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1/87 1CMBG Exercise in Wainwright, Alberta

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Back in my Army Engineer days, our Regimental QM was clearing out some old stuff and he gave me a bunch of these HO-scale models that they used to use for table-top wargame exercises before they went digital.  So, I painted a Leopard C1 and an M113 up, 3D printed a bunch of troops, and made up a base that resembled my old training grounds, the Western Area Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta.  The only thing I forgot to do was make proper tracks in the sand and set the two models down a bit into the base. Argh.  Everything was painted using Tamiya acrylics.

















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They are the ROCO brand, but most of them are broken and in pieces.  I got a small box full and I think I might be able to resurrect a half dozen decent models.

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