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ICM 1/72 Pfalz E.IV

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Fresh off the bench is the ICM 1/72 Pfalz E.IV


It was a decent little kit, but there were definitely some fit issues. Most of those were overcome with copious amounts of super glue.

The fuselage and wing tape is actually black electrical tape! Doesn't look too nice in the photos, but looks pretty good from arms length. The borders on the tail were done with a black sharpie, with mixed results.

Rigging was done with 0.047mm elastic thread.

Painted in acrylics, with oils used for wooden components.


This is my 2nd WWI fighter, and was very easy to rig. Overall, a fun little kit to keep the mojo going.

Thanks for viewing.


















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Good, neat model Pfalz and very nicely rigged - well done!





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