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  1. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Ah I understand Colin. At the moment I'm not too sure but when I get in from work I'll have a gander at the sheet to see if there's a name anywhere. And you are indeed correct Mr sabre this car is taking up a lot of space aswell as a lot of my spare time so far. Just hoping I can get some red and white on the main parts of the car before I shut the airbrush down over the winter. Shaun
  2. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Hi Colin. I do t know unfortunately but I do know that mfh have a pretty good range of carbon decal available on hiroboy https://www.hiroboy.com/search?q=Mfh+carbon Shaun
  3. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Right so I've really been slacking on this build I feel with the updates not really progressing the build enough so I have decided to move rear wards on the car and get a few on the more overlooked parts done while I'm waiting for other bits to be ready for the next phase. So before I left for work today I got out the rear underside body panels that I had sprayed up in gloss black. You can't really tell in the picture but the surface is a mirror. Honestly one of the best rattle can blacks I have ever used. So now moving on, before I sprayed the part I took a template with masking tape. Using mfh square carbon decal I cut around the template to give that little bit more room for error. Stuck it down with micro set and micro sol and a little heat from the wife's hairdryer and voila. Again the picture doesn't show the full effect of how well the decal sat down on the part but given how many different angle there are there is very little to be unhappy about. And just sat on the floor pan to give a representation of where the part will go. It also shows the curvature a little better. More soon Shaun
  4. Glad to see you back in the car section Mr monk. Shaun
  5. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Your indeed correct f1insider no body has answered it yet. Your almost correct in the what and where they are, they are the tuning vanes directly beneath the lower front suspension arms. Shaun
  6. Ferrari F-1/87-88

    Great job. That finish looks flawless. Shaun
  7. Ferrari F187/88c

    Right so I think 2 weeks is enough of a gap between posts. The little Ferrari, which is now being made by mfh into a big Ferrari, has had some quite substantial progress. The rear end has been all but finished with the drive shafts been put in and the brake ducts onto the hubs then the upper suspension arms placed on. Also the brake disks and calipers have been glued on. Same sort of story at the front of the car also. So the main body section was glued to to floor pan and the uprights completed so am also at a point where it just needs the wheels. As you can probably tell from above the side pods have been glued on also. A little picture of the inside of the side inlets. The rear sections of parts have been painted black. Then finally I stuck on a few of the final engine parts like the turbo/exhaust system, the top parts of the engine and the rear parts of the radiators. Realistically now it just the wings and wheels to do so I'm quite happy to be this close to another complted build. More soon Shaun
  8. Had a few decent buys in the last couple of weeks Revell Kevin harvick 2015 spec I guess nascar. Hasegawa from a Porsche 962. Tamiya Porsche 956 with s27 962 upgrade trans kit. Tamiya Merc clk-gtr original teile wi5h scale motorsport version 2 super detail set. And finally for the plastic side of things a ut models Porsche 911 gt1 evo 97 spec. Now for some resin goodies. Mfh 1/20 Ferrari f2008 DTM 1/20 Redbull RB7 Monaco. Shaun
  9. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Evening chaps. So unlike vettels and Ferraris championship effectively being over this build is far from it. The body is taking steady progress I just need to get the horns on and I can finally get some final primer on. Most of the metal bits on the floor pan have been glued on minus the ones that will get in the way when it comes to carbon decals later on. Then like the body part above had some primer put on. Again same sort of story with the gearbox part. Metal parts glued on and primer applied. Then it was the same thing for the drive shaft shrouds but this was more for locating all the little pin holes in the metal that will have some filler put on before moving forward. The wheels were painted but I think I may have gone a touch heavy with the paint so there's a possibility I may be striping and restating the wheels. And finally the exhaust main tube has been painted with zero bike forks gold as in pretty much all of the reference I've seen it's a shiny gold colour, apart from the lovely clear pictures from the Malaysian gp of the car on the grid with the engine cover off. But this gold was the closest I colour get to the chrome gold on the real car so it stays. More soon Shaun
  10. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Thanks for the comments guys. I'm hoping that if the weather stayed dry and lower humidity over the weekend to really get a few smaller/easier bits painted and complete. Shaun
  11. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    So tume for this week's instalment of my big mfh build. After finally sorting the side pods at tge end of my last update i made the call to put some primer of the body and frankly I'm glad I did as there was so much I missed when sanding. Excuse the mess in the background I needed to make space for the car which as you can see is too large for my little makeshift picture cube, so it's either make a new bigger one or just buy one for not too much from eBay. So above was done just before the weekend and since then I changed focus a little and made some progress with the floor pan, but then after looking at the mountain of pictures I have of the floor from the early to mid season car I noticed Ferrari use around 6-7 different styles of carbon fibre on just the floor alone so a swift order put in to hiroboy was made for some carbon to add to the many I already have. Also while looking at the pictures I made the call to add rivets what not to the engine cover and where ever else they are needed so some rivets of larger diameters were also added to the order. And then finally today I went around the car and drilled out the holes and deepen the recesses already in the body to accommodate the little rivets, which I am glad to say won't be out there shiny as Ferrari have them very dark in colour. Also this picture will give a better idea why I was glad I primed the body from the pin holes and dips near the airbox and on the shark fin. More to come shortly Shaun
  12. So I've had a few little buys over the past week. Firstly a tamiya rothmans Porsche 956 with the s27 962 longheck 88spec upgrade set. Then not long ago I just managed to secure a s27 brawn gp Brazil/Japan spec car so the one I was trying to make has been made obsolete. Shaun
  13. Gravity Colours ???

    That's odd as I always though gravity US was the same as gravity EU just 2 locations to better equip the globe and keep shipping times down... obviously not. Either way long live gravity EU as I've used them a few times now and never had any issuse with them. Shaun
  14. Ferrari F187/88c

    So slow moving with this build now I have the sf70 that requires so much prep work but I have taken an hour today to finish off the red parts of body work. The main cockpit peice, 2 side pods and the engine cover have been rubbed down with micro mesh to give an all over even shine. All that's left now is possible a quick rub of wax to make the shine deep but I'm not 100% as I feel the shine is good enough for 80s paint work. Moving away from shiny bits and the wing elements are finally being painted black very slowly as this jet black is ridiculously easy to screw up. And the front suspension arms have all been painted with a semi gloss black just need to brush on the pick up points. And finally the seat was painted I feel I need to tone it down with some smoke paint before finishing off. More soon Shaun
  15. Great start to the build darin the tyres do look so much better and it's an ingenious way to install them. Shaun