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  1. Parip's KUTA

    Almost there... Cheers!!! Rade
  2. Parip's KUTA

    Decals are on Few things have to be corrected, paint touch-up (or battle damage) and clean-up is required... Cheers!!! Rade
  3. Parip's KUTA

    Hi Mini-update Rear canopy and pilot installed; Propeller and spinner painted; Gloss coated for decals...because they are next on the list Cheers!!! Rade
  4. Parip's KUTA

    Hi, Small update, canopy has been masked and painted, first green and afterwards aluminium. Masking was done with masking tape for the larger areas and masking fluid for the rest. Touch-up was required, which was expected... Problem with masking fluid is that you have to apply it very precise (tricks with cutting after painting don't work with me). After I was finished with painting I have removed all masking, and since I was using acrylics I was able to clear where needed by running toothpick along the edges of the framing. Her is photo with first masks removed. Needless to say If you are not careful, you will damage areas which you don't want... Here is photo after second round of touch-ups... How do you clean this attachment tabs on the side of the canopy? They look "ok" until painted Cheers! Rade
  5. Parip's KUTA

    Thanks Joss I wish you are right... Usually my modelling sessions are very short, 15-30 min, unfortunately not every day. Anyhow, I have painted the pilot since last update (was already glued to the seat) and here is the result Cheers!!! Rade
  6. F-104 Starfighter STGB Chat

    It is not too late, you can start your build thread anytime during the GB.
  7. Parip's KUTA

    Hi Small update I test fitted engine position and noticed number 24 (see photo), on the opposite side 23, and it was motor tool grinding session, in order to correct. When this was finished engine was painted. Here is the result, with paints used (Steel base coat, aluminium highlight, grey for the top part (not familiar with the term) and dark earth for dry brushing coils) Cheers!!! Rade
  8. Parip's KUTA

    Hi I will try to clear some of these models during GB(anything more than zero will do). Models are in various stages, some being almost there, some not so close. I will be starting with Buffalo. The story behind the kit is following, few years back when my parents in love were visiting us, my father in love asked if he could give it a go with one of the kits, I said sure you can try with this one, and handed over Airfix box. He open the box, looked into instructions, I gave him few tips, show him where tools, glue, and paints are, wish him luck and went to work. When I was back home kit was already built... Few parts did not fit and he could not figure out how to install so he left them off. Luckily these were canopy and engine parts. Nothing was painted (I don't blame him for not figuring out airfix color coding). When they went back home slow process of reconstruction has begun. I was working on this kit in between builds, so whenever I had color which was needed in airbrush, something was done, cockpit is not finished yet... I have started decal application, and then one of the decals(as it usually happens) refused to cooperate, so I have decided to paint the decal(s). Here are photos of where I stand with the kit. Decal no20 was lost, therefore wings and fuselage have been masked to receive new coat of paint. White coat Followed by blue Unmasked Underside Cheers! Rade
  9. Hi I built Revells 1/144 F-15E for the F15 Eagle STGB. Kit is easy to build, no big issues, apart from miniature parts. There are some sink marks in the intakes, and if you are posing model on the ground you don't have to bother with them. Because I wanted to display plane in flight, and I spotted these late in the process, I covered them with plastic strips. Kit comes without pilots, so I have added resin ones (OzMods) Revell has two offerings in 1/144 scale one is tiger meet and other is bomb eagle. Well, boxing for bomb eagle comes with Lantirn pods in the boxes, but the tiger meet one doesn't ,so I had to scratch build these (first attempt for me). Decals are slightly bigger then they should be, and if you install pylons on CFT's before painting, then cutting individual stripes is way to go... I had small issue with one of the decals, therefore second kit was purchased and cannibalized Last but not least I made display stand out of wooden block and added two acrylic rods for the stand. WIP is here Cheers!!! Rade
  10. Well done Anil Cheers!!! Rade
  11. Gallery

    Kit: F-15E, 1/144 by Revell WIP here Cheers!!! Rade
  12. F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    Thanks Holger! I am glad you like it, it is as cheep as you can get and saves some space for the display... Here is final update. Varnish applied, canopy unmasked & pods attached Ready for the last photo session... Cheers!!! Rade
  13. F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    Hi I have added remaining decals, glued exhaust nozzles, painted formation lights (green is barely visible) Bought new kit Decal removed Cut individual stripes and applied Remaining tasks: apply varnish (hopefully silvering will disappear), unmask canopy, glue the pods and post in the gallery before the end of GB. Cheers!!! Rade
  14. My vote goes to blue background... Great looking model. Well done Tim! Cheers Rade
  15. ***Finished***PBS Eagles

    Great looking model. Very well done! Cheers!!! Rade