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  1. Hi Eric, You are very welcome, great update as expected... Cheers!!! Rade
  2. Parip's KUTA

    Thanks Cliff, there is still lot of small jobs to do... Hopefully I will be able to finish before end of GB. Cheers!!! Rade
  3. Parip's KUTA

    Hi Over the last couple of days I was working on rotors, here is one photo Cheers!!! Rade
  4. Parip's KUTA

    Thanks! Thanks! It was trial and error approach. White tack worms have to be thin enough that you can shape them as you go (you have o be careful not to touch already installed one), and on the other side they shall have some thickness in order that you can roll across them with toothpick to get right thickness of the line and "correct" curvature - something I have figured out after tail section was done... Anyhow I have managed front section today, here are the photos. Right wing and front section (including cave art animals) Left front side and top view Few touch-ups are required in the areas where I was not close enough with airbrush, but with main air-frame painted I think it will go much faster. Cheers!!! Rade
  5. Parip's KUTA

    Hi More done ... Cheers!!! Rade
  6. Parip's KUTA

    Hi I am back and I have stared by spraying mid tone. This was followed by application of white tack worms over the painted areas. Black brown sprayed And just for test lightest colour was applied to see if it works, and it does That is all for 2017, more tomorrow if I will be able to... Cheers!!! Rade
  7. Parip's KUTA

    Thanks & fingers crossed that everything goes as planned (otherwise I still have some IPA left...) At the moment I am enjoying ski holiday's in Ischgl 🎿☀ , so no updates until I am back. Cheers 🍻 Rade
  8. Parip's KUTA

    Hi After almost two weeks here is an update. Well my plan haven't worked quite well. In first try I have sprayed red brown for the darkest color and figured out straight away that it is wrong choice. This was covered with black brown which is in my opinion correct match for the darkest color. Than came tricky part of painting mid shade, tried several out of the pot shades, and all were wrong. But most important thing is that my approach was wrong – it is at least for me – impossible to mask and spray tiny line between two other colors. After several failed attempts, with not a single being any close to the result I was after, IPA bottle was taken out... I have ended with this (sorry for the crappy photo – LED strip which I have installed is driving me crazy – I am ending with either blue or yellow ones); only two parts broken during the process, few were easily removed I started over by applying grey color for the base and stopped here until I figure out the colors. After several failed attempts I have settled down with 313 for the lightest, black brown for the darkest and mixture of 5x321: 1x456 for the mid tone In regards to masking revised plan of action is to go first with mid tone, which will be masked with roll of white tack, and then spray light and dark shade with mask still on. Cheers!!! Rade
  9. Parip's KUTA

    Thanks Graham! I have decided to skip filling sinkage and started with painting. Since model was primed in black I was able to test spray few colors until I was happy with H321 for the lightest tone, still have to figure out stone shade and dark brown... Anyhow plan is to work in small sections at the time, most likely nose&cockpit, central&wings and tail area. Masking will be fun... Cheers!!! Rade
  10. Parip's KUTA

    Hi I have started with Ka50 Canopy glued down, sanding is ongoing... I am trying to reduce step between fuselage and canopy. side view opposite side with doors in place, I will try to fill in gap between doors with white glue Top view showing damage so far and sinkage behind engine intakes . I have already managed to destroy canopy on top with failed attempt to mask with tape and cut with knife blade, by successful carving of outline with which I was not happy, after several sanding attempts I finished with blurry top canopy - carving marks are still there. Cheers!!! Rade
  11. Parip's KUTA

    Hi Here is the status of the remaining candidates 1. Zvezdas Ka-50 Main problem I am facing is attaching the canopy, because it is two part, with second part(doors) being flat part with no grooves for attaching. There is an option for posing them open, however I am against dust effects in the cockpit so I would like to close it. Needles to say gaps are all around... If you have any suggestions how to tackle this problem, they are very welcome. 2. Airfix Walrus One picture is worth more than thousand words... Advise to ones that already don't know – don't mark part numbers with permanent marker, or at least remove before painting... Real problem I have is how to solve problem with supporting of the wings? 3. Italeris Jaguar Putty queen – kit from hell, at least that what this kit is in my opinion. Some areas require additional work; I have to find the box with remaining parts?! 4. Airfix Hawk Kit has been left as seen in picture more than seven years ago, when I restarted modeling. I have glued parts underneath the wings (vortex generators?) and realized that it is impossible to apply decals. I am afraid to remove masking tape from cockpit, maybe it will pull some plastic... Never bought another decal sheet, and when I was taking pictures I managed to remove one of the parts (maybe I can remove them all - who knows) Any suggestions welcome... Cheers!!! Rade
  12. Parip's KUTA

    Hi This one made it to the Gallery... Cheers!!! Rade
  13. KUTA X Gallery

    Airfix 1/72Brewster Buffalo F2A-1 Cheers!!! Rade
  14. Parip's KUTA

    Almost there... Cheers!!! Rade
  15. Parip's KUTA

    Decals are on Few things have to be corrected, paint touch-up (or battle damage) and clean-up is required... Cheers!!! Rade