and go easy on me .
  5. 1/35 Scammell(retired)

    As said before it looks cluttered and messy, but that's a good thing!! it looks superb and the scammel looks like it has been left and neglected over the years. Love It!!!!!!
  6. Looks great with the flaps down, should the elevators be down too? As they were cable controlled weren’t they
  7. Super looking mig, the colours are real accurate too
  8. Bf 109F-2 1/48 Zvezda

    Lovely job, I’m not too keen on 109’s but this may change my mind
  9. Disappointed with Hannants customer service

    I must say i have never had an issue with Hannants, They have always delivered on time and been helpful through one return I did, Thanks Hannants
  10. Very nice, I am a bit obsessed with desert storm aircraft
  11. 1/32 Revell F4-F Wildcat

    Good idea, if you had a generic one you could always swap and change as to which aircraft you fancy displaying on it.
  12. Brief guide to using Flickr

    Thanks, I usually use photobucket but keep getting those announcements up instead of the photo's so may try flickr.
  13. Harrier Send-Off - Show us your models

    Some superb Harriers here, well done all
  14. Royal Navy Colours - glossy, satin or flat

    Correct, I do believe they were gloss but when/if you add weathering it will tone down the high gloss to more of a natural shine
  15. 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer

    More than likely, I have never really got on with Airfix kits.