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  1. Cockpit photos of French interwar aircraft.

    The French aviation magazine Replic covered most of these types exhaustively. Copies can be found on evilbay for reasonable prices or, if you're feeling stingy, you can browse the usual sites for .pdf scans. I grabbed most of them in my eMule days. Other French aviation magazines often featuring the types are Avions and Fana de l'Aviation.
  2. Tupolev Tu-2S Bat - FINISHED

    This is cool, I didn't know about modified moulds. I have all the three boxings of this kit but in the original version... Other than the two areas you mentioned, one thing that might need a bit of TLC is the wheel wells as they're really bare, and the wheel themselves (the tyre protrudes from the rim). Both issues are fixable with some work, also some more or less scarce resin set exists somewhere. On the whole it's a nice model. Take your time snipping the engine parts and exhaust collectors from the sprues, they're really fragile. A 4.5V hot wire foamcutter might do the trick.
  3. Love scratchbuilds! I'll sit in the corner armchair with an appropriate soundtrack...
  4. A Sherman called "Sheik"

    Geography is not my forte but since there seems to be a plume, it could be Mount Vesuvius, seen from inland? The slope seems to match (Etna's is gentler) and the Allied took Avellino and Benevento in the first days of October. The distinctive shape of Monte Somma would be on the right of the peak proper, hidden by the turret of Sheikh. The plume which had been a constant presence in the history of Vesuvius disappeared after the March 1944 eruption and has never been observed since. EDIT: it's definitely the Vesuvius seen from the south east, hard to pinpoint the town but it could be Terzigno.
  5. 1/48 Academy MIG 29 ub

    Unfortunately, I just saw this thread. Joining tops and bottoms, then back to front is not something I'd advise in general, and not on this kit, which happens to be a dark beast of mine. You can see my last build on here. A combination of multi-part fuselage, thin plastic and aging molds seems to be the bane of this kit. I suggest you bridge that gap with plasticard before puttying (otherwise it's going to crack and crack and crack again) and check the fuselage for misalignment, as warping of the plastic may be the culprit here.
  6. Handley Page Hampden 1/48

    I managed to bring this kit to a basic level of preparation, then losing heart.... Beware that the wing thickness is not the same, port to starboard, and the fuselage halves length also are not matching. Some parts are so crude, one wonders how the masters were. I recommend a Dremel to do the bulk of the job. Good luck!
  7. Tupolev Tu-2 VS to Tu-2S

    According to my source, it's not that the VS did not exist, it's that there were just a handful built and even less that made it to operational units. Personally I'd build one with as many "early" features as possible, to display alongside a postwar example. But that's me. IIRC the Xuntong kit already has the taller fins, a later configuration of the nose transparency and of the side windows for the gunner (earliest ones had a small round window, then three, then a single large window was introduced). So it's more an S with air brakes and it takes some work to get a VS out of it. The wheels are also of a later type, other than being horrible. Someone makes the early type in resin, can't remember who. Pick a photo of an -S you want to reproduce, and go from there. Details which may vary are the shape of the rear canopy (the movable part for the gunner), the presence or absence of the bulges around the engine cowlings, and the filters on the air intakes above them. FYI Massimo Tessitori has also a photo of a Tu-2 with air brakes on his site.
  8. MiG-27 vs. MiG-23BN nose?

    Hi all, Cold War Studio don't seem to be in a hurry to release a nose for the mig-27 and their BN nose is the only game in town so far. So... In terms of general shape, could the bn nose be used to make a 27? I know probes etc. are different but I wondered whether one might be steeper or longer or whatever. Thank you for replying!
  9. Soviet Cossacks WWII, Italeri 1/35

    Very nice start. I like how you swapped around the horse halves for variety. A word of caution... the sabres are extremely flimsy.
  10. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    That would be my advice as well - apart maybe from the rescribing - because I have a feeling that this kit is not to be put in the same room with drawings or, worse, photos of the real thing...
  11. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    Those 'spoilers' around the dive brakes puzzle me, I've never seen a picture of them but it does not automatically mean that the model must be wrong. Does anyone know more?
  12. It is nice although not 100% correct, and I like the way ICM engineers their kits nowadays, unfortunately I cannot justify buying yet another late-mark I-16. Sad.
  13. Non-Kits

    Nah. That thing looks like it could actually fly without being filled with helium... Not my cuppa.
  14. Non-Kits

    I think none of the French interwar multi-role made it, not even in resin. Which is a pity, because some were so bad they were good. Schneider 10M: Breguet 460: To recover your eyesight, the Chetverikov Che-2 which M-Avia never got around to making...
  15. 1/48 Trumpeter MiG-23BN Flogger H

    Hi, just seen this one, you're clearly off to a good start. Isn't it funny? We're in the same situation as 20 years ago. The best 1/48 kit of the Duckbill around needs a multimedia correction set for the nose from an obscure cottage company.