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  1. 1/72 ICM Fw - 189

    Incredible work on those interiors!!! Regards Ignacio
  2. Spitfire Mk 24 80 Squadron RAF

    Beautiful job on that Spit! Is it 1/72nd? Regards Ignacio
  3. I saw that photo and used it as a reference. It is a great one! What I could find is that not all ducks were painted the same way. Some were painted like mine, but some like the one on the background with light gray under the engine and tail. Most machines were all clean with no weathering at all. However I did some to add interest to the scheme. And I´m no expert!!! Best regards Ignacio
  4. Thanks very much! I used black stretched sprue. Ignacio
  5. I searched for some photos, used my imagination and spare decals to represent an aircraft based on some island in the pacific around 1943. There are not many photos of these machines, at least not very good ones from that period, so I did what I could. What is important is that I really enjoyed building this kit that I built when I was a kid many years ago. It was fun and easy! The best photos I found are here http://seawings.co.uk/ I´m really glad you like it and thanks very much for your kind words guys! Very appreciated! Ignacio
  6. thanks guys! Ignacio
  7. Hi Fellow modellers! This is my last of 2017. It´s the old Airfix Duck, It was a fun kit to build, and despite it´s age it´s very good. I added some details to the cockpit, vacuformed a new canopy using a mould made modifying the original, and replaced the engine with the Starfighter Decals Wright R1820. The engine was allso modified to later version and the cowling was thinned and the exhaust made from scratch. Decals are from Starfighter too and are of great quality. I hope you like it and every critics and comments are welcomed! Best regards from Uruguay Ignacio
  8. Sukhoi Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    I followed the progress on Instagram. Please post a photo of the seat! How many pieces? Beautiful work as usual! Best regards. Ignacio
  9. Fw 190A-5 ProfiPACK - 1/72 Eduard

    Very nice NIco!!! You are an "experten"!!!!
  10. Very honoured to see a machine from my country!!! Beautiful model as usual!!! Best regards from Uruguay! Ignacio
  11. Italeri AU-1 Corsair 1/72

    The exhaust tubes go inside the cowling, not outside. To correct it you should cut the entire front cowling, , remove a "lip" that the kit has between it and the exhaust concavities and put the tubes inside. I planned this as a quick build so... The canopy is too thick, altought it is not an inaccuracy, wheel wells too flat, very bad engine, and other details. However it was a good testbed for weathering. I´m glad you like it. Best regards.
  12. Italeri AU-1 Corsair 1/72

    The F4U-7 comes with parts and decals to make an AU-1. Thanks for your comments! Best regards. Ignacio
  13. Italeri AU-1 Corsair 1/72

    Thanks very much! I´m glad you like it!
  14. Hello fellow modellers! I would like to show you my most recent finish. It´s the Italeri Vought AU-1 Corsair in 1/72. It´s a simple and well known kit. It has some inaccuracies, but I tried to improve it a little. I added some Eduard PE, vacuformed the sliding canopy, and some antennas. I used Print Scale decals for this aircraft. This brand has a lot of schemes for many different models, but there are always several errors. For example, the serial number for this plane says F4U-4, instead of AU-1. Some numerals are missing and the code letters are wrong size. However it ends different than the classic kit OOB. I tried to replicate some heavy weathering like seen on some photos. This time I didn´t use pastels, but airbrush and oil paints. The upper part of the flying surfaces was faded by elements and I wanted to show that effect. I hope you like it. Every critics and comments are welcomed. Best regards from Uruguay. Ignacio
  15. 1/72 Eduard Hellcat

    Very nice! I really liked the weathering job. I would like to point out that the wheel doors are interchanged. I´m sure it´s an easy fix if you want to do it. Please don´t take the wrong way my observation, your model looks awesome to me! best regards. Ignacio