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  1. Revell PT 109 New tool

    Negative; this is 1/72 scale. The Italeri kit is 1/35 scale. And while it has its problems, is still a far better model than this relic with lipstick Revell is trying to push.
  2. Revell PT 109 New tool

    I'm hoping Hobbico is not betting on saving the company with this one....it still looks pretty plain. While they have added stuff to make it closer to PT-109 as it was sunk, the 'new' detail still looks like it came out of the 60s or 70s. I am going to let this one pass by with no regrets. While more accurate, it still does not impress me in quality, especially not for 2018.
  3. Bandai Star Wars for sale

    From the site rules - Only post items for sale/wanted/for trade in the buy sell area and nowhere else on the site. We would ask for no commercial trading in the buy/sell area. If you are a trader and would like to sell here, please contact the moderating team and arrange for your own forum.
  4. Italeri Iwo Jima flag waivers

    Disagree - While Monogram does not exist as an independent company any longer, their trademark brand name and more importantly, their molds most certainly do still exist. The Vietnam statue 'Three Fighting Men' was issued only once I know of, in 1988. It was a 1/10 snap together kit, and I recall it not fitting all that well. While uncommon, it is not impossible to find on the usual places, like eBay. And I think it is unlikely to be on the current Revell-Monogram company's reissue plans.
  5. Disney "Planes"

    Probably not related, since it is a common word 'star', instead of something made up like 'Airfix' or a person's name, like 'Tamiya'. The earliest references I can find to the current Zvezda are from the early 1990's. They released some of their own stuff, and reboxed some Italeri kits then. Their 1/35 T-60 tank kit was their first armor release, and this is pretty generally regarded as one of the worst, if not the worst, 1/35 armor kit on the market. They've come a long way in less than 30 years, that is for sure.
  6. Disney "Planes"

    Minor pedantic correction - Zvezda is a Russian company, headquartered in the the town of Lobnya, which is close to Moscow.
  7. Star wars models

    It's a great little set, too. Even in 1/144 scale, it's obvious the two pilots in the U-Wing kit represent K-2 and Captain Andor. The tanks are small, but do have the option to have the hatch open/closed, with a stormtrooper commander in the open one. Only disappointment to me was the TIE Striker. They did not include any clear parts for the canopies on it, all molded solid. Overall, this is an excellent set, if you don't mind the small scale. Meanwhile, another coming soon source of approximately appropriate sized minis will be Star Wars : Legion from Fantasy Flight Games. This game will use 28mm figures, a little smaller than 1/48, but you could likely get by. They will be releasing an AT-ST for it, also. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/18/star-wars-legion/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/26/all-terrain-scout-transport/
  8. Most suitable 1/35 Panther for Normandy campaign?

    Really a stretch if it has to be Tamiya and Normandy. While some 'D' models were still around, the 'G' did not even enter into production until May 1944, just before the invasion. The Panther 'A' would have been the iconic variant of the Normandy battles. And Tamiya does not have a modern kit of this variant. The Tamiya 'A' is an elderly carpet crawler relic of the 70s. Dragon makes a good version of the 'A', even in a 'Normandy' boxing, kit 6168. If you want a modern, typical, Normandy Panther, that is the kit you want. It's a little pricey and out of production, but can still be found out there.
  9. New Star Wars trailer

    I'd say a lot of what you saw was really due to how much the story changed up until release. The trailers had a lot of stuff you never saw, due to extensive reshooting and editing of the movie after they came out. The major changes to the ending were only part of the story of how much the film changed... some of the shots in the trailers were never even intended for the final cut. https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/15/14268850/star-wars-rogue-one-reshoots-disney-gareth-edwards-tony-gilroy
  10. Dragon Models 1/35 AT-AT

