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  1. Ferrari F187/88c

    Thanks Mr happy there will be one soon I've just finished off a weekend of nightwork and looking after the kids during the day so a little sleep in coming first then maybe some time for models later Shaun
  2. Ferrari F187/88c

    Thanks ade. These are the mm sheets I use http://www.hiroboy.com/Micromesh_Pack_8_Different_Grades_in_1_Pack--product--4972.html And that white shell in the back of picture 2 is not a sauber, I do have the aeg sauber to do at some stage though, the shell is actually the jag xjr9 I'm trying to turn into something that closely resembles the 1991 xjr12 that came second at lemans that year. Shaun
  3. Ferrari F187/88c

    Thanks for the comments on the car hopefully when this pain in the bottom weekends is over I will have some life left in me to put some clear on. Ah I can't see that anymore on my phone after the recent forum update and very rarely have the privilege to use the computer anymore with the kids and wife hogging it. Shaun
  4. I've done something very similar to this with and entire engine/gearbox assembly, I finished it then wrapped it up in tissue paper and put in a "safe" place only to lose it for 2 weeks then found it just after emailing for replacement parts. Like you there were many bad words that came from my mouth. Shaun
  5. Ebbro 1/20 Lotus 88b

    The engine is looking wonderfully detailed and the McLaren funnels only add to the realism. Shaun
  6. This Ferrari is from 1983

    Ooooooo Ferraris. Great job on these little tiny kits you have far more patience than me. Also where the bases supplied with the kits as they look very nice. Shaun
  7. Ferrari F187/88c

    Big news The decals are finally done. First off the whole body was micro meshed down to have a fully flat surface as it helps with the final clear coats. The areas where decals will be going have had a few more grades of mesh though up to around 6000 to 8000. This really helps with decal placement and adhesion and gives less chance of tiny air bubbles under the decal. And on go the decals. For me this car is bitter sweet as the decal stage is one of the most enjoyable as it really brings race cars to life but on the other hand this cars simple livery gives it such a nice clean look unlike most modern f1 cars. When it came to the rear section and side pods they did require a little more skill, especially with the agip decals the needed slicing through which was done with a new clean blade after they had around 20 minutes to dry off after applying them. Also 1 gripe I do have with the livery is the fiat decal, now I get that the fiat company owns Ferrari but they could have made a little more effort into the brand logo for f1 looks, maybe do away with the blue and just have white branding on a red background to fit in with most of the other sponsors on the car. And that's it all done after the second layer of the Marlboro decals were added which was a little tricky getting it all to line up more so on the 2 behind where the drivers head would be due to the curves. And finally just a little soon to be picture. Hopefully not too long away. And that's it my modelling for the week done until atleast Monday evening now which weather permitting is when I will hopefully get some clear on the body parts. More soon Shaun
  8. Ferrari F187/88c

    Damn claps go out it is from my Merc w04 build, it's been so long since I touched that I was hoping it would slip under the radar. And a sharknose I wish F1 still made cars as pretty as the old sharknose. Shaun
  9. Hasegawa Group C kits

    Not too sure about the xjr8 but 8m working with the imsa xjr9 at the moment and I suppose the worst I can say is that detail wise it's on par with the revell Porsche 956/962, no real engine detail and minimal cockpit detail. Depending on what release type it is the decals are hit and miss, mainly if it's the original release then you'll need to be very careful with the decals or over coat them with micro scale decal film or better still try and get hold of a new set of decals from tabu or s27, the new releases have decals made by someone new I believe so should be ok. Basically most of the hasegawa group c cars build into good curbside models some need more love to get them into good shape whereas some are just hard not making them look good ie pretty much all the Porsche 962s just fall together the Nissan though I've heard are pretty tricky especially paint wise. The jag should build into a good car, I would suggest painting the purple areas on the front and sides with either tamiya ts lavender or zero paints jag silk cut purple. Oh and if it has wheel covers on the rear don't do what I did and cut them out as it's a real pain to get the curvature right again. Shaun
  10. New Man Porsche 956

    Great start. I know from experience how much of a pain these old Newman cars are to paint. Shaun
  11. That is really gorgeous. An iconic car crafted from scratch, after taking a quick look at this I took a look at the build thread before commenting. You have a real talent with wood (for some reason I laughed after I typed that. Yes childish I know). Shaun
  12. T-d-j you've done a great job a this kit especially as it's you first in 20 years having made this kit already I know it's not the easiest in some bits around the engine. And also you haven't got the bowed rear wing main plane like some other guys (including myself) have as the struts in the centre are sometimes a little too long. Shaun
  13. TailorMadeDecals - anybody used them ?

    If they are decaldoc then I will vouch for them. They are good quality and not to hard to use compared to normal decals. Another place you could try is pattosplace as they have every livery known to man and are good quality but a little thick sometimes. Shaun
  14. Ferrari F187/88c

    Haha I wish the light bulb ment that lol but no the light bulb is there as like many things in my house recently things keep breaking. On to the car. Like with my other builds recently things are moving quite slowly. The main body parts have now been sat waiting for decals for over a week which normally I do the day the clear has cured as it's one of my favourite parts of a build. This is everything I've done since the last update. The rear body work panels that have stopped me from being able to finish off the rear suspension have now been polished up. As you can probably see above I have added some silver foil to the back side. And just to fudge out this update a little more. I cut out the suspension openings in the foil which was quite tricky with the curve at the top but they've come out ok I think. And finally I have had a little experiment with tyre marbles which may or may not be used on this but definitely on the McLaren mp4/31 I will be doing soon. The tyre black paint is still a little wet in the picture which is why it's so shiny on the surface. More soon Shaun
  15. Hasegawa jaguar xjr9 imsa

    Thanks Roger. I have to admit I do have a soft soft for these old jaaaaagggggss. I would but there isn't that much out there for the hasegawa car and the s27 xjr9 etch is more suited to the tamiya car so a lot would be wasted if I got that. Plus every now and again it's nice to have a simple build with just paint and decals to worry about. Shaun