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  1. Hello again, Just stumbled over the HB Su-27 Flanker at the LHS @ £20. Would you recommend the kit? Any thoughts on the kit as such? Would anyone know if the Aires resin cockpit would fit? Appreciate your comments!
  2. Hello, Just returned from my LHS with this big box and have been rocketed back 30 years in time 5 color sprues, sink marks, flash, color call-outs for parts to be painted in hieroglyphs. It is just beautiful! Allready desided to follow Bengalensis example and model the kit doors shut. Excellent BLOG, thank you Jorgen. Congratulations to your inspiring build! Should I strip the cromed parts? Does anyone know about aftermarket tyres? HAs anyone attempted to wire up the engine? Best regards Johan
  3. Hello and thank you for taking your time! Much appreciated, and a lot of information that I will come back to. The Soviet training film is such a time stamp, thank you Laurent! The scribd.com link will be very useful, this looks like a very good online source, thanks Jerry! And that 200+ pages walk-around is just brilliant! Thank you Charles! Now with all this information at hands I realize that I will need to completely rebuild that seat and seat armor (and the rest of the cockpit). I knew the kit has issues and this again is proving the fact.
  4. Hello, Would anyone be able to direct me to pictures of the rear part of the cockpit of an Fw 190 A5? I m trying to figure out what I need to do to correct the rather crude parts supplied in HobbyBoss 1/18 version. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Best regards Johan
  5. Hello, New to Russian Aircraft - would anyone know what the interior color would be for a I-16, 1941? Also - any tips or tricks related to the ICM 1/32 release would be greatly appreciated Regards Johan
  6. Hi V-P, Chuck, Thank you for your advice on this. I am good to go now Very Best Regards Johan
  7. Hi, I have recently picked up the ICM Ju 88A-4 (48233) and the He 111H-6. Now my question is related to the color callouts for the cockpit interior. For the Ju 88A-4 ICM suggests RLM66. For the He 111H-6 ICM suggest RLM02. Would anyone be able to advice if this is correct? Also, advice on any specific issues I should be aware of would be much appreciated! Best Regards Johan
  8. Hi, Bought this 3 weeks ago, bottom line: I am in serious doubts. To be honest, I am no even sure if it is worthwhile putting in time to try to correct this, this is not about detailing, it is about correcting fundamental structural errors. If someone can offer advice – please go ahead! I might just bite the bullet and finish this as a painting exercise. Best Regards Johan
  9. XLNT, Thank you Tony! Bookmarked I still think that the split between MiG and Sukhoi that the friends at Scalemodeler.com are making is quite interesting, would you agree? Very Best Regards Johan
  10. Sprue is cut Will be back in the WIP section soon. BTW, I went for Fotki 100GB, it does come at a cost but it is like a soda in the pub, not even a half pint / month. Very Bet Regards Johan
  11. Hello, I would be happy to join this GB. I have the Academy 1/48 SU-27 (Eduard's reboxing) that has been sitting in the stash since 2011. I have inserted the resin cockpit tube (2 parts) into the upper half of the air frame but that's it. Best regards Johan
  12. Hello Craig, Thank you fr your reply! A can of worms it is indeed... To T or not to T: My take is that modifications will be required either way. Since the only actual machine I was able to find references to with regards to the stencils included was Red 46, depicted on the box art as a RBT (funny that...), it is going to be a T. Regarding the color I found a link at https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/cockpit.shtml that sort of explains my issue with the SU-27 being grey and the MiG-21 being greenish / blue (or Turquoise). I am now testing MIG's A.MIG-223 (Left) an
  13. Hi, Just starting up on this kit - and I want to get it right. I understand from various links on this Forum and others that there is a fix to be applied to make this into an RBT. Or vice versa - back date the kit to an RB. So let me verify my findings after spending a(n other) day on Google with you: RBT: Shape a bulge under the nose cone (or use an aftermarket part) Omit parts C21 & C22 and fill the recesses. RB: Shorten the upper parts of the air-intakes and cut them flush to the upper end of the intake fairing. Modify the parashut housing. Is this a correct summ
  14. Hi, This kit is based on the Zvezda T-90. The issue with the incorrect stance of the vehicle has not been corrected. The undercarriage of the T-90 was to high. The T-90 could be corrected by pushing the swing arms up and cutting down the side skirts . This might be less obvious or even absorbed by the design in this kit. Would anyone have an update or can I simply work the kit AsIs? Best Regards Johan
  15. Hi Stix, Amazed with what you are doing with this artifact The boxart is an early T1 and the turret is a mid... wow and congratulations to your research Airfix You are making this into a piece of art! One thing though, the hull crew hatches look wrong, I think they should be the other way around. Best Regards Johan
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