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  1. Thank you David, This is one of my most satisfying builds.
  2. A KC-135 is a much better place to start. Depending on how fussy you are the fuselage needs to be narrowed 12 scale inches. This conversion is based on the ERTL 1/72 KC-135 with the narrowed fuselage. Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  3. All CW-20/C-46 had a 'crease' in the fuselage, it was a structural characteristic of the two-lobe design originally intended for pressurization. The crease is at the point of the floor. Some of the early examples had a fairing covering the crease but this was soon omitted as it provided no discernible drag reduction.
  4. I work across the street from the NASM. If there are any particular pictures you'd like let me know Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  5. True. The 'real' Howard 500 had a re-engineered and a completely new build fuselage to handle the stress of pressurization and a new center section with an expanded span and increased fuel capacity. I assumed the discussion is of modelling the aircraft and a Ventura base is an appropriate starting point for both the H500 and the unpressurized earlier variants. Dee Howard's brilliance was in refining the basically good aerodynamics of the Ventura into what was needed in a new era. So, for modelling the H500 a Ventura can be a good base to begin. Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  6. Although difficult, I think a conversion from a Ventura is well within reach. There are some major changes (fuselage extension and nacelles) and a lot of nuances but the basic airframe is a solid starting point. I've been making plans for just such a project, a Howard series consisting of the H250, H350, H400 and H500. I got started on an On Mark Marketeer/Marksman/Tempo II project first, but the Howards are next in line. Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  7. I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to observe fellow modeler Allan Buttrick (Allan31) work on his latest project which he claimed was responsible for his absence from these hallowed halls of miniature craftsmanship. As Allan indeed had not posted for a while, I thought it a good opportunity to not only meet a fellow modeler but also find out what he was wasting his time on rather than model building. So, with an exchange of emails arrangements were made with Allan insisting on meeting at the Summit Point (WV.) racetrack. Despite thinking this was indeed an unusual place to talk mo
  8. Love it! Great idea and excellent work!!! I have a soft spot for 'Battle of Britain' and have built a series of the movie 'stars' myself including the mount of S/L Edwards!
  9. Thank you! I have always kept my completed builds in enclosed cases. This project will be big enough to justify either the construction or purchase of a new large display case. At least that's the excuse I'll use! Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  10. Ian, Thank you for your encouraging words! I helps immensely to reinforce my surgeons favorable prognosis (he's a pilot also), it's nice to hear of a successful outcome from someone who can empathize with one of an aviator's worst fears. Eric aka The Yankymodeler p.s. and my surgeon did note a growing cataract that he considers no issue at all to rectify when the time comes.
  11. Thank you Jaime, last check up indicated very good progress! If only I could keep the project moving forward as quickly...
  12. Thank you Rade, One of the considerations for this build is how to produce multiple sets of consistent parts, I do often make up jigs and templates to make the task a it easier and quicker. I have a whole box full of them by now! Thank you for the thoughts, my surgeon is pleased and the healing is progressing well! Eric aka The Yankymodeler
  13. Oh we have to get together! I'm in Winchester!
  14. Wonderful work in massaging that project into a good representation. I do have to question your sanity on building that beast in 1/48th! You're not near the northern Shenandoah valley by any chance?
  15. Thank you so much! I have to say though that my work is just smoke and mirrors compared to some of the masterpieces seen created here. The next hurdle will be the attempt to get my airman's medical back once this eye settles down, I'm sure you understand well my anxiety.
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