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  1. AB33

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Awesome knowledge! I don't have it to hand but in the instructions, I think, this is the livery described at 'Qualifying for Silverstone'. Now you say all that, although it is described as a 1977 car on the box, it could well have been a Qualy car from another year, but then there's a story as to why it's not described as his race car..........
  2. AB33

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Vicarage Vee, as far as I know, it's the 1977 car, named the Type 78. I know back then in GP racing, they would introduce new models of cars at odd times through the year and often used the same chassis with slight mods over a few years. Also, although there could be two cars in the team, they may have different sponsors etc. It was a much more interesting time of the sport! Colin, yes, I tried that and I just couldn't get the seams off. I've ordered a dremel and that's going to be one of the first jobs it will see action in. It was something my eye was drawn to and I'd love to come up with a great way of re-creating tyre wear, maybe some thinners??
  3. AB33

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Thank you! The decals are in the Tamiya kit. Quite a few aren't used and there are choices as to who's version of the car you wanted to re-create (Peterson or Andretti) though due to the PC era we now live in, we aren't allowed to be given andy John Player Special logos! The Olympus decals on the side pods are not the best if I'm honest. They are one piece, inc the thin pinstripe line around the edge. Maybe I didn't do a good job of putting them on but they seemed a bit thick and didn't seem to sit well over the raised bolts/rivets, despite using micro sol and and micro set. I'm enjoying buying all the tools and learning the new techniques as I am actually building the things!
  4. I honestly have no idea where to even start to try and replicate something like this! Exceptional.
  5. AB33

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Thanks Steve, yes, it's hard to get the right look of the gloss. It was my first go with the 2pk system and I think I just got excited by how shiny it was looking! But it's not very scale realistic. I have tried rubbing a finish down with micromesh and I wasn't happy with the result but, I think my technique needs more work. I use the Tamiya finishing polish kit which does seem to do a good job, but I guess it's all about leaving hte surface to dry for long enough and then not over doing it.... All part of the fun!
  6. AB33

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Thanks. I really enjoyed making it.
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks for having me! I'm a total newbie to Britmodller or indeed posting models on any forum but this place seems to have some really high quality builders/artists. I want to improve my techniques so I'm here to learn from the best. I could quite easily just lurk on here, appreciating everyone's efforts but I've forced myself to post this in order to get better at this great hobby! Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the best out of ya! Like most, I stated modelling as a kid then had a short break of about 25 years. A few years ago, I got the Tamiya Williams FW14b 1/12 scale as a present. After such a long hiatus, I thought I best buy a couple of kits to remind myself what to do. I finished those over a couple of years then something clicked about a year ago and I've really got back into it. I've still not touched the Williams because I am a) scared and fully aware I don't yet have the technical ability to do the kit justice, or at least to the level I want. The great thing about coming back to modelling is being able to now buy all the cool kit that does make a big difference to the finish including airbrushes and really sharp knives which I wasn't allowed when I was 7. I mainly build cars as that's my interest but I do have some nice planes to build so I'll maybe do one of those next. So this is my fifth model since I started back and it's the fourth car. It's a Lotus Type 78 1977, Ronnie Peterson car. The kit is a Tamiya, which in my limited experience, are really easy to work with and excellently made. For painting, I used Tamiya TS-14 for the body with a (probably too thick) Zero paints 2pk lacquer gloss finish. I used Tamiya acrylics for all the parts that weren't metal. For all the metal parts, engine, gearbox, exhaust etc, I used various paints in the fantastic Alclad range. I did try to weather the exhaust with Alclad's 'manifold' paint as well. The photos are actually quite kind to the gloss black finish because I managed to get a good amount of dust under each layer. I have since read a great painting guide on here so I'm looking forward to using that on my next project. I'm still happy with the smoothness of the gloss, though I would say that's got a lot to do with how good the Zero paints system is. Anyway, feel free to make some constructive criticism as I am fully aware there is loads of work to be done yet!