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  1. Progress from today. On the standard car I have painted most of the interior parts. And the hood has had another coat of clear applied which should be the final one now. On to the LB car now and it's just been a case of painting up little bits and getting ready to put it all together The engine hoses have been chrome painted like the radiator. The radiator has been painted with aqua gloss and had the decal applied, just need to paint the bands and I can click it into the car. The head lights have had the decals applied, just need to add the actual light parts and I can get these into the car body. I am having thoughts of stripping the chrome look and going semi gloss black but I'm not 100% yet plus redoing the decal won't be hard Hood ducts have had some carbon applied. These little side lights were a pain as they needed a little trimming down but it was only a quick 5 minute job so not too bad. The rear section inside the exhaust openings has finally been painted. The engine bay has been painted and lower windscreen panel has had carbon added. More soon Shaun
  2. Tamiya Ferrari F40

    I have a couple but haven't built the 24th scale one yet. The 1/16 version for me has been incredible so far no real issuse to report but I don't know if they used the same designs for both kits. Shaun
  3. A little more progress on these kits in the very limited time I've had available over the past few days. It's all been on the LB car as that one is the closest to being finished So to start off I've heard A lot of praise recently for the window masks on the amg gt3 tamiya car. Now kit box window masks are not something I would normally use as most are crap but as I have 2 of the same windows to paint I though I'd give the Aoshima masks a try. I'm really happy how they worked, super crisp lines and not 1 little bit of paint bleed. Top job Aoshima. Moving on to the engine bay a little now. I painted the little boxes and tanks that are fitted to the surround. And last bit on the engine the front radiator was painted with molotow chrome as this flat coated car does need some shiny bits. Now onto the interior. From the wheels you will have seen that gulf orange will feature in the colours of the car so what better to match an iconic old colour with than a bit of modern style carbon fibre. It will be semi gloss coated And finally the tub peice of the interior will have the central section all in carbon also. More soon Shaun
  4. Hey Matt remember you were asking about the blue for the 97 lm f1 gtr. Well zero paints just released a set of paints for the blue and orange colour. Shaun
  5. Tamiya Ferrari F40

    Use the fujimi kit the lm version is under £10 from plazajapan.co.jp right now. Shaun
  6. New Man Porsche 956

    Great work so far. Your eye for detail is above many of the other 956s I've built or seen built. Shaun
  7. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have to agree that the wheels will look better with no decals but I will still probably test just to see. I also do agree to some extent on some LB cars being ruined but at the same time they are just show cars so it's more about looks than performance in most cases. Check out the LB webite as there are some absolutely stunning cars on there and some that do look a touch odd. http://libertywalk.co.jp/bodykit/lb-works/ Shaun
  8. A small update of the little bits I have done in the past few days while other bits are drying. The wheels and tyres are near enough done now. There are tyre decals in the kit but I highly doubt they will fit on the super low profile tyres. I have made a start to the lights on the body and where better to start than the iconic rear rings. For me nothing make a GT-R look better with the 4 circle rear lights installed. The rear lights are made up of 3 parts for each side and the fit into the holes is absolulty perfect, much better than the fujimi version GT-R. Second colour of the interior is now on. 1 more to go and some decals and it's finished. More soon Shaun
  9. There are not enough good words to desribe how well you have finished this. Just amazing. Shaun
  10. Thanks roger its not bad and thankfully the matt finish has really grown on me. .................................................................... So for this evenings update I finally have made a start to the smaller bits. So the engine for the LB car has been primed and painted in alclad white aluminium. The top part of the engine has also had the same treatment. The outer rims for the LB car were stripped of the rather nicely done black paint from Aoshima and so far painted in primer And finally for the LB car I painted on the body with a brush to pick out some grime lines. And then lastly the first stage in the wide body bolts have been pointed. And on the standard car it's just been a case of flatting down the latest coat of clear and shining up a few small areas for the few decals that need to go on. So far as the hood/ bonnet doesn't need any decals I flatted it down and sprayed with the first of a couple of layers of Mr hobby top coat. It' not perfect but I feel with a couple more coats it will have a super shine. More soon Shaun
  11. Another molotow thread

    Just regular old cellulose thinners for a flush. But the whole iwata cleaning set for a tear down. Shaun
  12. An update for today. So after taking the advice from here and my better half I went with the semi gloss finish to the carbon. This was less than a minute after spraying. 5 minutes and to show my cheap masking method. And finally around an hour later when it was touch dry. And I have to agree it is a much better finish overall And for the final part of the update. The interior parts where stripped and redone with white primer and gulf orange. Now on to masking and the second colour. More soon Shaun
  13. Another molotow thread

    So to follow on from my learning experience of what clear coat not to use. I followed codgers way and lowered the pressure but it came out a little lumpy finish with the chrome, not terrible but noticeble. Then this morning I tried out the aqua gloss and here's the result. Even with the bumpy surface it kept the mirror effect a lot better than with any other clear so far. I have no doubts it would be properly mirror if more care was given in preparing the surface. Shaun
  14. Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador SV

    Very nice finish with the blue so far. Also i like the idea to have gold bits other than the wheels. Shaun