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  1. Hahaa yeah i think they left the show rooms battered. You never saw a clean one
  2. Thanks john. Hair spray technique is suprisingly easy and achieves good scale results.
  3. So I was in the middle of building a 1/32 F-14 and I bought a little RC Toyota Hilux truck for my 3 1/2 year old boy. The kit has the snappy title of WPL C24 which gives no hint as to what it will actually resemble. It arrived and I assembled it in a couple of hours and thought it looked a good scale model.....just very plasticy. What it really needed was a quick paint job! I decided that as easy as a pristine truck would be to achieve it really needed to have a well used and abused appearance. And so I set about painting a very rusty battered looking 70's Hilux in period race truck colours. A
  4. You're absolutely right..... I just found an account of the incident by the pilot: http://www.amarcexperience.com/ui/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=121076&catid=17&Itemid=214 2nd to last paragraph states it was a suspect SAM that inflicted the damage. And yes it is a bit dark. The aplication of oil paint for the panel lines darked the finish. Looking at reference pics there is a wide spectrum of shades from very light to very dark. It'll do!
  5. Looks fantastic, especially considering the scale......and dare i say the dubious fit of Italeri kits! DIY FOD covers were worth the effort too. Good job.
  6. What can I say.......I love these machines, and was very fortunate to be able to work along side the guys who serviced and maintained them during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003, Almed Al-Jaber Air Base, Kuwait. I was there to witness the battle damaged A-10 that successfully returned to Al-Jaber after sustaining a lucky (or not) RPG strike from hostile forces on the ground, piloted by Captain Kim Campbell. She was able to successfully return her aircraft after a complete hydraulic systems failure leaving the control column dead to any inputs and the A-10 heading downwards towards the streets of
  7. Fantastic looking Tonka. Beautifully built and painted.........the seats and cockpit however are in a league of their own. Brilliant job 10/10
  8. Hahaa yeah, i have a very limited attention span for TV. Spare time is spent painting bits of plastic......which some would argue is an even bigger waste of time. They're wrong!
  9. Thanks very much. I've built a lot of aircraft over the years and i founds cars definitely require different techniques so it was a good fun project. Paint and clear coat were all out of rattle cans.
  10. It was more patience testing i would say. The decals worked an absolute treat with micro sol and micro set....juat took a long time. I can't praise tamiya kits enough.
  11. Hahaa yeah people are usually critical of their own work. Its blistered on the white background of the number plaques on the doors. I built a '99 impreza WRC after this one and that reacted worse! I used Mr. Hobby clear and it initially goes on beautifully but then reacts. Oh well.....the next one will be better......and on it goes! Over all though i was very please with the finished result.
  12. I built this earlier this year but only got round to photographing it more recently. Its the 1st car I have built and painted. I usually build aircraft and wanted a change. The decals went on well but there were a lot and it took a good few evenings to complete the shell. This was followed by several coats of clear gloss which unfortunately reacted with some of the decals and gave a blistered appearance. It was an enjoyable kit with no fit issues.....but that's what I've come to expect for Tamiya products. It was built straight out of the box with no extra detail parts.
  13. Cheers man. Always adds a bit of charactor when the 'drivers' are included
  14. Thank you for the kind comments. So.....my mate started this and forgot to put the intake tunnels in while sealing the fuselage together with screws and glue.....an irreversible step. His work is always above and beyond so this was a rare over sight. He was that hacked off with his mistake he consigned the kit to landfill. He offered it to me in this state before commiting it to a hole in the ground but i thought it would still make a good looking model. He passed it on to me a few years ago and i finally picked it up in May this year. The cockpit detail and pilots are his work. Everything els
  15. Just finished this one. Very enjoyable kit. Its not at all over complicated and builds into a very good looking model. Fun to paint and the kit decals exceeded my expectations with a little help from micro sol and micro set. Big Tomcat next.....?
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