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  1. Lovely finish and the red is perfect. Shaun
  2. Very nice finish. Also I really love the whole gold and red look. Shaun
  3. New Toro Rosso added and my God it's a looker with its new livery. I think the nose is just their version of the s-duct or cooling something from batteries or the driver. But I do admit that I didn't notice it at first, still though I am hoping this car is just an interim test car so sort out engine milage or aero correlation or even just a trick image and the car has no new aero parts on until we see them run tomorrow. Shaun
  4. No cars recently but I did grab a set of these from Shaun
  5. Right so Haas have now officially released the new VF-17. Again not a very interesting car In terms of design but we will see how they go this year. Shaun
  6. New redbull added. I must say I am really disappointed as it looks the same as last year's car just with a fin and new front and rear wings. I'm hoping it's just like the Williams and tomorrow a totally different car rolls out for testing. Shaun
  7. People will normally say won on purchases as most guys on here know how/where to get stuff cheaper than retail, surely if you get stuff for less than what it should cost it's classed as a win lol just my opinion Shaun
  8. A little sneak peak of the haas testing Shaun
  9. Same as the force India really but I am hoping that due to these being the release cars that the aero will change a lot before Melbourne and even more by the Spanish gp in may. Shaun
  10. Right so getting to the closing stages of this build now finally. A lot of carbon is being added to all the little parts like the front wing tuning vanes below The drs activator is going through the same carbon adding The leading edges of the front wing also have had carbon added as well as the inner most tips The steering wheel has had the kit decals and carbon added, just need to paint the handles now and add the parts to the back Finally after trying to get the fit right I have the lower parts of the front suspension on. Then started on the front bulkhead by adding (yep you guess it) carbon to parts. The gearbox was added, the wheel hub is just sat in place to help glue in one of the suspension arms in the right place for later. I added so silver foil to the exhaust area as heat shielding Later on once things had a while to set up I glued the floor pan on and seat in also as well as the upper front suspension arms A few more rear suspension parts were added and also the exhaust was glued in place, as it's the real metal one there where no pins to go in the body so a little strip of plastic card was used on the most inside part so it stays hidden The seat that won't be seen once finished has had some belts added, they are looses due to the driver figure needing to go in under them slightly as he exits The nose is almost finished, everything is just placed at the moment though Jeez all those wing parts really beat my vision up while putting the carbon on but I think it looks worth it with the thicker parts of the wings getting a more course grade of weave. And finally for this update the wheels have had the tyre seem sanded off then smoothed down the whole surface for the slightly worn look as mclaren Hondas normally blew up withing the first 15 laps so didn't wear the tyres as much as others lol More soon Shaun
  11. Op edited for Williams FW40 real car pictures. They have has the light adjusted to show more of the darker details. Shaun
  12. From what I've seen on other forums and facebook the mclaren more resembles the old spyker f1 from 07 but yeah I see the manor also. Oh well only 1 more big team to come on Sunday and a few of the midfield cars and we'll have a full grid. Also big news whilst I'm thinking of manor. Rumour has it that manor may just make the grid in 2017 but maybe not until the Spanish gp or they could start the year in a modded version of last year's car, not too sure about that though as they were 3 or more seconds off the fastest last year so with it being apparently upto 5 seconds faster this year they would be somewhere close to maybe 6 seconds off the pace which surely is dangerously slow but I guess the Fia would get very strict on the 107% rule in quali but then what's the point in turning up to races if your not going to qualify especially if your a small team with no money. Shaun
  13. I think Williams will be doing something on Sunday or Monday morning before testing. Shaun
  14. New mclaren added. Not too sure on the colours but it is better than the all black look. a lot of very nice design bits though like the nose wing supports and the rear wing end plates. Aesthetics wise it looks the most developed compared to the almost primitive looking Sauber. Shaun
  15. New Ferrari sf-70h added. Being a massive Ferrari fan I'm not sure what to think of it yet. I quite like the side pod inlets though a lot more different to any other team so far. Shaun