    I think that is being somewhat unfair to the community at large, in blaming them for this particular business decision. For the last several years, Dragon has been pulling back from plastic kits in general, in all areas. Given that, it is not too surprising that the Star Wars line never came to pass, and likely never will. Releases in all areas, from armor, to aircraft and ships, have greatly dwindled the last few years. The people that worked on it with them, will tell you a 1/700 CVN-65 Enterprise kit has been finished for several years, but was never released. Is this changing market conditions that made it unviable, a change in Dragon business plans, or is it just because big 'ol Dragon is scared of the internets? I kind of doubt the latter. Frankly, I think they have done enough to hurt their own reputation. They have gotten lazy and sloppy, and it is not 'toxic' to call a spade a spade - the 1/35 Black Label armor releases were a lazy, sloppy effort, riddled with errors that basic research would have prevented. The M-103 kits are all but a caricature of the real machines...and hobbyists and armor experts had offered Dragon constructive advice on correcting the kits during production. They weren't interested, and released them as full price, high dollar kits, despite serious flaws. And I will not feel bad for calling them out on that. Before anyone asks "Well, you got a plastic 1/35 M-103; isn't that better than nothing?'. In this case, the answer is beyond a doubt NO. Not only is their kit a mess, it has likely discouraged any other manufacturer from attempting it. Because there is now a kit out there, no matter how poor in quality it is. Which counts for a lot in today's diminished plastic model hobby.
  11. PATTON TANK STGB 30 march 2019 - 30th June 2019

    If it goes through, I'd consider joining with something different....and likely a different scale, too. 1/72 M103 Heavy Tank. I have the Dragon M103A1 kit, which is kind of weak, but an easy build. I already finished one, but have a few more to do in the two other schemes they gave in the box. Way more complicated, but I also have the OKB Grigorov 1/72 M103A1 and A2 resin kits also. Very nice kits, and way more accurate, but a ton of work. I haven't decided yet I'm not sure I'd feel up to tackling the horror shows the Dragon 1/35 kits are, but I love the M103! Here's a shot of an M103A2 at a reserve center near me.
  12. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    Going back to other posts here, the thing that ruined Italeri in the US until recently was their choice of importer - MRC. MRC probably buttered up Italeri with tales of how much money they were going to make, until it all crashed and burned when they were charging top tier $$$ for Italeri stuff. And let's face it, while they have some unique subjects, for the most part, especially their back catalog, I consider Italeri a 'second tier' company. They make some decent stuff, but they're not Hasegawa or Tamiya, and they should not be priced the same. But that's exactly what they tried. Recently Italeri broke away, to be distributed by the Hobbico conglomerate... Why anyone in their right mind would let MRC distribute their product is beyond me. I remember in the 70s and 80s they all but destroyed Tamiya in US with their insane pricing when they had the line. Without their bungling, there probably never would have been a Tamiya America - they started up that division mainly to get some control back and try to mitigate the damage MRC did to their brand here. Then MRC proceeded to ruin Fujimi in the US, worked over Italeri, and are presently raking Academy over the coals....it boggles the mind. In short, while there are many factors in play, never underestimate the possibility of simply greedy, poorly run importers.
  13. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    I think that's more a sign of desperation in the armor modeling sector, frankly. The well known, popular, and likely to sell subjects have been done to death by the manufacturers. I think they are grasping at straws now with one off prototypes and paper panzers, throwing them at the wall, and hoping they stick and sell.
  14. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    Somewhat irrationally, I think, 1/32 was the megahotness a few years back. Manufacturers were releasing all kinds of 1/32 kits. And I think a harsh reality of price and amount of space needed set in eventually. Those models are simply not practical to a large number of potential buyers. Same thing happened with 1:200 ships. I'm not sure the big B-17 and Lancaster will have long term selling power. The rabid fanboys grabbed them immediately, and after that.... It's a sad fact of life, but every upscaling reduces the size of the potential market for an already large model. And for a large aircraft, going from 1/72 to even 1/48 makes for likely fewer sales, thus higher prices, which leads to fewer sales, which eventually leads to a manufacturer wondering if they should bother at all. And the answer has obviously been that it is not. I doubt we are going to see any of these in 1/48 by someone else in the foreseeable future...
  15. 1/144 Minicraft B-52D

    We're off to a rough start with the reference to the 'USS Olympic' right at the top of the first page. The B-52D kit mentions 'new fuselage tooling', giving me the impression this is another hack n' slash job on the ancient Crown kit.