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  1. It's not a matter of hydraulics off. The reason for stabilizers drooped is very simple: It's easier to enter the cockpit when the stick is in forward position.
  2. Post war Barracudas Mk. III - armed?

    Was the Barracuda flying in early 50s (EDSG/Sky w/ high demarcation line) armed with rear machine gun(s)? Did they fly with torpedoes at this time too? Or (unarmed) training missions only? Any pics?
  3. Excellent model, really impressive! Just a hint to all builders: The lower of the two aux intakes on each side of the bow should be closed when the engine is off (by gravity). This is valid for M4, not the older!
  4. Sukhoi Su-17 M3/M4 Fitter-K 1:48

    with 3 underwing hardpoints and 2 guns. Want to bet?
  5. New 1/48 Revell Mig-29

    I guess they will move to other product groups - this is already visible. If I would be responsible for the profit margin, I'd do the same.
  6. New 1/48 Revell Mig-29

    Some month ago I had the chance to visit RoG's headquarter in Bünde/Germany (BTW: you would be disappointed to see this, it's more or less a garage company with some warehouse - no production in Germany anymore). The Technical Manager, Uli Taubert (meanwhile retired AFAIK) told us, that 1/48 does not play a role for Revell in Europe as this is a market in Far East and America. They will never come with any new MiG-29 in any scale (he said, there are so many...). The main market for RoG is UK and these guys want to have large BoB (or other WWII stuff) planes. After the 262 series in 32 they will come with "something we had in the past" (Beaufighter? Seafire? no idea). One thing is very clear - RoG is not a rich company and w/o Hobbico they had been disappeared! Their ressources to develop new kits are VERY limited (financial and human), so - of course - they have to focus on things, they can earn money. This is primarily rereleases of their old kits (Monogram and even Matchbox) - a license to print money! On the other hand, it's RC and Fantasy. Bad news for a Quarterscaler...
  7. 1/35 Trumpeter - BTR 60 PU

    Wiki knows:" BTR-60PU-12 (9S482) (punkt upravleniya) (1972) – BTR-60PB converted into an air defense command vehicle and used by units equipped with ZSU-23-4, SA-9 or SA-13. The turret was removed and the vehicle was fitted with the AMU telescope mast on the right side of the front hull roof and the AB1-P/30 1 kW generator on top of the blanking plate.[15] The vehicle is equipped with the 1G13 gyroscope, the KP-4 navigation apparatus and the ASPD-12 computer. Often, the PU-12 is connected to a radar and the radar image is directly visible on the vehicle's IT-45 monitor."
  8. 1/35 Trumpeter - BTR 60 PU

    Great build! Is it a what-if or real? Didn't know that Czech had BTR-60. You should check the insignia,should be like here on OT-64: http://www.army.cz/images/id_5001_6000/5021/02.jpg
  9. SMER 1/48 SU-25 ?

    Shapewise the OEZ is very correct. The Monogram is a very early prototype and not recommended. The OEZ kit is not an easy build (I hope, I can finish mine in a couple of weeks), the fit around the main gear is poor as well as some other points. If you like, there are lots of very nice AM details. I used Eduard, Resin Art cockpit, wheels and electronic bay as well as SAC main gear (seldom case of being worth the money).
  10. Kinetic SU-33

    my are nearly perfect, not such problems
  11. Kinetic SU-33

    DreamModel have wonderful PE. Quality at least as good as Eduard.
  12. Mig 21 PF Question

    It's the same: early (NMF) were blue-grey, late turquoise (camouflaged). Early/late means their life. As f ighters NMF and blue-grey, as recce camouflaged and turquoise.
  13. I always liked the elegant shape of this tiny bomber. Only 100 were build and they were not very successful. Some remaining planes were used as recce planes, also this here from 1941 (314. Recce Regiment). The Mars Model kit is a typical short run kit, but one of the better ones. Details and fit are not bad. PE parts are included, but difficult to identify due to the bad instruction.
  14. Trumpeter 1/48 mig 21f -13

    Aztec have some exotic schemes: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AZD4851
  15. Visitors at Warsaw Pact & neutral air bases?

    This is for sure not true, at least not in general. Damgarten AFB (of VVS) was our (Peenemuende,GDR AFB) common reserve airport. During my service (80's) 2 or 3 times used, never any problem. We had joint exercises with VVS (frequently), for instance 1981 an Autobahn landing of our and VVS MiG-23. We had also visitors from Poland (Lim-6).