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  1. Ughh... I remember that one. Well done thepureness! \\Dan
  2. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. There isn't much more to say compared with 7 pages of praise. 5.5 years is long but the result speak for itself! Well done Andrew. I realy love the watermodelling. I wish I could see it in person. Now I'm gonna go and spend a couple of hours reading the WIP thread. \\Dan
  3. Nice idea. I will use this in my own future project. Also a good build! \\Dan
  4. I guess the kit makers are deliberately making baby-steps improvements, just like any manufacturer. I am waiting for a recessed panel line with rivets protruding. Your model looks excellent though. I myself have one in my closet waiting for a rainy day. \\Dan
  5. Remember the best model is a finished model! God knows I'm worse than you Well done on a clean build.
  6. The metallic shading looks real and I love the red tail. Excellent!
  7. Personally I am not satisfied with Revel but I think you have done an excellent job!
  8. Superb craftsmanship Bill!
  9. Good to hear! keep me updated when you start the work At AMARG the aircrafts are classified in four different ways depending on what they want to do with them. Long term storage, kept in flyable condition, cannibalized or scrapping. I have figured out that there is a general rule of how an aircraft would look like and then like always there are variations. Offcourse the more parts are reclaimed the less of the aircraft is left. Gear taken off and standing on wooden support etc. work in progress making some spraylat schemes and tryin to explain the process...
  10. Yeah the problems for me with photobucket are increasing. Now it takes forever to load pictures there so I have started using other services. I hope I can see your pictures soon.. :/ \\Dan
  11. Very nice!! I realy like it!
  12. Wow stunning colors. I like the helmet touch! The canopy seems realy nice and shiny also. What did you do with it? Buffing etc.. \\Dan
  13. Why do the checks make all the aircraft I want to build? \\Dan