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Recently started with liquid resin 3D printing, using a Creality Halot One and Blender. 
On the prints the layers are visible and I’d like to know how to make my prints smooth.

At this moment I print very small objects so the layers are hardly visible but I intend to do larger ones and those must me smooth so please help me out.

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Hi there

I have a Saturn resin printer, if you change the angle of your item you are printing you can make layer lines disappear.

also what layer height are you printing at? you will get slightly more visible lines at 0.05 compared to 0.03mm  but 0.03mm is close to the pixel pitch size so is the sweet spot.

i use 0.05 for bases and non detail important items 0.03 for my sculptures faces and weapons  remember thinner layer lines take a lot longer to print.

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On 14/11/2022 at 06:13, Graspaps said:

Thanks, but isn’t there a way to avoid visible layers during the printingproces ?

....you can reduce the layer hight or try out if the anti-aliasing option smoothes the surface far enough.

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