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  1. MiG-25RBT, 1/48 ICM

    XLNT, Thank you Tony! Bookmarked I still think that the split between MiG and Sukhoi that the friends at Scalemodeler.com are making is quite interesting, would you agree? Very Best Regards Johan
  2. MiG-25RBT, 1/48 ICM

    Sprue is cut Will be back in the WIP section soon. BTW, I went for Fotki 100GB, it does come at a cost but it is like a soda in the pub, not even a half pint / month. Very Bet Regards Johan
  3. Flanker STGB chat

    Hello, I would be happy to join this GB. I have the Academy 1/48 SU-27 (Eduard's reboxing) that has been sitting in the stash since 2011. I have inserted the resin cockpit tube (2 parts) into the upper half of the air frame but that's it. Best regards Johan
  4. MiG-25RBT, 1/48 ICM

    Hello Craig, Thank you fr your reply! A can of worms it is indeed... To T or not to T: My take is that modifications will be required either way. Since the only actual machine I was able to find references to with regards to the stencils included was Red 46, depicted on the box art as a RBT (funny that...), it is going to be a T. Regarding the color I found a link at https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/cockpit.shtml that sort of explains my issue with the SU-27 being grey and the MiG-21 being greenish / blue (or Turquoise). I am now testing MIG's A.MIG-223 (Left) and Tamiya's XF-71 (Right). My own mix (Middle) is running out. [/URL] A helpful friend at Finescale forum suggested a ready mixed acrylic paint from MRP: http://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=51 Thank you for taking interest and your suggestions! Best regards Johan
  5. MiG-25RBT, 1/48 ICM

    Hi, Just starting up on this kit - and I want to get it right. I understand from various links on this Forum and others that there is a fix to be applied to make this into an RBT. Or vice versa - back date the kit to an RB. So let me verify my findings after spending a(n other) day on Google with you: RBT: Shape a bulge under the nose cone (or use an aftermarket part) Omit parts C21 & C22 and fill the recesses. RB: Shorten the upper parts of the air-intakes and cut them flush to the upper end of the intake fairing. Modify the parashut housing. Is this a correct summary? If someone could help with the correct color of the cockpit interior color that would be great as well. I have seen some postings here that are done in a greenish blue / bluish green color that look very close to references found on the web. But the instructions call for Tamiya XF-71. This is cockpit green. My Eduard MiG-21 printed IP has the same color as seen in your threads. My Eduard SU-27 printed IP is pale grey. Your advice would be very much appreciated. Best regards Johan
  6. Zvezda #3636 Terminator

    Hi, This kit is based on the Zvezda T-90. The issue with the incorrect stance of the vehicle has not been corrected. The undercarriage of the T-90 was to high. The T-90 could be corrected by pushing the swing arms up and cutting down the side skirts . This might be less obvious or even absorbed by the design in this kit. Would anyone have an update or can I simply work the kit AsIs? Best Regards Johan
  7. Hi Stix, Amazed with what you are doing with this artifact The boxart is an early T1 and the turret is a mid... wow and congratulations to your research Airfix You are making this into a piece of art! One thing though, the hull crew hatches look wrong, I think they should be the other way around. Best Regards Johan
  8. T-90, help with color references please

    Hi magman2 & All, Johan again... Picking up the old Zvezda after a long timeout - and finally got some progress Ready for the paint this weekend hopefully... I am going with XF-69 Nato Black, XF-59 Dessert Yellow and XF-5 Flat Green. The XF-59 looks a bit to yellow, the XF-5 is not olive enough but I hope a few washes will deal with that. If you guys think I am totally off (the colour chart) please shout Best Regards Johan
  9. Russian T-90 MBT - Cast Turret

    Hi John, Still trying to get my head around the required fixes to the Zvezda T-90... Have not actually broken the seal on this one, you are making good progress here! Please keep the pics coming Very Best Regards Johan
  10. Best BTR-70/80 APC in 1:35 scale ?

    Hi Mark, Looking forward to see your progress on this one. Best Regards Johan
  11. Trumpeter 1:32 Ju87B-2

    The cockpit is very convincing,the seat and harness are top notch! Best Regards Johan
  12. SBD 2 daunt less interior green question

    Hi, How close would I be with Tamiya XF-71? Best Regards Johan
  13. ACHTUNG PANZER (1939-45) GB

    IF it is D-Day it is a Matador.
  14. ACHTUNG PANZER (1939-45) GB

    Can find no CL's, Sd.Kfz 251/17...
  15. Russian T-90 MBT - Cast Turret

    One low flying MBT inbound from Macao