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  1. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Right so before I get around to adding some clear to the body on this build (zero paint clear not Mr top coat this time) I feel I need to get all the other body parts to the same readiness. So the front wing has had all the gaps sanded through to take any extra material out properly and all the holes have been drilled and a mock up off all front end components was done but not pictured just to make sure it all sat right. Then finally some primer. The front hatch bit with s-duct was put in primer a while ago but dumbly I forgot to add the little antenna stork so this was added and all primer coated again then flatter back so it's now fully ready for white primer then the red. Its quite nicely contrasting with the red though. The rear panels that hide all the inner suspension components have also had a coat of primer added. And then finally the side aero parts have been put in primer. Not quite sure what happened to these last 2 pictures as they on on a black background not blue. Anyway more soon Shaun
  2. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    So a little more progress to this. The front end has had all the carbon decals added. As expected it wasn't a straight forward task as i eludedto in my last comment, the wheel arches folded up like crazy and would have left nasty stretch marks all over had I just tried to manipulate the decals flat so I cut around the panel line and redone with extra parts then the very top edges just under the windscreen did the same as the were curbing one way and around also so 2 more new bits for that. So what scale motorsport gives with 2 bit really I couldn't do with less than 6. All the slots were cut with a sharp blade and thankfully none of them messed up. Both doors are now finished and ready to be sealed. Now on to some of the annoying parts. as I spent so much time fiddling with the wheel arches and the top areas on the front carbon bits I hadn't noticed the massive fold just below the front hatch. After trying to unstuck the decal with massive amounts of Microsol to the point this happened. Empty bottle😠 It wasn't going to work. I made drastic decision to sand it back and redo And now with a whole new bit that covers quite alot of the front left side of the car (front right in the picture) And that was that I am calling the main body done for decals. So out came the Mr top coat gloss and on it went. The lights don't do the picture justice, they show bits you can't see with the eye. All the other finished parts were also covered in clear. Now while all that has a few days to gas off it's on to carbon decals on some of the other areas of the car. So the front splitter. Given the curves on this I was expecting the same as the front end bits but I guess as this is over a smaller area it made it easier to work with. The rear wing has caused some headaches as the carbon wraps around so I am having to so one half, clear coat then do the other half and clear coat again. And finally the little bits that go on the doors have had carbon applied also. More soon Shaun
  3. Right so again after a month of just sitting around I pulled this back out. Honestly this has gone to about 3rd in line now of importantness with the f1gtr taking up so much time and also as we are now in the f1 launch season the SF70H has been given a lot more love but this is slowly moving along in the background. Also another big reason why the car hasn't taken any major steps is I used Mr hobby top coat gloss on the car and that's had to of been left to fully cure before I can do anything else, I've been told it's very much like Tamiya and takes a long time to fully cure so around a month is normally the time for Tamiya so I've treated this the same. So this was the body about 3 weeks ago. And this is it now. Hopefully over the weekend I can buff out any bad bits and get on to painting the rest of the splitters and other little areas. I didn't like the wheel colour and decided to strip the plating and redo myself. This is after primer. And now in a semi gloss black look. I do need to add one small decal but this will be done later then a coat of semi gloss to seal it. And finally for this time the hood which I had to redo has finally had a couple of layers of clear added. The lighting exaggerates the effect on how the clear coat has gone down. Also I can't get a good enough picture to show the effect of the special white colour, maybe organic light may show this better. More soon Shaun
  4. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    The scale motorsport set is alot better than I ever imagined it would be. Some of the templates were a little off and most are slightly bigger than the part the go on but any oversized bits are sorted with a sharp blade or the just roll over the edges and are hidden away. The front area If it were me I would have broken up into more than 2 bits just for ease of installing (you'll see why in my next update) but other than that any bad bits on the car are mainly my fault not the decal. Shaun
  5. It turned up today and my word is it a beautiful car. Platz or nunu who ever really made it really knocked it out the park with the parts also and the detail set with the carbon (yes I know I love carbon) and the etch bits are really top grade. Shaun
  6. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Ahhh beautiful. Lovely subject. So many mfh builds going on at once, reminds me of a year or 2 ago when there was loads of pocher builds all at once. Looking forward to seeing more. Shaun
  7. Couple of purchases recently. First up a fujimi Ferrari f12. There is one of these in the car showroom near me that I've just been drooling over recently and this was as close as I can get to owning one. Then to go with the Tamiya Merc amg I had to get the platz BMW M6 GT3 with the detail up set. £55 total with free post from tiger hobbies. Shaun
