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  1. According to the black-and-white pics from these planes I'd say, this model is very close to reality: https://karopka.ru/community/user/6776/?MODEL=245938
  2. Floggerman

    IL 28 Beagle

    There was also an IL-28U for a movie production. Today it's in bad state: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/104850/M/East-Germany-Air-Force/Ilyushin-IL-28U/193/ The iron cross (on strange place) is still visible, the swastika not (no wonder). As this was used for static display only, the right side wasn't camouflaged. If the cammo scheme wouldn't be that difficult, I could not resist...
  3. ...and much better than Trumpy (as mentioned) because it has no seams. I use it for my Trumpy as well as for refurbishing the old MPM
  4. I just ordered the replacement canopy from Special Hobby (https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/l-39-injected-canopy-1-48.html?cur=1&listtype=search&searchparam=l-39) I'll try to replace the Trumpy canopy because all tree parts have a nasty seam in the middle (and I'd destroy the windshield during polishing...)
  5. I build the MPM years ago (actually I restore it as some parts were eaten by carpet monster and the canopy is "golden" too...). It might be 10 years ago or more, but I'll never forget the pain with this kit.. At the moment I build the Trumpy one (conversion to V target tug), and it's very nice. Surface is excellent, fit without problems. The level of detail is medium, especially the cockpit deserves something more. As I will close the cockpits (rear cockpit contains only the wire drum), for me no problem. Some problems only with the decals, they are wrong in many details. That's why I was happy to see that HAD Models from Hungary came out with 2 sheets for L-39, among them my East German V! I paid a lot of money, just to learn that "reserach" in Hungarian means the same than in Chinese. Pure disappointment!
  6. AFAIK that's unfortunately correct . I've build their La-9 and it was fantastic too.
  7. I try this: https://picload.org/view/dciapali/dsc_0053.jpg.html The build was complicated due to the huge number of parts. Instruction was not very detailed, lots of tiny parts unclear. The cockpits (3!) and the bomb bay are pieces of art. The clear resin parts are fantastic. All in all a dream of a kit - but it led me to my limits.
  8. I'd like to show some more pics but I'm too stupid. Dunno why it worked once, now I failed (URL box always shows red) File size?
  9. Obviously we'll have a 1/48 mainstream IM Il-28 soon (Bobcat). I do not regret that I've build the expensive (money and time) full-resin version of this plane. I always loved this huge cold warrior - I saw her flying in the early 80s as a target tug (Peenemunde AFB, East German AF). Hope you like it -and please support Bobcat with buying their edition (I'm still waiting for the SB)
  10. no drawings. This one: https://www.amazon.de/Stahlbeton-Gras-Bahnbefeuerung-militärisch-Flugplätze/dp/3981482204 contains at least some drawings, a ground plan among them. It's about East German Airforce buildings and airports. (the first one about Soviet bases in GDR)
  11. maybe this one? http://aerolit.de/index.php?id=15
  12. Please note that the GPM model shows a Polish shelter with some different features compared to other Eastern Block countries. I build the 48 scale version and modified a lot of things to get a German one (different gates a.s.o.). If you want a Polish - the kit is perfect and easy to build (was my first paper model). PS: it might be oop, maybe on evilbay This is my 1/48:
  13. This is the later "Dresden" scheme
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