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British Thunderbolt II question

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The Geoff Thomas Royal Air Force THUNDERBOLTS book says that many (?most?) SEAC Thunderbolt's factory finishes were re-painted at modification centers to the Temperate Land Scheme before being issued to operational squadrons.    I am in the decaling stage of modelling one of these.    My question:    does anyone know if the factory standard data stencils were re-applied over the new paint?  I cannot seem to find any period photos that are close enough to see any stencils if indeed they are present.   I'm grateful for any help on this question.

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From the IWM:














I don't know. It's hard to tell, for sure.




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Ranger626 and Chris,


Interesting question! Never really thought about this until reading the post. If by data block, you mean the serial, version/block/assembly plant, crew weight, and fuel information usually displayed on the LH side of the fuselage ahead of the cockpit in stencil form, I don't recall seeing the block on any photo I have seen   on either Thunderbolts or Mustangs in RAF service, even those in natural metal. My guess is that maybe lend-lease aircraft were not shipped with the U.S. data block, as come to think of it, I don't recall seeing data block stencils on RAF Bostons, Mitchells, Mohawks, Tomahawks, or Kittyhawks, either. 


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On the picture of Jungle Queen above you can see some retained  :- On the front and sides of the pylon,

                                                                                                              Near the wing leading edge a block of text in front of where                                                                                                                    the  roundels are.


 These have a lighter background and appear to have been covered over for repainting. 


The only other  stencils i've noticed  being retained are on the sides of the fuselage just in front and almost level with the wing LE and below the rear fuselage intercooler doors.


 Again if you study pics of RAF jugs you will notice Dark squares/rectangular shapes in these areas which could well be masked over stencils which show the original paint and data.



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