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  1. My boys just surprised me with a Heller Citroen c4 wrc which was nice of them. Shaun
  2. Not an update but either way it's some good news for this build thread. My other half just made me aware of any sports f1 showing the 88 Italian gp as part of their classic race program on Monday so I should be able to close off some lose ends on visuals. Shaun
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. And borez it's mad my work area got over 40 a couple of days ago and it's only been today when it's stayed under 30 but with my luck this only happens on the day where I need to sleep most of the day as work needs me to be up until 4-5 tomorrow morning. Shaun
  4. A little update to this from what I have done today. A few of the engine/turbo parts have been painted up. This part of the turbo has been painted in duraluminium And the rest of the turbo parts and exhaust parts have been painted with alclad exhaust manifold, which was the first time I've used this colour and I can see myself using it more soon, it's a light black sort of colour with a hint of copper. The camera picked up the copper colour most as they do look darker in person. I've got around to painting a few of the smaller details on the engine/gear box like the drive shaft output and some of the bolt heads with metal colours. The rear pull rods and spring have been painted up in alclad and tamiya pot paints. The arms need finishing. Turbo ducts have been sanded down and are both now ready for some primer. I added bits of plastic to the top of the rear radiators as they are the wrong shape in the kit and have a more curved top edge. And finally as I said the body sections are now ready for the red coat. I got some down on the floor part as this needs a few different colours before it's done. And that's where the good/ happy update takes a turn down hill (through my own mistake I may add). The floor pan was primed in the same way as the rest of the body apart from I used zero paints pink primer on the areas that needed red, but because I'm a bit of a t**t I decided not to do the pink primer layer on the body parts for 2 reasons 1) because the gulf blue I used on my last build had such good coverage I talked myself into thinking this red would too 2) the pink primer balled up kind of like it dried before hitting the part on some areas of the floor so I didn't want to add more time before I could get some red on. So I painted the floor in red and it's a nice red, then I painted the red over body parts in just grey primer and the colour came out so different I made the decision to strip the body parts of the red and prime it in white so it gets somewhere close to what the floor is. So in a little bit of a mood from what happened above I started gluing bits together in the engine bay. The turbo/exhaust is now completed minus the turbo ducts which still needs painting Then I took it a step further and started adding bits not in the kit but that were in the reference pics like the tubing for the forward radiator to the engine. More soon Shaun
  5. So finally after a couple of weeks I have started to show this build some love but honestly it's in a stage now where I am just waiting on the body before I can progress properly. The body has been clear coated with 2-3 coats and been cut back with micro mesh 3600 now I'm just waiting on the weather to cool a little as my work area get incredibly hot from midday onwards. And finally I have managed to be in for an order from hiroboy for once so my paint stocks have been replenished which includes the gold i needed for the wheel centres. There not finished yet and still need at least one more coat and the centres finishing. And that's it really as the interior can only be completed once the body is ready and the floor pan is finished so hopefully in a couple of days I can have so proper work to do with this. Shaun
  6. Great job stu. The finishs looks very good. Shaun
  7. The heat at the moment is a killer also for paints and motivation, it gets up to 40 in my work space most days with the sun now so Its either sit in and mess with plastic or go out in the garden and chill out in the kids pool, the pool has won the last few days. My plans with the engine are to add as many details as I can without majorly modifying parts so a little plumbing here and there, radiator hoses and a few other bits. Shaun
  8. Right so I believe an update on where this is at is called for. Basically with the little time I have had for hobbies recently I have used it mainly just to tidy up areas I don't like. The main body part was fixed with all those little sink marks in the primer and wet sanded the primer then applied more primer. So now it is ready for a coat of 80s Ferrari red. Rims have been painted in a mix of flat and gloss black as I didn't have any semi gloss black. Just the silver rim to go now. And the brakes have been painted in alclad steel. The centre part needs painting. More soon Shaun
  9. So a little more has actually been done to this before I move on with it. The decals on the body are finished. I will have to wait a little bit though until my decal paper turns up to make some more decals for a few that were massively oversized on the rear quarter panels but its no big deal. With the wing on And other than the decals that took me far longer than they should have I have progressed with the interior by gluing the roll cage in and the dash on. There is plenty of room to manoeuvre the seat and other little bits in. Hopefully now the mini mes are back at school now I should be able to take the gun out of my mouth and move my builds on quicker. Shaun
  10. Thanks guys Shaun
  11. I think 2 weeks is long enough without a little update on where this build is. And honestly due to my current work schedule and the school holidays it hasn't moved forward as much as I'd have hoped. I am now at a stage where most of the parts have been painted or are in a primer coat ready for paint. So the main part of the body. There are a few bits I'm not fully happy with like this area where the primer has pin holed for some reason and it definatly not the filler as there is only a very thin line where the join was and also a few little areas I want to change at the front are bugging me. The side pods have gone the same a little plus my sanding wasn't the greatest there also And finally I have taken the decision to drill out the holes for a little more realism. More soon Shaun
  12. I've messed around with these old smer kits in the past but didn't ever think to take it to the level you have with this. I mean havening the inner workings done up is great but (not trying to plant an idea but...) have you thought about having a half open build to show off all this great under workings you have done at the end. Shaun
  13. Good man Mr borez, using the Mrs make up stuffs for modelling use. Funnily enough I do the same and I've found those little tipped spongy type things they use for eye shadow works great for weathering stains. And they also have these great big brush things that are great for getting dust off, just make sure they haven't been used first and are non static. Shaun
  14. It's just my opinion on it to be honest. I think given mclarens history they could have done a much nicer job on the livery, don't get me wrong parts design wise it's a very interesting car, the front wing pillars are a work of art but it's not enough when it's got an early 2000s arrows livery. Plus being a Ferrari fan and watching f1 from the mid 90s I've always been used to McLaren being up in the top 3-4 teams and over the last few years with the woefully bad Honda power and reliability it's a sad sight to see this once great team lumbering around out of the points most of the time. It's great to have new teams challenging for titles every now and again but you need the old guard like Ferrari, williams and McLaren up at the front. I mean when you hear someone talking about a McLaren williams or Ferrari you know they are talking fast cars or motorsport and on the other side if you over hear someone saying Mercedes or redbull you tend to think road car or energy drink first. Shaun Reading this back it sounds a little rantish but it's not ment in that way, I am just very passionate about f1 and it's historic values.
  15. Also a lot of rumours floating around about another dog of a car ebbro have in the works, a 2017 McLaren mcl32. Shaun