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  1. Well done Peter, nice pair of trimotors there!
  2. Wow, you really moved along with this one! It's coming out well and the airbrushed pattern is convincing. A wash to bring out the skin details and it'll look like it's breathing. Regarding the t-rex, years ago there was an article on Fine Scale Modeller improving the Lindberg Velociraptor, which have short snouts. They cut the skull and jaws, added a sprue extension, then re-modelled the jaw around it. The extra teeth were probably carved plastic rod.
  3. On my screen the colors of the flag pass muster. Keep up the good work.
  4. You did an excellent job fairing in the joints and reproducing the skin texture. May I suggest that you remove the aftermost teeth and give him gums for added life-likeliness? See below for an example of what I mean... Very well done.
  5. Well done with the stripes on the wings, I need to remember that trick. The colors look right, don't fret the exact placement of the stripes, there was variation a-plenty. The '81 had a metallic structure so Verde Anticorrosione, FS 34558, should be appropriate. Either mix Humbrol 23 and Humbrol 80 or use a dark green wash on Hu 23.
  6. Hello there, nice start. The Supermodel brand was set up by two of the original partners of Italeri and focused on Italian airplanes, unfortunately, drawings and info weren't exactly thick on the ground and their production suffers from dimensional errors. The Pipistrello (Bat) is one of their best efforts. Bianco Avorio, while "warm", is still white and not yellow. Your best reference for the exact nuance would be, old piano keys or snooker balls, or, if you don't have any handy, a white chocolate tablet Keep up the good work!
  7. Thanks to both, it was the Wolfpack sheet (even weirder than I remembered, with a most unusual Belgian airframe!) I did not know that the owner had passed away and I'm sorry about that.
  8. Hello there, Some time ago a decal producer made a sheet, or more than one, dedicated to planes capable of nuclear attack. There were some unusual subjects like F-104s and other single seaters. Can anyone help me trace the manufacturer? Thanks in advance, Bone
  9. IIRC the Monogram pilots were larger than the Hasegawa ones, but it's been a while since I held either. He sure seems comfortable in that tub...
  10. Before scrolling down and seeing how we're spoilt for choice these days, I was going to suggest the pilot figures from the Monogram kits, especially the one from the Frogfoot. They have the type of helmet with the external visor most seen on the Yak-28 crew. IIRC the Mi-24 crew comes with optional heads, one of which is also the style you're looking for.
  11. Off the top of my head, Cuban Il-28, Colombian Mentors (single engine, but a largish plane), Brazilian Expeditors. Just educated guesses which you'll have to research further I'm afraid
  12. Hello all, This is a bit of a longshot. I found a battered German drinking cup on the riverbed, marked HRE/37. It has two line marks, one for 1/4 liter and another one at approximately 1/8 liter. Bog standard so far. What puzzles me is that there is a roughly scratched "R" sitting above the 1/4 line and a barely visible "A" above the 1/8 line (but this one could be an artefact). Does anyone have any idea about their meaning? Or was it just Gefreiter Rudolf, bored and tired of having his canteen stolen by Gefreiter Fritz, scratching his initial on the cup? Thanks i
  13. Good day, I wrote an email some time ago but had no reply. Are you "smart working" or just plain closed? TIA, Bone
  14. Nice idea, a trip into Yesteryears. Depending on how fast the paid work spools up, I could pick up one of those fast builds that I used to throw together in a weekend and paint with oils (I kept some spares and they are still sticky, 30+ years later...)
  15. Reference for these is nowhere near rare, but if you're searching for a painting guide, I found this last February in the local riverbed: Whereas if you're planning to tackle a vacuform, this is the safer way I know of preparing the parts without removing too much material: ICM Mustangs are difficult to go together, kudos for your effort!!!
  16. The Zvezda fuselage is a sound plan. I would not recommend using the Hobbycraft fuselage because it is not faultless, has a whippet's belly that has to be built up with Milliput. The Hobbycraft canopy is only good for the bin. I don't know what I used on my Academy 7 - a Squadron or maybe even a Medallion Models canopy.
  17. I think a plastic shim for the fuselage, plus the vacform canopy meant for the Hobbycraft Lavochkin would solve the problem. Haven't tried it myself yet.
  18. I have done some old Su-7 and Su-22 and cannot understand why KP didn't think of issuing the latter with the correct fuselage. The early swing-wings were much sexier! Following with interest... Bone
  19. depends on what you're envisioning but icecream sticks and chopsticks would be a good starting material, both for the fence and shack. Both can be found on that online site for buying all sort of stuff.
  20. Hello Ced, Perhaps this might be helpful? http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/la-7/la-7colors/27kozhedub/27kozhedub.htm The whole site ( http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/index.html ) and associated forum ( http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php ) are a treasure trove for anything related to VVS before, during and shortly after World War T The Great Patriotic War.
  21. I wonder why these aircrafts receive so little attention from manufacturers. The Cutlass is guaranteed to turn heads at your average exhibition and the Tiger, while of a more conventional design, carried some colourful schemes including a gorgeous sharkmouth. But what do we have? Old kits that in 1/72 (Hasegawa, Fujimi) are at least serviceable and in 1/48 (Lindberg - rivet fests, Hobbycraft - rarer than raw steak) are not. Demons and Skyrays demonstrate that there's a place in the sun for these early Navy jets, so does anyone know what's in the mind of the marketing departments?
  22. Search for "B923R7" on Alamy and you'll get a closeup picture of a Mi-8 "Blue 05" in Chernobyl. I don't know if it's the same that ended up in the Rassokha graveyard together with lots of Mi-6s and a few Mi-26s. Mil helicopters had a rather standardized camo scheme and you could use the same paints suggested for Mil-24s - for example Xtracolor X604, X605 and X606.
  23. I'd love a decent 1/48 Hampden. Each time I open the box of the FM kit, I sigh and put it away again.
  24. Hello all, I've stumbled upon a minor event in the war that was reported in the local newspaper some time ago. In short: twelve labourers working under the Todt organization and an RSI soldier were killed on 18th January 1945 when Allied planes were attacking bridges near Pieris and a bomb either fell or bounced into the bunker (a trench maybe?) in which they had sheltered. The railway bridge in question is part of the Venice-Trieste line and crosses the Isonzo (Soča) river at 45°48'32.3"N 13°25'38.7"E. A small monument has been erected on the east bank but I do not know whether it i
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