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  1. 1/48 Ki-46 III Dinah - DUN!!

    Dinah is one of my favorite aircraft. Your build is looking good. Can't wait to see it finished. btw I'm gonna use your build as a reference for my airfix 1/72 \\Dan
  2. F-104C Vietnam Interior Colours?

    Finn beat me to it! I think F-105 was the only aircraft in USAF with both types of refueling receptors. Regarding F-104 Colors. AFAIK all F-104 wheelwells and undercarrige were in aluminum. They just look white in the pictures due to the lighting. I have tried to find a real source regarding airbrake colors but haven't found any other than checking pictures. Aluminum seems dominating, some green and a few even in zinkchromate yellow. Also I couldn't see any pattern as to which are which regarding type/build year/owner/camouflage etc. But generally they are aluminum. \\Dan
  3. 1/350 CVA-63 Kitty Hawk

    I have had an idea of making a 1/72 Connie for 20 years or so. Size is the largest factor for not starting :/ So it's fun to at least watch your build untill then. Good luck Raiderhall! \\Dan
  4. Boeing 707-320B Ecuatoriana Heller 1/72

    Very nice Alex. I realy like the livery. I have had a similar idea. Mine is to convert the awacs to a 737. But the model is in the bottom of my ever expanding stash in the closet. >.< \\Dan
  5. OV10-A Bronco

    IMHO the Bronco don't get the attention it deserves. You do credit to this little plane! \\Dan
  6. 1/72 Hasegawa F-16N Aggressor

    Very nice Tony. I like it! \\Dan
  7. Italeri 1/48 RF-4E Phantom

    Ughh... I remember that one. Well done thepureness! \\Dan
  8. HMS Hermes, Broadsword and Yarmouth 1/350

    Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. There isn't much more to say compared with 7 pages of praise. 5.5 years is long but the result speak for itself! Well done Andrew. I realy love the watermodelling. I wish I could see it in person. Now I'm gonna go and spend a couple of hours reading the WIP thread. \\Dan
  9. Airfix 1/72 Vickers Valiant B(K) Mk.1

    Nice idea. I will use this in my own future project. Also a good build! \\Dan
  10. Airfix 1/72 P47 Thunderbolt

    I guess the kit makers are deliberately making baby-steps improvements, just like any manufacturer. I am waiting for a recessed panel line with rivets protruding. Your model looks excellent though. I myself have one in my closet waiting for a rainy day. \\Dan
  11. Academy F-104G Starfighter

    Remember the best model is a finished model! God knows I'm worse than you Well done on a clean build.
  12. The metallic shading looks real and I love the red tail. Excellent!
  13. Saab JAS-39C Swedish Air force Revell 1/72

    Personally I am not satisfied with Revel but I think you have done an excellent job!