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Modeling using 3D Printing

Discuss the latest innovation that can be used to make our hobby even more confusing!  Making your own model parts, or even models.  My mind will be boggling until at least next Tuesday.


  1. 3D Printing Basics

    For neophytes or know-nowts to learn about the use of 3D printers in general and their uses to modelers.  There should be some useful tips here soon from those that already trodden this path.

  2. 3D Printing Chat

    For idea sharing and getting help with learning to use the hardware, software and understanding how to model in 3D.

  3. 3D Makerspace

    A place where modelers proficient in 3D modeling and with access to a printer to show off their creations and if other people want copies, to sell a few copies on an ad hoc basis, subject to the rules posted at the top of this area.

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