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  1. Great injidup looking forward to seeing your progress. I have the same kit in my lot of 917s I am a little wary of the martini stripes going over the curves of the front end properly that is why I started of my 917 adventure with a simple gulf car. I have to admit that when I was looking into these cars last year I was a little shocked when I saw Dr helmet marko drove this, I've always thought what right does he have to judge if a driver is good or not in the rbr driver program. Shaun
  2. Finally I have managed to paint this with some white primer so very soon I will have this in some nice white paint ready for the fluorescent yellow lines. More soon Shaun
  3. Any of the big ones to be honest tamiya, ebbro, aoshima, Fujimi, s27, mfh. And anyone else that makes good car kits. Quite frankly I think it would be really bad for the hobby as a whole to lose any of the makers as it's then narrowing the market. Shaun
  4. How did I not see this on here. Great build. The paint looks great and those gold rims really are the part. Shaun
  5. It looks really good, to be honest a lot better than I thought could be done with a paint pen. I think I may have to get one of the refill packs for future builds little bits. Shaun
  6. Thanks plasticsurgeon. I may just get the daytona kit at a later stage as I now have a lot of gulf blue paint left. Shaun
  7. Body look great and I for one would like to see how the chrome pen works. Shaun
  8. Some of you can probably tell with the amount of my older stalled builds today has been a very productive day, that has something to do with the lovely weather and also as I've been up since 4.30 this morning watching qualifying for f1 (which I am also very happy with as Ferrari looks to be very close to the front this year ) Today I have got some more clear onto the bottom half of the body so in a couple of days once I have polished it up slightly, no where near normal as it's a 70s lemans car so the paints weren't great, I can finally start pushing forward to getting this thing on its wheels. Speaking of wheels I have painted up the rims in a mix of tamiya x18, rubber black and a small amount of gun metal. After getting some semi gloss clear over the rims, mainly for protection not because I wanted more shine, I put the rims in the tyres and had a go with Fujimis normal crappy tyre decals. They look ok but it took a lot of patience to get them into place as like normal Fujimi tyre decals they didn't want to leave the backing paper And finally I have started to clear coat the upper part of the body, going very slowly as not to mess up the decals now. More soon Shaun
  9. This is another build that stalled due to paint and then got pushed down the order because of other projects but I have got it back out today (must be something to do with this weather it's near enough 20°c down here in the south) Right so to keep all you lot upto date i decided to change the paint again as over the last month and a half inches have seen lot of orange 570s' and a few blue ones, one being the exact same as I wanted to do but better, so I want something that no one has done yet and luckily just recently put an order into hiroboy for some paints so this is the new colour Above was after a couple of light coats, I have had problems with this colour before bubbling up in panel gaps and creases so slow and steady was the order of the day. Now this was after around 10 light passes to build the colour. And now finally for this update this is after painting the roof black ready for some carbon and a couple of light coats of clear The colour is zero paints plum crazy purple for those who were wondering. Originally I bought the purple for a future build of a liberty works performance car. More soon Shaun
  10. Right so I think it's about time to drag this build back on to the table. After a couple of months sat in storage because the red plastic of this tamiya model is just insane and managed to get through around 4 coats of 2 different types of primer at the same time I had to get some zero paints sealer paint which I put on yesterday and because it's very quick drying I also got some tamiya white primer on again afterwards with thankfully no problems so far so the brawn is slowly coming back to life. More soon Shaun
  11. Looking great, I love the colour Shaun
  12. I'm not sure, I was think something with a simple shape like the rear wing plane of a porsche 956/962 as if it works nicely first time I always have a use for that kind of thing. Shaun
  13. This is not going to happen any time soon as the person responsible for bringing our great police force across the country to it knees with needless cuts to staffing and funding is now in charge of the whole country. Shaun.
  14. Thanks guys. I just need to wait a few days for the clear coat on the side deflectors to harden up then I should have this finished, maybe even just before the new f1 seasons first race starts. Shaun
  15. Thanks guys. I watch the lemans film on YouTube not long ago. It was pretty good for a old film I liked how they used actual footage from the race in it. Yeah it's a lot nicer than that turquoise colour the plastic came in and unlike what I have seen from others builds of this kit the decals were actually pretty good and went down with no fuss, I have to admit my original thoughts about this kit are changing a lot the more I get into it. Shaun