  8. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Needle is 0.5 I think at roughly 22-26 psi. Clear coat will go up a little higher though as I find it lays down nicer. For now I don't touch the paint unless I have to. Ironically I did inbetween coats as a huge bit of junk got on the nose cone, this was just sanded off with 2500 grit wet and dry then recoated. After a couple of coats of clear I will sand back a little with the 2500 again then maybe 1 more coat of clear, then decals, more clear, then micromesh from 4000 up through the grades to 12000 and finally some Brazilian wax and never touch it with bare hands again. If I do anything differently for this because of size I will point it out when I do it though. I know exactly what you mean, for this I ordered 2 60ml pots thinking it was going to be like the 04-06 frmerrari red which I went through near enough 1 whole pot for a 1/20 car a while ago. But so far on the whole body I've only used around 10-15ml so I've got alot left over for the Tamiya SF70H and the DTM SF70H if I ever build them. Shaun
  9. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    So finally a slightly late update to this. So I made a start to the monster carbon decal work. They area little tricky in places but with a bit of Microsol and a hairdryer they lay down quite well. This top area was the 3rd decal put on and frankly it worried me as there were a few more curves in this area than the 2 side bits. But it went down really well. The most rear hatch was next up and did need a little more patience than the side areas as I needed to get the centre line centre Left all above to dry for a day as I didn't just want to power on and mess more up by rushing. Then came back and took on probably the second most worrying area for me, the rear bumper, due to it having every type of curve going. The top side went fine. But then on the side right in the curve I was worried about I touched the decal by accident after microsol went on it and I stretched the decal. Not a big issue but annoying nevertheless. Above annoyed me a little so I left this side to start on the other. Then it happened again. I broke the decal above the rear window area in 2 places. That was it for me that day, I just left it before i screwed up anymore. A few days later I came back and fixed the broken decal to the point it doesn't look too bad. Then the rear bumper decal for this side went on and thankfully there was no problems this time. All the rear covers have had the decals applied now and all are as centre as can be. And finally the door has had all decals applied. There was ment to be 2 to make this up but due to worrying about snapping the decal in the wrong place I cut them up into 4 bits to make it easier. That's it for now but next is the bit I'm not looking forward to, the front end. Shaun
  10. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Major news. Finally I have an update worthy amount of progress. So I have got to the stage now where I can start thinking about some of the lovely Ferrari Rosso paint, but before that I had to choose if I trusted the white decals on the engine fin to block out the red that will be under them at the end. I decided to play it safe and paint the white first, now comes the issue of masking off the white and given the decal isn't a straight line I got inventive. So I scanned the decals and printed the fin decal on to masking sheet just under the size of the decal, literally like 99% size, just so that gives a little wiggle room for placement. The Ink didn't like the masking sheet and took forever to dry hence the fingerprints. Then cut them out as close to the edge as possible. The car was painted In vw candy white, it's not a candy colour it's a solid white, it's the cleanest white I've used so it's now a go to colour for any white car. The masks were a little fiddly but they went on in not an embarrassing amount of time, 20 minutes isn't bad to put 2 bits of tape on right. And the red paint was prepped. And the big reveal. This was after a couple of coats of red. Just a quick note on the red, this is the best covering red I have ever used from zero paints, the closest match colour wise to this is the 06 f1 red and that took so many coats to get it done this haz taken 2 to get to this. And a couple more coats later it's done. Only left the masks on until it was touch dry so as not to leave any tape residue on the body. The masks worked perfectly. No bleeds what so ever and no jagged edges. The nose cone was done with the body and thankfully the colour match between parts is spot on. Finally I have made a start to the barge boards by panning them up In Halfords gloss black they are now ready for carbon then the white decal. That's that for now. More soon Shaun
  11. MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Great to see you've got on to this John. I'm not the most experienced with the multimedia side of the hobby but if you have any questions if I can answer I will. With the broken part send off an email to Mr hiro through the mfh website and he will replace it with out a worry if he can, his wife deals with the communication side of things and from what I hear she almost always gets the job done. Shaun
  12. Your keyboard keys seem to have got stuck krow 😂😂 Shaun
  13. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Right so I've been working a little more on this as well as the other projects i have going at the moment. The rear body parts have both had carbon applied now and body have had a light coat of Tamiya semi gloss clear applied. There are a few odd spot that I hope with a rub down and another coat will go away. The nose cone has had white primer applied now also. And not long after the nose the main part of the body was covered in white primer. Also this picture perfectly shows why I'm making a new photo area. There are a few bits that need a little attention but hopefully it won't need any more primer and I can get on white putting some colour on. More soon Shaun
  14. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Yeah I see your point sabre. I guess though if more companies used it demand and manfacturing would go up bringing overall costs down. And the point on high street garages is the same with any work really, I mean I wouldn't take my car to a crappy looking shop and expect a show quality full body recolour. Shaun
  15. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    Small update for this build. After letting dry for a few days I started knocking off any high points in the primer. Body. Panels. After this parts were painted in black. This is after 1 coat. 1 more just to bring up the shine will be needed. Once the paint has had around a week to fully cure I will start the long process of adding all those lovely carbon decals. Shaun